About Brawta List

"The Museum has been renovated and the tour is very informative, even children Love it"


"My son had a summer cooking/baking class right across the street from this museum, but I had no idea it even existed until I dropped him off the first morning... I was given directions using the #BustamanteMuseum as a landmark, thus making it much easier to find his classes. Having not ventured inside the museum itself however, my rating is based solely on the location and external aesthetics, both of which are quite ideal for the intended purpose(s). Additionally, we see several foreigners visiting the museum daily... this is truly a step in the right direction, for the world to get to know us and our rich history a bit better. I wish I could find a museum for each one of our national heroes (or if not, then at least a mass museum that would all features all of our heroes)... the same should applie to other outstanding/iconic Jamaican citizens."