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Dovecot Memorial Park & Crematorium

Dovecot Memorial Park Spanish Town, St. Catherine Dovecot Memorial Park was originally a concept pitched to Maddens by previous owner, Victor Morris. Morris had planned for the park to feature 53 acres of extensive lawns with flat headstones, based on a concept developed in the United States. Morris operated Dovecot for 2 ½ years before deciding to migrate in 1977. It was at this time that Maddens bought the property. Dovecot accommodates an average of 1,500 burials a year. The park has an annual Blessing of the Graves in November. This event offers a time to clean up and beautify the park. It also gives an opportunity to meet with families who gather to lay flowers at the graves of departed loved ones. The cemetery also offers a chapel where funeral services and memorial services can be held. An organist will be provided with the rental of the chapel. If the family needs a minister one can be provided. Rules and Regulations Visitors are reminded that Dovecot Memorial Park is a sacred place. Quiet and reverence are to be observed. Because of the religious nature of services held within our grounds, shorts and other brief attire are considered inappropriate. Our property owners have requested that persons not properly attired are not permitted to enter. To avoid refusal of admission, embarrassing to you, and to us, please abide by this request. Placement of flowers: Basket wreaths or decorations in receptacles is permitted. The containers should be removed within three days of placement. Dovecot Memorial Park is not responsible for flowers or containers placed at ant interment location. Placements of artificial flowers are not permitted. No person shall engage in solicitation of any kind for any purpose, nor display, distribute or place within the grounds upon the property any card, sign, device, insignia, pamphlet, booklet or any printedmmaterial of any kind for any purpose. Amateur photography is permitted. Commercial or professional photography, use of tripods is prohibited unless by special permission. The publication or distribution of pictures taken within Dovecot Memorial Park is prohibited. Walking across Interment sections is not permitted, except where necessary to reach a particular Interment location. In such cases, the shortest and most direct route should be taken while walking between Interment spaces as far as possible. Persons having other destinations shall use only the regularly designated roads and walks. Dogs and other pets must be kept in an automobile.One telephone call places all facilities of Dovecot Memorial Park at the service of everyone.

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