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Neil's Auditorium MandeVilla Place

At Neil's Auditorium MandeVilla Place, we created a unique entity that can provide space for an event or many other services you may need. It is important to note that we can provide services similar to those offered by a hotel or provide the space needed for an event. The main hall seats approximately 110-120 persons with tables and chairs. Chairs only, approximately 150 persons. The main hall and balcony area have a maximum seating capacity of 150 persons with tables and chairs. Capacity may vary based on the layout required and space may be configured to suit your needs. The porcelain tiles and the columns add sophistication and style to the clean, homely, and comfortable atmosphere that has been created. This undoubtedly will serve as a picturesque backdrop for any special event. One of the most important things you will notice as you enter the doors is that you have come upon an immaculate and comfortable venue. With double-padded banquet chairs adding cushion and the sound of an artificial waterfall "Bunn's River Falls," in the background it is easy for you to relax. The facility also offers a view of the 145-year-old Manchester Golf Club. Sophistication and style blended with service with a smile! We welcome your visits, calls and e-mails as we await your arrival, whether for a simple tour or general inquiries. We take the burden off your shoulders by offering a wide range of event services

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