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Joy Counselling Services

I am Celia Joy McGregor, a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor in Florida and a Licensed Associate Professional Counselling Psychologist in Jamaica with the Council of Professions Supplemental to Medicine. With over 16 years of experience as a trained Counsellor, my hope is that, through counseling, you will become stronger emotionally and feel more secure in yourself. Having worked in a variety of work settings, I have extensive experience counseling adolescents, adults, pre-marital and married couples and families. My areas of expertise include: •Addiction •Adolescent Issues •Anger •Anxiety •Depression •Grief •Low self esteem •Trauma •Indecisiveness •Infertility •Loss •Marital conflict •PTSD •Pre-marital counselling •Relationship difficulties •Trauma related to sexual and physical abuse •Work related stress Our Services Depression & Anxiety: Anger, anxiety, sadness and fear, are uncomfortable emotions that you can sometimes experience in your life. My goal is to work with you through counselling to help you feel better and have the joy that you once had. Abuse, Trauma, Grief and Loss: You may have had a traumatic event in your life that causes you to feel overwhelmed, anxious and sad. Professional counselling can help you resolve the emotional baggage of your past and guide you in becoming the person that you want to be. Counselling Sessions: Counselling is available for adolescents, adults, and families in a safe and welcoming environment. Sessions can be face to face or online using the Zoom platform.

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