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Muffler Specialists Ltd

Muffler Specialists Limited, located at 2 Lismore Avenue, just above the buzz of Cross Roads, is arguably the leader of the muffler manufacturing industry in Jamaica. Ultimately, they aim to take this position in the Caribbean. In a time when small businesses are floundering (some of which has gone under) in the sea of harsh economic challenges, the family owned business had managed to keep its head firmly above the waters and has grown from strength to strength, expanding and improving its product line. Today, it manufactures 90% of the products it sells. Muffler Specialists main operation is focused on the manufacturing and installation of a wide range of muffler and exhaust systems for all types of motor vehicles and generating units. However, operations have been diversified to include other services such repairing and re-spraying of motor vehicles and manufacturing of grills for private and commercial properties.

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