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Quality Academics Ltd

Since its inception, Quality Academics has blazed a trail of academic excellence. We are committed to producing academics of high quality. Our main objective is to develop students intellectually, however, we also emphasize the development of character and spirituality. We provide the highest quality tuition, training and guidance to help students attain their maximum potential in preparation for college, career and citizenship. Day School Our academic preparation is structured and intense. It begins with a Grade 9 curriculum, which provides a platform for the CXC examinations in Grades 10 to 13. Examination preparation is detailed and pointed, with emphasis on closely monitored SBAs, coverage of the content/syllabus and application of the knowledge. We get results and will help you to achieve your goals. Sixth Form Our premier Sixth Form is aimed at producing the complete "quality graduate". We focus on bridging the gap between school and university. As such, we blend academic study with character and leadership development, as well as career guidance. Our Programmes Our Evening, After School and Saturday programmes provide the opportunity for students who work or attend other schools, to gain from our high-quality staff in the various disciplines, at convenient times. We guarantee high standards of teaching and professionalism in a safe environment conducive to work, growth and development. At Quality Academics, a very rich learning environment awaits you!

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