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Jamaica Energy Partners

At Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP), we are ready to supply Jamaica's growing energy needs. We have been providing affordable and reliable power solutions to the local energy industry for more than 25 years. JEP is currently the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Jamaica. We own and operate two power barges, Doctor Bird I and Doctor Bird II, with outputs of 74.2 MW and 50.2 MW respectively, or a combined output of 124.4 MW. Doctor Bird IIs generating capacity was added in March 2006, and this barge is located approximately 300 yards from the original. We are committed to producing energy in the most cost-efficient manner and the highest standard of service to our customers, ensuring delivery in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our vision is to be the number one provider of cost-efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly energy solutions. At JEP, we believe in powering a brighter future. For more information, visit our website.

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