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The 10 Best Businesses to Start in Jamaica

The 10 Best Businesses to Start in Jamaica photo jamaica

Do you find it challenging to obtain a job with or without qualifications in Jamaica? It can be a real struggle especially during these times of the raging global pandemic. Not to worry, you can start a business using your talents and or qualifications. Here is a list of the best businesses to start in Jamaica. 


Craft items sold in Jamaica are extremely popular especially when this is done in tourist attraction areas. Some of these items include but are not limited to pottery, jewelry, ceramic goods, straw goods and cloth goods. Tourists usually purchase these crafty items for souvenirs. If you are crafty, good with your hands or trained in making these items, you can develop a business out of it which can also be done from the comfort of your home. 


If you have a degree or certificate from a tertiary institution and you find it challenging to obtain employment, you can start an online tutoring or teaching business. Many parents in Jamaica are in dire need of tutors to teach their children on a one and one basis specifically since the outbreak of the global pandemic. Go ahead and utilize your academic credentials by taking up this rewarding business idea. 


Manny Jamaicans today have a natural custom of doing a little gardening or backyard farming. But a lot of people can actually establish a business out of their home farming. They can grow crops such as vegetables and ground provisions. The most commonly grown crops are callaloo, cabbage, onions, yam, coco, dasheen, banana, plantain, Irish potato and sweet potato. You can even raise chickens or goats and turn around a tremendous profit. These can be sold at markets or even to persons within your community. 

Local Taxi Services

Are you an experienced driver? Do you own or have access to a reliable motor vehicle? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you can start a taxi service in Jamaica. You can offer your services to local people or you can offer your services to tourists who are interested in touring our beautiful island. You can also make a decision of hiring more drivers who are honest and trustworthy to build your business. A taxi business will thrive in Jamaica. 

Fashion Boutique 

For as long as anyone can remember, clothing has always been for sale in Jamaica. And even more recently, the fashion industry is growing very fast in our island. If you are a trained designer or have keen fashion sense, you can open your own fashion boutique. You can sell trendy clothing from home or rent a space to do business. In addition, you can use social media platforms as a source of marketing and promoting your business. 


Jamaica has a continuous need for construction workers. Someone is always building a home, shop, school or any establishment. And if they are not starting a new building, you can be sure that some form of renovation is being done, thus there is a constant need for construction workers. Take this opportunity and develop your own construction business, especially if you have qualifications as a civil engineer or architect. 

Child Care Provider

Are you fond of kids? Do you have qualifications or experience in child care? You can take up the business idea of childcare provision. You can provide babysitting or nanny services to parents and children in their homes or you can conduct business in your own home. Yes it is possible and all you need to do is register with the Early Childhood Commision in Jamaica, in the event that more than 3 regular children stay at your home for more than 6 hours a day. 

Food Business

The food business is an excellent idea whether you are a cook or not. There are plenty of great chefs in Jamaica so if you do open a food business, then you can hire chefs to do the cooking that you can’t. Your establishment can provide tasty local and international dishes from home or a public space and have them delivered to different offices or households in your area. Start using your hobby and talents to make money with this business idea. 

Beauty Care

The beauty industry not only involves makeup artistry but also hair and nails. This is a booming business in Jamaica as everyone wants to look their best for various occasions. You can start a small salon or beauty parlor at home where hair and beauty care is provided. If you are a certified or trained beautician, even better, you can train others in the art to work for you or for themselves. Turn what you love into cash. 

Online Shopping Business

There are a lot of persons out there that would love to shop online but don’t know where to start or how it is done. You can be of assistance by purchasing these items online for others, have it shipped to Jamaica and provide a location where it can be picked up. You can do this business from home, particularly if you have the transport to deliver the items. In this business, individuals can send you what they want and you can tell them the cost (including shipping fee if necessary) and then you can order it for them. You can also take advantage of free shipping when buying bulk items from a particular store.