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Geddes Refrigeration Ltd

At Geddes Refrigeration Limited we are consumed with a passion to serve our Jamaican people with only premium quality AC products and services to keep all homes and office spaces comfortably cool for work and play. We are also champions of commercial refrigeration systems for large and small restaurant chains and hotels, for storage of fresh agricultural produce and much more. Geddes Refrigeration has been serving Jamaicans since 1948 when the company was founded by the late business mogul the Hon Paul Geddes, then managing director of Desnoes and Geddes (The iconic Jamaican brewery). Our extensive product range include premium high efficiency inverter wall mount ACs (for homes and offices), light commercial inverter cassettes, floor to ceiling and ducted (and one-to-one) fan coil units (mainly for medium sized commercial and hospitality spaces) and in the larger commercial category we provide high efficiency roof top units (RTUs), commercial split central cooling systems, inverter VRF systems (and hybrid VRF applications), inverter chill water central cooling systems, cold rooms and chill rooms. Besides new AC installations for a wide variety of new construction projects we provide air conditioning (and refrigeration) replacement and repair services for renovation projects. Our service team is on call 24/7 including weekends and holidays. We provide round the clock support for preventive maintenance subscribers including health care providers, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, banks and commercial offices, universities and colleges, agricultural operations and business process outsourcing (BPO) providers right across Jamaica. The GRL after sales service is second to none and is backed by a highly motivated team of factory trained technicians, engineers, customer support representatives and sales representatives. The company has grown its customer base significantly under the leadership of CEO and chairman Roy Lafayette who took over at the helm in 1997 with the vision to make GRL the unparalleled leader in the industry. We have served and supported the continuous cooling of Jamaican businesses, various departments of government and homeowners for 72 years and we can do the same for you!

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