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Giovanni's Salon

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Hawanya's Beauty Salon

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Hair Skin Love Jamaica

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Marshymac Hair Deluxe

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Island Curlz

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A-1 Beauty Salon

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Xtensions Ja

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Asherlee Naturals

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The 10 Best Hair Salons in Kingston

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When getting your hair styled in Kingston, you want to make sure its getting done by a professional hair stylist who works with natural hair, and can provide you a large variety of options. We've prepared a list of the best hair salons in Kingston, Jamaica that are ready to take your hair style dreams into reality. Whether this ranges from dreadlocks, braiding, dyeing your hair blonde to black, or hair straightening. Lets get into our top 10!

Avant Academy of Music



The Academy of Bartending




Bustamante Museum



Port Royal Museum



Bob Marley Museum





Kingston Dub Club



Taboo Kingston





"V" Bar Club


Fiction Nightlife and Entertainment




Rose Hall Great House




Downtown Temple Lane Art Walk



Majestic Japanese Restaurant




Little Tokyo Restaurant




Japanese Restaurant

Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine





SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine is a restaurant located in Kingston, Jamaica. We have various types of Japanese food and a nice bar on our rooftop terrace.

Mr. Breakfast





A breakfast restaurant and lounge.

Melting Pot Restaurant & Lounge





Fondue restaurant chain offering heated pots of cheese, chocolate or broth for dipping & cooking.

7 Spices Indian Restaurant




East Japanese




China Garden Restaurant




Taurus Garden Chinese Restaurant




Blue Window Restaurant



Cafe Hibiscus




The Steak House on The Verandah




Eat Pure Vegetarian Health Restaurant




Julie Mango Restaurant



Jade Garden Restaurant




These are 10 of the Best Auto Parts Dealers in Kingston

When purchasing a motor-vehicle, whether new or used, one of your primary considerations ought to be its serviceability. Can you get parts for it? Are there many mechanics with the competence to repair it?

These are the 10 Best Fish Eateries in Jamaica

The different types of meat have their loyal fans. Ever met a pork lover who proudly declared he'd eat even the rope? Well, seafood has its fans too. And here's a list of the top ten fish eateries for all the fish fans.

These are 10 of the Best Health Food/Holistic Stores in Jamaica

Holistic/Health Food Stores help us in our quest for healthy eating and healthy living. More and more, people are embracing holistic medicine as the best choice, since unlike conventional medicine, it incorporates preventive medicine and organic food consumption.

These are 10 of the Best Bottled Water Suppliers in Jamaica

Thirty years ago, if a Product Development Specialist had suggested to the board of Coca Cola that bottled water would soon be the world's top selling drink, I'm pretty sure they would have doused him with some Coke and chased him out of the room.

These are the 10 Best Jerk Pits Across Jamaica

The Jamaican Jerk flavour is world famous, and for good reason. Not many cultures can boast a cuisine that triggers off the sensory explosion that jerk does.

Ten of the top Software Companies in Jamaica

How many times have you heard someone ask, 'Is there an app for that?' It stems from a growing recognition that many of our problems can be solved by software.

The 10 Best Entertainment Hotspots in Montego Bay

Montegonians, don't feel left out. This issue is for those who are exploring entertainment options in the second city. Sure, you could go anywhere, but why do that when you can simply go to the any one or more of the best that are available.

The ten Best Restaurants in Kingston for Taste

There are times when money is not the issue. You just want to have some real good tasting food, regardless of the cost.

These are the 10 Best Hotels for a Family Vacation on the Jamaica's North Coast

There are indeed, many wonderful places to enjoy your vacation in Jamaica, but some of them might not be suitable for a family. The needs of children and the needs of adults are not often adequately provided for in one location.

The 10 Best Stores in Kingston for Cell Phone and Tablet Sale and Repair

These days, everybody owns a cellphone. Or two. Plus a tablet, perhaps, and accessories to boot. These devices are important in our daily lives, so we must take care in acquiring them. We need to ensure we get value for money, even after the sale.

The 10 Best Stores to Shop for Kids

Shopping for kids can be a real challenge at times; you might find you have to visit several different stores for different items. It's as if too many retailers stock for children as an afterthought- that is those who stock at all.

These are the 10 Best Home Improvement Supplies Stores Between Kingston and Mandeville

So, Christmas is behind us, but that doesn't mean we put the brakes on any necessary home improvement. And when it's time to get the home improvement supplies, we need to get them from the best source.

