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Security Advisory & Mgmt Servs Ltd (S A M S)

S.A.M.S was established in March 1987 by three former army officers with the aim of offering a professional, comprehensive security management service. The simple fact of the matter was that the principle of a man, with a gun and a dog, being security was not absolute. The company was founded on the premise that security must be appropriately treated as a management function which, like all other aspects of management, directly affects the long-term financial viability of every business. S.A.M.S is adept at solving security problems, and since we do not work off a template, but rather treat each client as if they were our only client, we have to be flexible. We are a solutions driven company, and we wholeheartedly believe that all security problems that are presented to us can, and will be solved. Suffice it to say, our reputation has grown to the extent that our very presence in a company can and frequently does, act as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers. We at S.A.M.S have counselled top management, trained key employees and lectured to hundreds of employees for many years. All of this counselling, training and lecturing has been based on the practical experience of investigation gathered over the years. S.A.M.S specialists and consultants are frequently asked to be speakers and lectures at company meetings or retreats. The transfer in skill is available to clients either internally of extremely in the form of lectures, workshops or training courses. It is, of course, fascinating to know that the very person speaking to you is someone skilled in the practical art of investigation and security.

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