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Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Stewart's Automotive Group, is a motorcycle dealership offering the best in new and pre-owned motorbikes and motor scooters. Our fleet of motorcycles includes models such as the CTX 2000 Trail, Elite 125 Scooter, Storm 125, XR 125 L Trail, CBX 250 Twister, Wave 100, CB-1 125 and V-Men 125. Whether for personal transportation, messenger/bearer services or recreation, a Honda motorcycle can get you where you need to be when you need to be there! From helping you select the bike that best suits you, to the potential customisation of your motorcycle and its ongoing maintenance, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to provide guidance every step of the way and make your experience an exceptional one. We pride ourselves on delivering top notch service and high-quality units as we maintain a world-class reputation. Our customers know that choosing one of our motorcycles guarantees them greater affordability while giving them the opportunity to beat the traffic with ease. Choose from our premium selection of Honda motorcycles and start living life in the fast lane! Grab life by the bars, have more fun, and use less fuel!

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