The 10 Best Jewelry Stores in Kingston

Whether you buy jewellery because it's fun to wear or you want to gift it to somebody or you want to make an investment, you need something that gives you the best bang (or ping) for your buck.

These are 10 of the Best Companies in Kingston for Office Supplies/Equipment

For employees to perform adequately, they must be provided with resources...the most up to date resources will bring about the highest levels of productivity.

The 10 Best Stores in Kingston for Ladies and/or Men's Wear

People make judgements about you by the way you speak and the way you dress. So your attire is of some importance. And the first step in ensuring that your attire gets them to make good judgements about you is to choose your store wisely.

The 10 Best Beauty Salons in Kingston

Yes, we know real beauty is on the inside, but often others only become interested in that inner beauty if they are drawn by the outer beauty. So enhancing that outer beauty is not a waste of time.

The 10 Best Companies in Kingston for Computers, Service and Accessories

Those that own laptop computers, desktop computers or servers as well as other computer systems often require new components and computer repair services.

These are the 10 Most Reliable Taxi Service Companies in Kingston

Getting around town and out of town can be a real hassle...even risky.

The 10 Best Night Time Entertainment Spots in Kingston

Whether you just want to relax after a long day at work or you want to usher in the weekend in style, or to unwind,  or release the tension and relax, what better way to do that than with friends, music, food, wine, dancing and laughter.

The 10 Best Preparatory Schools in Kingston

In the midst of the recent controversy about the transition from GSAT to PEP, parents still need to make mundane decisions like, which school do I send my children to.

The 10 Best Hotels in Kingston

Whether you are in need of accommodation or somewhere to host your wedding, you need to find a place that gives you your money's worth- the best bang for your buck.

The 10 Fastest Fast Food Outlets in Kingston

Ever wanted to get something to eat at a respectable eatery, but didn't have much time? It's lunch time and all the usual lunch places are crowded.

The 10 Most Affordable Car Mechanics in Kingston

Why pay more when you can pay less? Oftentimes, we do just that because of lack of information.

The 10 Most Affordable Supermarkets in Jamaica

As we approach the biggest shopping season of the year, we try to find ways to stretch the dollar a little farther. So we seek out bargains, discounts, specials, etc, which may or may not work.

The top 10 Preschool/Kindergarten Facilities in Kingston

As parents on the go, we need a little help sometimes in finding the best, most reliable preschool or kindergarten for our children.

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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Jamaica

Long a staple of "Ital" and Rastafari, vegetarian and vegan options are available in every corner of Jamaica. Here's your list of the best of vegetarian in Jamaica.

Nanny Falls, Portland Jamaica - A Beautiful Mystery

45 mins from Port Antonio is the clear waters of Nanny Falls. 600-acres of wonders named after National Heroine, Nanny of the Maroons. Her clear, refreshing waters flow directly into the Stony River. Experience this and more while staying at Bay View.

The Craft Village

Village/ Art


Maroon Community/Valley

Lime Tree Farm

Farm/ Coffee

Watch Hill Trail

Trail/ Hike

Guava River Trail

River/ Hike/Trail

Port Antonio

Parish Capital

Darlington Estate


Buff Bay River Estate

River/ Estate

Cattawood Springs

Spring/ Maroon Settlement

Orange Vale Plantation

Ruins/ Plantation

Buff Bay

Bay/ Town

The Roof Night Club

Nightclub/ Nightlife

Cunha Cunha

Hiking/ Trail


Nightlife/Night Club

Valley Hikes


Seaman's Valley


Rio Grande Valley

Valley/ Trail/Eco- Tourism

Port Antonio Railway Station

Railway/Historic Site

Port Antonio Main Square

Parish Capital/Town

Port Antonio Court House

Court House/Historic Site

Charles Town

Maroon Village

Christ Church

Church/Historical landmark

Bump Grave

Historical Site/Grave



Bath Fountain

Hot Spring

Friends Church (Quakers)

Church/Historic Site



Buff Bay Valley


Hope Bay Beach


The Blue and John Crow Mountains

Mountains/Heritage Site

Moore Town (New Nanny Town)

Maroon Village/Settlement

Old Nanny Town

Maroon Village

Crystal Springs

River/ Spring/Garden

Guava River


DeMontevin Lodge

Lodge/Heritage Site

Fishdone Waterfalls


White River