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C P Specialists Ltd

C P Specialists offers office and home space planning. We understand the importance of your investment and that is why we bring you excellent craftsmanship, customer service and professionalism. Our services include refurbishing and renovation of your home or commercial buildings. We specialise in drywall partitioning, the installation of ceilings and roofing, and remodelling. We provide a wide range of roofing solutions for domestic as well as commercial clients. We give advice on roof types and design based on the surrounding environment, costs, durability, thermal quality and aesthetics. Our partition services are tailored to meet individual needs. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge of products, we can offer customer the most efficient solution to maximise the use of space, facility and equipment. We are experts in refurbishing, whether it is fire damage, water damage, insurance repair, or accidental damage. Minor changes like drywall, painting, fencing, carport conversions, basement remodelling etc, are all part of our refurbishment building services. We aim to provide maximum value for your money. We are experts in handling all types and size of project, from simple housing projects, to complex industrial assignments. Our engineers give high attention to detail and specifications provided by clients. By employing C P Specialists, you can expect timely work within budget, and with minimal disruption.

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