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Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics is a prodigious institution for providing cardiac care in Jamaica. Pioneered by Dr Noel Crooks, he gives cardiac consultancy to patients with heart abnormalities: offering an exclusive service and extraordinary patient care. ACD aims to provide affordable and reliable healthcare for persons with heart aberrations in a safe and comfortable environment. The trust, time and ease of patient are the top priorities of this institution. Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics offers: • Electrocardiograms. • Echocardiograms. • Cardiac Stress Testing. • Holter monitors. • Screening for coronary artery disease. • Coronary angiograms and angioplasties. Dr Crooks is a medical graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and completed post-graduate training in Internal Medicine in 2007. He studied further in General Cardiology in 2012 at The University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Interventional Cardiology in 2013. Dr Crooks is certified and competent in all general cardiology and invasive cardiology procedures involving acute management of myocardial infarctions with angioplasty and stent implantation. The Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics team also comprises of Miss Campbell, who competently ensures all customer interactions are of the highest calibre in terms of service. From scheduling appointments to visiting this cardiac institute, you are sure to receive the consideration and care you deserve. Rest assured your personal information is being handled with the utmost care and discretion, as the aim is always to ensure that your visit is an absolute success. Your best heart journey is always our priority.

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