About Brawta List

"Perfect night club setting, talent dancers if not crowded to its full capacity a great vibe can be achieved. Regardless of being a privately owned strip club the cost for drinks need to be reviewed, taboo is recommended for a ultimate wild experience"


"Taboo really gets your blood flowing the atmosphere, music, girls and drinks are always good. Parking is a bit of a hassle but everything is good other wise. Nice place to go with friends or even your girl riend to start the party before you get home!😉"


"Taboo is awesome , this place made me just want to get on the stage , ladies were clean and beautiful , great personalities , they were friendly , not to mention very persuading . What I hate is when they call them "strippers" I rather the title for them to be exotic dancers instead . COOL TIP: It's even more fun when you bring a group of females with you , they tend to Keep an eye on you if your the only male in a group of females.😊👍🏻"