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National Travel Service

Our years of experience affords us the knowledge to provide our clients with travel needs We believe in the service and delivery of friendly, professional, and courteous customer service for over 38 years. As your travel consultant, we aim to promote and provide professional, courteous and quality service in the travel industry. A standard of service that personalized and is willing to adapt itself to our client's needs. To be innovative and creative in developing travel packages and consultancy in every aspect of travel. Services include Airline reservation and ticketing for all airlines, Travel Insurance, Cruise bookings, Cuba Tours (presently suspended), Passport processing, Visa Processing for the USA, CAN, UK, Schengen, Completion of Covid-19 entry forms to various countries, Local Tours, Hotel Bookings 9Local and Overseas), Car Rental Bookings. We are here to help you live out your moments while offering service at the highest standard. Excellence is our brand as we cultivate the ultimate customer experience. SAVES TIME ”" Planning a vacation or a business trip can be complex and time consuming. Let us handle the calls, research and booking, so you can use your time preparing for your trip. PERSONAL SERVICE ”" Each client matters to us and we give you that personalized attention and service you deserve. With and experienced travel professional including personal cell phone contact in case of an emergency. CONVENIENT ONE STOP SHOPPING ”" Your Visas, passports, Travel Itineraries, Hotel Bookings, Car Rentals, Travel Insurance, Cruises, Rail bookings, Organizing group travel, all these and more in one spot. LESS STRESS ”" Feeling overwhelmed by options? Worrying you missed an important detail? With a travel agent on your side you can rest easy. LATEST INFO AND INSIDER KNOWLEDGE ”" We are constantly communication with travel suppliers so we know the latest itineraries, policy changes and more. HELP WITH DOCUMENTS ”" Visa Applications for all countries, renewal of passports, providing valuable information to assist in making your applications stress free. Helping to make sure you have the right documents to travel outside the country. COMPARISON SHOPPING ”" We know all the options, finding you the best experiences at the right price points for your budget. CONSUMER ADVOCATE ”" If you should have a problem during your trip, we act on your behalf to see that proper resolutions are made. PROMPT RESPONSES ”" No holding on calls to airlines, when you need attention. We offer responses through email, whatsapp, text messages, so you can use your time efficiently and effectively. CUSTOMER SERVICE ”" No travel website is going to offer you all of the above, plus that personal touch and peace of mind that comes from working with us, we always have your best interest at heart. NATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE- Check us out at our threelocations Savanna-la-mar Montego Bay: Falmouth: Email: [email protected]

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