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Dr. Browne-Brown ENT Place

Dr G.P. Malaika Browne-Brown is a well-trained, patient, competent, experienced and wellrespected Otolaryngologist/Consultant ENT- Head and Neck Surgeon. In a modern, sophisticated and spacious facility, we provide our patients with expert medical care. Whether, children, adults or the elderly, our patient and caring staff is well-equipped to address all your concerns. We diagnose and treat conditions affecting: • Ear • Nasal passages • Sinuses. • Mouth • Throat • Voice • swallowing • Balance • Thyroid • Salivary glands. • Neck swellings/neck tumours. Additionally, we correct acute nasal bone fractures. We also perform Nasoendoscopy, and Laryngoscopy and Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). Call to schedule an appointment.

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