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Take a look at these 28 Committed Security Guards and Patrol Services in Jamaica

Get the security and safety you need to protect yourself from all danger, whether at Home, School or at your workplace. So here's our list of 28 Committed Security Guards and Patrol Services across Jamaica. Having trouble finding the right Security Guard and Patrol service for you? Ask us and we'll find it for you

AB Protection Servs Ltd

876-978-8865    ⚐ 5 Paraiso Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

AB Protection Services combines the right people, specialized training, and the latest technology to provide exceptional protection services and responsive support for clients of any size.

We will customize the most effective protection services for your unique situation by listening to your needs, and then tailoring a solution that gives you peace of mind, now and in the future. We are only as good as our last job.

We strive for excellence and to have a company culture that puts our customers first. We have a relentless drive to succeed so we are always looking to improve our value to our customers.

Acid Security Servs Ltd

876-974-0526    ⚐ 10 James Avenue, Ocho Rios, St. Ann

Acid Security Services Limited specializes in providing skilled and dependable armed and unarmed guards, K-9 escorts, body guards and private investigators. Our security professionals perform 24 hour mobile checks and debt collection through our armored services.

Acid Security Services Ltd will assist you in securing your residence or business with a variety of electronic services and devices.

24 Hours Mobile Response Team Reliability Professional and Personalized Service.

Allied Protection Ltd

876-929-6088    ⚐ 1 West Ivy Green Cres Kgn 5

Allied Protection began its operations on April 1, 2002 after the merger of United Protection and Allied Protection Systems and Services Limited.

The company employs over 700 well-trained security officers and operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with assignments in all of the parishes except St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas.

United Protection Limited was established in 1982

Apps Access Electronic Security

876-966-4240    ⚐ 42A Coke Drive Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth

Apps Access Electronic Security Solutions Ltd helps you to sleep in peace. While you're sleeping, we're watching. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art security systems. Some of the services App Access Electronic Solutions offers include 24-hour computerised alarm monitoring, security cameras, burglar alarms, panic systems, automatic gates, and highly armed security response.

Our staff can assist you in selecting the right security systems for your home or business. We provide security tips and surveys, cost analysis, trade discounts, extended credits (even beyond 30 days) and indemnification against losses due to security negligence. You can rest easy knowing that you have an economical and effective security system that can be monitored 24/7. Get in touch with us today to see how we can fulfil your security needs

Armour Security Services Ltd

876-975-4568    ⚐ 2 Caribbean Park, Tower Isle, St. Mary

Armour Security Services Limited has been the premier security company in St. Ann, Jamaica for over 20 years. This is largely attributed to the standard of service we have provided over the years.

Our full range of services include:

Surveillance, Protection, Debt Collections, Bank Escort Service, Repossession, Unarmed Services, Crime/Loss Prevention, Survey Radios for all security personnel. In addition to armed and unarmed services, we conduct thorough investigations, 24-hour spot check and supervision.

Atlas Protection Ltd

876-979-0307    ⚐ 20 Kerr Crescent, Montego Bay, St. James

At Atlas Protection Limited, we offer a whole new world of security. We are one of the largest and most experienced security companies in Jamaica.

Our services are designed to preserve the safety and peace of mind of Jamaicans, and they include: security guard and patrol services, electronic security and armored services. We provide cash management, full service ATM machines, payroll disbursement, delivery and preparation. Join the hundreds of individuals and Companies Island wide who rely on the excellent service that only Atlas can provide.

We now offer a new service to our corporate clients and all owners, managers of stores, factories or any business location, where theft is prevalent. We have branches in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Brown's Town, Port Antonio, Morant Bay and Mandeville.

Border Patrol Security Co Ltd

876-754-9281    ⚐ 13 Barbados Ave (5)

Providing a wide range of security services, Border Patrol Security Company Limited is a team of trained professionals. With services ranging from armed and unarmed guards, VIP protection, 24 hour mobile Patrol to bodyguard services, we are at the top of our game.

Guardsman Ltd

876-928-2246    ⚐ 2-6 Emmaville Cres, Kingston

Guardsman Limited is a member of the Guardsman Group of companies and specializes in unarmed, armed, canine & handler security services.

Our workforce is the source of our success and we depend on highly selective recruitment, screening and selection processes.

