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Safety and Fire Systems Limited

Safety and Fire Systems Limited is a leader in fire protection engineering services in Jamaica. We believe in sound engineering practices and conformance to all applicable codes and standards. We design and install all systems in accordance with the applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes. All our safety solutions are based on first world laws, regulations and codes. The equipment and systems that we supply to our customers are procured from the best manufacturers in the industry. We are a major distributor of fire protection products and personal protective equipment and a leader in the industry. We provide customized solutions to all our customers. We believe in engineered solutions not guess work solutions. Our staff are trained and certified to perform the work that we undertake we are authorised distributors of world leading manufacturers whose products are of the highest quality and standards. We are dedicated to providing the Fire Protection Engineered Systems and other Safety Solutions that will help to save lives and protect valuable assets. We offer our customers the best products on the market at the most competitive prices. Our business is built on five (5) basic principles: 1. Ensuring 100 % customer satisfaction. 2. Utilising Sound engineering practices. 3. Conformance to all Laws, Regulations and Codes. 4. Providing the most reliable after sales support. 5. Supply of the best equipment and products available at the most economical cost. Our dedicated staffs provide to our customers the quality after sales service and support to ensure all products supplied are functional throughout the life of the product.

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