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West Indies Cesspool Ltd

For fast and efficient service in corporate and rural areas, contact West Indies Cesspool Limited. Our team of professionally trained technicians are customer service oriented and very experienced. For over 21 years, we have been the cesspool emptier of choice for commercial premises, plazas, hotels, apartments, and homes. Our services include: •Septic tanks and pit cleaning. •Chemical treatment and pressure wash. •Plumbing services. •Clearing sewer mains and manholes. All our trucks are radio controlled or quick dispatch in an emergency. Here are a couple of signs that your septic tank may be about to backup: •Gurgling sounds are coming out of your toilets. •Sluggish drainage. •A sewage odour outside. If you notice these signs, call us, and save yourself the money and inconvenience and call our 24/7 emergency number now!

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