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The Art Centre Limited is conveniently located on Old Hope Road (across from the University of Technology). We have everything you need for art. Our business encompasses three distinct segments. The Art Centre sells art supplies, the Frame Shop will cover all your framing needs and the Olympia Gallery exhibits an expansive display of Jamaican art. The Art Centre carries a complete range of high quality art supplies, architectural drawing supplies, ceramic, craft tools and materials for students and professionals. Artists strive to use the best materials available in producing their work for longevity, and we provide the most expansive art supplies collection in Jamaica. After the artwork is completed, the Frame Shop is available to frame anything you wish with ready-made frames. And, we also produce custom-built frames to fit any size. With the large selection of frames, pieces are elegantly dressed to highlight their natural beauty. Our frames complement art pieces with options of coloured matting, linen and fillet liners. Acid free material is also available to preserve the investment value of the work and promote longevity. The Olympia Gallery includes the largest private exhibition space on the island, with expansive walls ideal for displaying large works of art. Art featured for sale is primarily Jamaican, and is used as a medium to promote local culture. It also offers a wide selection of Jamaican art available in all media – paintings, prints, ceramic, wood carvings, and hand-painted crafts. The Olympia Gallery is also the host of several exhibitions and is an opportunity to introduce emerging talent and new works by established artists.

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