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Looking for a nice all-inclusive resort for two couples without timeshare gimmicks/resort restrictions

I had an awful experience recently at Secrets in Cozumel, Mexico, where they pretty much had the resort separated for their timeshare guests with gorgeous rooms, nicer beach access and an oceanfront pool. Non-timeshare/vacation club guests had to stay on a separate side of the resort, our room had black mold, pools with no views etc. Long story short, my boyfriend and I want to visit Jamaica this winter and I’m looking for an excellent resort to visit that treats all their guest the same. I’m really trying to avoid an experience similar to Cozumel and enjoy a luxury vacation! Thanks in advance, friends! TLDR: looking for a nice all-inclusive resort for two couples without timeshare gimmicks/resort restrictions


We are currently at couples tower isle. It is very small but very nice. No tipping is allowed. Great service all around. Food is amazing!!! We love it here!!! Oh. We are in ochos rios. Forgot that part. It’s a bit of a drive but they are going to have their Own airport here soon.


Probably for multiple reasons. We love the staff, and they always remember us and are looking forward to our return trips. From the butlers, to the front desk staff, restaurant workers, even the pool people. Probably partially because we are all about Jamaican culture. And we occasionally have little butler parties in our room for them.

We also love all the different restaurants that are offered at Ochi. We like that there’s two sides to the resort. We usually stay in the hillside at the top pool during the days, then go to the beachside in the evening and at night for the nightclub Oceans. Also the rabbit hole is a very cool place to go at night, although was better when Mama was there performing. Also there’s a dispensary close to the resort I always stop at along the way from the airport to the resort.

Also it’s more of a party resort than SRC. Which we also like.


Not sure why you had that experience in Mexico, but I just got back from Secrets St. James/Wild Orchid in Jamaica and their facilities, staff, and the entire experience was 5 star. They have no timeshare rooms. Can’t recommend enough!