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Harris Tamika & Associates Attorneys At Law

Like many other children growing up in Jamaica, I either wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. I had no real passion for either. I wanted prestige, wealth, and respect, or the simple gratification of knowing that my parents are proud. I decided on law, only because my grades in chemistry would not allow me to matriculate into medicine. After completing law school, I worked at a small law office in rural Jamaica and then a medium-sized firm in the corporate area. That is when I fell in love with the practice of law and the joy of helping others. I was not pleased with the financial rewards, but I was happy with the way I impacted others, the relief I brought to someone finally divorced, the joy I brought to a farmer armed with a certificate of title, or the bliss an injured party gets after receiving fair and proper compensation for his pain and suffering, or loss of income. I found my purpose, and in 2005 I started my own practice. Building my own practice wasn't easy, but I worked closely with several senior attorneys-at-law, who inspired me with their own stories. I was constantly reminded of the importance of proper preparation, planning, and discipline. As an Attorney-at-Law, the best way to advertise your competence is by providing your clients with high-quality legal services. You grow your practice and reputation, not by billboards and television ads, but through good quality work. Tamika Harris and Associates is a law firm intent on helping others. We strive to improve our clients quality of life. Our firm practices both civil and criminal law and we advertise our business, through doing good work. By ensuring that each client is pleased with our services, we expect them to spread the good news. We provide a wealth of experience, effective communication, and consistent results.

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