#real-estate · 1 year ago

Why are there so half finished mansions and houses in Jamaica?

I was travelin quite a bit last week throughout several parishes and came across loads of unfinished, somewhat abandoned, properties.. It is not the first time i notice it, and would like your insight on this: they are just people falling short on their budget or drawing bad card and they cannot finish ? or it is done on purpose, like if you dont finish you wont pay taxes or if you start building, even unfinished, the governement cannot seize your land ?


Our driver to Treasure Beach said the same. Affordable mortgages are hard to get, they add to the house when they have the funds.

Side note: I was told you can put your wooden shack anywhere as long as its movable, should the land owner request you move off their land.


A lot of people start projects and underestimate what it will take to build the retaining wall. This can exceed the cost of the house when building on a hill. You will find most unfinished houses in these areas


House and building material is very expensive in Jamaica like everything else because we don’t produce anything ourselves. Neither the people nor the politicians have a vision. Most people start to build a house and underestimate the time and money needed to build it so they give up. Jamaica isn’t a real place. We are so disorganized it’s upsetting.


A lot of it is dons, drug dealers and choppaz who get caught and can’t transfer the land legally and are not around to complete it.

Others are people who have “dead leff” and the process to claim is too convoluted.

Sometimes if you search the local classified you will see “14 bedroom, 23 bathroom house for sale 8 mil negotiable, need work”