Hawkeye Electronic Security Ltd

876-940-4295    ⚐ The Trade Centre Montego Bay St. James

Hawkeye Electronic Security Limited began operations in February 1988 and has focused our energy and resources on offering products and services to protect and secure our customers.

We have become the leading and most trusted provider of electronic security systems and service in Jamaica. We believe this is due to our use of cutting-edge technology, implementing this technology in innovative ways, our commitment to excellent customer service, and our loyal and dedicated staff.

We offer full service, complete from system design to installation for residential and commercial applications, free security audits and surveys, along with prompt and reliable after-sales service.

J Island Technology & Security Servs Ltd

876-908-3375    ⚐ 22 Kensington Cres Kgn 5

Service was on point

KSJL Security Protection Services LTD

876-755-4677    ⚐ 9 Shortwood Lane Kingston 8 Jamaica

KSJL has been in existence since 2016. We provide armed and unarmed services, we provide 24 hours static locations, Escort/close protection Services, transportation Services, Private investigations, Camera and CCTV Installations.

Khrome Security Services Limited

876-906-5820    ⚐ Unit 1,6 West Arcadia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica

At Khrome Security, we understand that our customers need to feel complete confidence in our security service.

We guarantee to fulfill all your requirements and maintain the highest level of service. Our security services include: static and uniformed guards, virtual guard patrols, CCTV installation, electronic Monitoring and response service, special events, executive protection, escort service, private investigation and bailiff services. We also offer the sales and installation of security cameras and surveillance services.

Call us today to experience security for your property, employees, residents, and guests that will give you total peace of mind. No other company gives you as many advantages at no additional cost as Khrome Security.

Knightsman Ltd

876-968-5911    ⚐ 35A Lyndhurst Rd (5)

Knightsman Security Ltd is responsive, efficient and disciplined in its innovative approach to meeting all your security needs. Knightsman Security Ltd serves and protects the interests of major corporations, nationally. Targeting and identifying the threat of dangerous individuals who commit criminal acts is our specialty.

Last Resort Detective Agency Ltd

876-979-1209    ⚐ Lot 1040 Catherine Hall Montego Bay St. James

Last Resort Detective Agency Ltd. is a security organization that provides security services within the Caribbean. We are proficient in providing security services that are required by clients and aim to become the security company of choice for businesses and individuals.

Marksman Ltd

876-926-3600    ⚐ 14-16 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Marksman is a member of the Guardsman Group of companies and specializes in unarmed, armed, canine & handler security services.

Our workforce is the source of our success and we depend on highly selective recruitment, screening and selection processes.

McKay Security

876-926-6083    ⚐ 14 Lancaster Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

If you and your family need quality protection, McKay Security & Investigative Services Ltd. will provide the best services through our highly trained team.

Founded by Ronald and Jason McKay, the company is a small family business that has been in operation for over 20 years.

With a complement of over seven hundred well-trained security officers, supervisors, and managers, we are currently the eighth largest security firm in Jamaica.

Method Security Limited

876-665-5532    ⚐ Lyndhurst Business Complex Unit 9 2B Rousseau Road (5)

Method Security Limited is known for its dependable services offer. Our security personnel are welltrained security officers, supervisors, and managers.

We are currently operating out of the following locations: Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, and Montego Bay. All our security guards have a PSRA License.

Our executive protection team consists of bodyguards who have specialised training in martial arts.

Metrodade Protection Security Co Ltd

876-758-2317    ⚐ 37 Padmore Drive, Kingston 10

Metrodade Protection Security Company Limited is a registered company under the Company's Act in Jamaica. The company has been in operation since 2000 and is also registered under the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA).

Our security guards are insured with Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited and our liability Insurance is with Advantage General Insurance Company. We are very professional in our approach in providing security services. Before we commence security operations, detailed surveys are carried out on each location by our operations manager or operations coordinator.

This procedure is very important to ensure adequate service. All security officers working with the company are fingerprinted and checked by the Criminal Record Office (C.R.O). We also carry out an in-house investigation, which includes a comprehensive antecedent investigation into the background of each applicant to ensure our guard force is free of criminals

Mica Security Co Ltd

876-946-2890    ⚐ 2 Crieffe Road, Kingston 6, Kingston

Mica Security Co Ltd is the best source of quality and reliable security services in Jamaica. What separates us from the competition is that we treat our clients like family and we understand their needs. For us it's not just a job but a strong commitment.

