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Kestrel Industries Ltd

Kestrel Industries Ltd. is a highly reputable company strategically positioned near the Port of Kingston, in the beautiful island of Jamaica. We currently import and distribute a wide range of high quality products in bulk quantities to hotels, wholesale outlets, restaurants, supermarkets, and other customers. We stock light red kidney beans, yellow split peas, garbanzo beans (chick peas), black-eyed peas, small red peas, lima beans (broad beans), pigeon peas (gungo peas), lentils, bulgur, long grain white rice, parboiled rice, cargo rice (brown rice), vegetable oil, popcorn kernels, fine cornmeal, coarse cornmeal, corn grits, hominy corn, onions, cornstarch, pickled red herring, salted mackerel, pigtails, garlic, frozen meats, salt, sugar, and many other products. INTEGRITY, RELIABILITY and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE are three important principles which guide our operations. We distribute islandwide and we offer GREAT PRICES. Give us a call today and let's do some business!!

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