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Transport and Mining Min Of

The transport sector land, air and maritime - represents a critical component of any country in its impact on national development. One of the most fundamental attributes of the sector is the ability to move persons, goods and services between spatial locations at the local, regional and international levels. The efficient management of the sector can provide tremendous economic and social gains to a country through indirect and direct employment as well as induced development, which ultimately leads to wealth creation and growth. The mission of the Transport portfolio of the Ministry is to provide safe and sustainable transport systems for the movement of people and goods. This is to be undertaken in the three modes of transportation, these being, land, sea and air. Against this background, the Ministry will strive for equal access to transport for all energy efficiency with respect to the various transport modes fair competition among the various transport modes compliance of the transport sector with international security and safety standards and the provision of a framework within which transportation can be developed and operated in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

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