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Iris Gelly Primary Sch

Founded in 1977, Iris Gelly Primary School offers holistic child development services. We pride ourselves in preparing our students to become well-rounded and the future leaders of tomorrow based on our motto 'excellence through discipline'. Our teachers are professional, enthusiastic, and fully equipped to provide your children with the best care while they are away from home. There is also security on the compound to ensure that our staff and students are safe. We produce excellent GSAT passes, and provide interactive learning activities, arts and science subjects, music, and computer studies. Our other activities include track and field, Quiz team, Iris Gelly Primary Dance Troupe and summer school. We also have award-winning netball and cheerleading teams. We also offer math classes in the evening for adults, so they can assist their children with their homework! Our cafeteria offers breakfast weekly and hot meals are provided for students each day. Give us a call or come and see why Iris Gelly Primary School is fondly referred to as "the Community's Prep School".

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