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Andjos Data Processing

Andjo's Stationery & More opened to the public in 2008 at shop #5, 15 Coke Drive, Santa Cruz. This small business started as an internet cafe with four computers all connected to one printer. It later grew in approximately one year, to 10 computers connected to two small printers. Still, like all good entrepreneurs, Andrea Johnson Hill continued to seek new ways of making her business better. The business later offered services such as designing funeral, wedding, and church programmes, dinner tickets, bookmarkers, and flyers. We even assist with US visa applications and supply schools in and around Santa Cruz with stationery. As the business grew, new equipment came in adding to the list of services offered such as laminating, stamps and buttons. Andrea started small as only primary level books were sold at the time, as the business expanded the market widened to regions in and around St. Elizabeth.

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