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Island Strains Herb House

Looking to hit up Island Strains while staying in Montego Bay in February. What is the process to purchase cannabis at this location? Do I need to see a doctor onsite before I purchase or is it possible to purchase recreational? Also, do resorts offer excursions to this venue or should I just take a taxi? Looking for some insight since all the info I’ve found online is years old and not very helpful. Thanks!


I last went in 2019 but the basics are unlikely to have changed much.

You do need a prescription but only one person in your group needs a prescription to buy. You can also go smoke out back, there’s a massive patio overlooking the ocean, bar service, and a dance floor. Super chill vibe.

My friend got a prescription there. She talked to a doctor on site who was like “so you need this for your migraines right?” (there was no previous mention of migraines) and wrote the prescription, took 5 minutes.

I don’t think it would be an excursion, but just take a taxi to the hip strip. There are a few other places in that area to grab a drink or lie on the beach, it’s a nice place.


Another option for anyone in ochi or Kingston side is Mez herbal. Offers mushrooms and cannabis. I don’t partake but I know the owner and they love giving good customer service.

In regards to herb houses and transportation there and back, depending on the hotel you can actually book a taxi with your concierge (idk if I spelt that right) that way you will have less security worries


When I was there it was just brownies and baked edibles, but I did not see any plain weed for sale. I didn’t ask though, as we had gotten some gigantic but mediocre bud on the side of the road on the cab ride to Negril.


I’m cracking up. You can get herb anywhere. You’re in Mobay, see some local… ask… say you want good ganja… and act serious. Everyone smokes…

Right now I can walk up the road and get ganja.. I can’t understand this big deal thing. Wow…

I don’t take taxis… they rip you off… this one from a hotel to Knutsford’s Bus stop wanted $15 US dollars… in Jamaica it’s $100 dollars…You read this? (One US Dollar is $152 Ja). Best thing… use local transpeed


I used to smoke what Bob called ‘Lambs Bread’… brethren of mine used to grow it. Long leaves I had to chop, pick out the branches and use 4 pieces of rizla… magnificent. today they mix it with something called ‘grabba’… I don’t like smell it and won’t smoke it. So I know exactly what you’re chatting. Don’t know no one in Mobay…(I’m in the East) but assume there has got to be real people in Mobay who grow or know where to get it…