We are here to help secure your essential belongings, your most valuable assets, your family members and your property. With over 26 long years of providing security services and products to communities and organizations, we have developed a great rapport with our clientele. Our customer base grows stronger and wider by the day.

All this would not be possible without a capable and skilled task force. We have Certified Heart / NCTVET NVQ J Level 1 security officers who are dedicated to all your security and patrol needs. We also employ armed and unarmed security guards for residential, commercial and industrial needs. Our security service can be termed as personalized because our clients are given the best treatment.

Milex Security Servs Ltd

876-960-7761    ⚐ 18 Crescent Rd (10)

Firmly established security service.

Quest Security Servs Ltd

876-619-1725    ⚐

Quest is like the best security company in Jamaica the uniform looks great and the worker are always on time and well trained as far as I can see, and I heard allot of people talking about quest and all I can hear them say is good things so keep that up quest. Honestly I would love to work for this company if I ever get that chance. Thumbs up, keep doing what you guys doing and make the company stronger and spread across every creases and corner of Jamaica.

Safe Haven Professional Security Training & Investigation Servs

876-972-1204    ⚐ 4 Glouchester Dr SABy

We offer Security Training and Certification for all security services

contact us to get certified. We will also secure your property and all your special events. We offer Quality Training and Quality Service!

Securipro Ltd

876-625-8742    ⚐ Shop 6 25-37 Manchester Road Mandeville Manchester

At Securipro, we have been providing exceptional security services for the past forty-eight (48) years. With locations in Kingston and Montego Bay, we provide a number of security serves after all your security is our business. Our team includes armed guards, unarmed guards, private investigators and security consultants. With our team of professionals, we are able to provide these and more services.

Security Administrators Ltd

876-923-4883    ⚐ 5 Third Street Newport West, Kingston 13, Kingston

Security Administrators Limited (SAL) was established in September 1987 by the three wharf companies operating in Kingston.

SAL became a subsidiary of Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) in 2000. A new partnership developed in 2002 and SAL is now jointly owned by KWL and the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ).

The company has been the leading provider of maritime security and related services in Jamaica and the region for over three decades and has become an integral part of the local shipping industry.

Sentry Services Security Co Ltd

876-427-2498    ⚐ 5 Church Street St Ann’s Bay St. Ann

We are security with a difference.

A Jamaican-based security firm with over 26 years of experience in providing excellent customer-oriented service and timely senior management response, effectively and efficiently supporting you island-wide.

In addition to our core business of providing manned guarding, we have a range of security services:

Sting Protection Service Ltd

876-633-5258    ⚐ 4A New Green Road Mandeville Manchester

Sting Protection Service Ltd our mission is to serve our clients by providing high-quality professional services that addresses their personal and business issues. We attract, recruit and retain the most competent and passionate professionals. We strive to deliver superior results while contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

We are a company that abides by our mission statement and we are committed to delivering excellence to our clients and community. Sting Protection Service has a reputation of serving our clients with dedication, intelligence and alertness. We are considered to be one of the most reliable security and surveillance companies in Jamaica.

With a brilliant track record of satisfying every client through our expert services, we are constantly updating ourselves with the latest in security technology to ensure our clients the best value for their money. In addition to providing services for armed guards, surveillance, and response team, we offer specialized services for armed courier, patrol, and vehicle tracking.

Super Force Security Ltd

876-961-3703    ⚐ 26 1/2C Perth Road Mandeville Manchester

Are crime and the economy getting you down? Never worry, Super Force is here!

Super Force Security Ltd provides access to 24-hour protection. We offer years of extensive experience and a wide range of security services for residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Our mandate is to deliver the highest calibre of protective services while we detect, observe and report. As such, our services offered include unarmed and armed guards (24-hour radio-controlled), bodyguards, monitoring and armed response, canine security, private investigation, access control, burglar panic and fire alarm systems. We also provide excursion services. All our services are competitively priced.

VK & K Security Co Ltd

876-918-1331    ⚐ 19 Seaton Street Savanna la mar Westmoreland

VK & K Security Company Ltd has over 18 years of experience in alarms and industrial security. We take great pride in introducing to you our wide range of security services.

Our main office is at 19 Seaton Street, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland and our other office is at 3 Churchill Ave, Montego Bay.

All our officers are trained by police or military officers in all aspects of industrial security. In addition, we host regular seminars and refresher courses to keep our team in top class condition.