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Jamaica Stock Exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) was incorporated in 1968 and started operation in 1969. Our principal mandate is the mobilisation of capital to facilitate the growth and development of companies and by extension the economy. The JSE promotes the orderly and transparent development of the stock market and the stock exchange in Jamaica. Part of what we do is ensure that the stock market and its broker members operate at the highest standards. We also develop, apply and enforce the rules designed to ensure public confidence in the stock market and its broker members. The JSE provides facilities for the transaction of stock market business, as well as conducts research and shares relevant information. We provide a wide range of services to the market. Some of our services include the trading of securities on our Main, Junior, and Bond markets and the US Denominated market as well as creating accounts in the Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD). We pledge securities registered in the JCSD, handle inter-CSD movements between regional CSDs, and handle settlement of trades through the JCSD Trustee Services. The Jamaica Stock Exchange also offers training and education, among many other secondary services.

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