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Jamaica Broilers Group Of Companies Ltd

At Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, our heart is our people, which makes us more than a company – we are family. Chicken is the core of our agri-business, as such, we take care of everything from hatching eggs to ready-to-eat offerings available in stores. In 1958, Jamaicans would raise chickens in their backyards and sell live birds to neighbours, family, and friends. The idea of buying a chicken that was already plucked and cleaned, dressed and ready for seasoning was unheard of. Sydney Levy's dream was to change that and provide the convenience of dressed chickens to Jamaican households. The idea soon caught on and Jamaicans began to request the succulent, tasty and economical dressed chicken by name, giving birth to 'The Best Dressed Chicken in town'! Today, The Best Dressed Chicken family of products comprises world-class brands with a longstanding reputation of quality. Some of the brands we carry include Best Dressed Chicken, Reggae Jammin, The Best Dressed Chicken USA, and Hamilton's Smokehouse. Our chicken and meat products include frozen, chilled, free range and rotisserie chicken, chicken strips, nuggets and tenders, ham, deli slices, burgers, bologna, frankfurters, and sausages. For more information on our chicken, meat, and other products, visit our website or give us a call.

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