About Brawta List

SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine is a restaurant located in Kingston, Jamaica. We have various types of Japanese food and a nice bar on our rooftop terrace.


"The ambiance here is everything. Take the roof settings in the night time and you won't regret it. I dont even remember my waiter name but he delivered exceptional service. Although we some points had to wait a bit bcuz they had a full house but was understaffed. He did explain though. The food was very tasty and well prepared and the cuisine was just the difference we were looking for. This was a birthday treat and I really enjoyed the relaxing ambiance and the terrific tastes. Definitely going back"


"Don't Know where to start, the restaurant's environment was amazing being that it was located on the roof of the business complex. The view was to die for has the setting sun over the hill and the Kingston port just over your shoulder made the eating experience feel richer. The wait staff was professional and from time to time would stoped by to see if you're doing ok even though they give you a little bell to call them over. On the point of the bell it's a little cute egged shaped device you press to get their attention. The device added a new and creative experience(see image) for me as most restaurants you had to physically indicate you needed attention.

Come prepared to spend your money because the food especially the shusi is beyond words, we ended up ordering a second round of it, something I never usually do. The alcoholic beverages wasn't what I had expected them to be, but they didn't make the experience any less great. Overall I would recommend trying out the place you don't regret it, especially if you're trying shusi for the very first time like me."


"They were able to accommodate my group of 10 on my birthday with very short notice. The food was delicious! It's located on a roof with live music and persons have the option of sitting inside or outside."