What would be a fair amount to give my personal Tour Guide?

I've had a lovely family friend show me around the southern part of the island. He's taken me from the airport in MoBay to my family's spot New Market. Also taken me to family in Portland. He's taken me to several amazing restaurants in the New Market area and we're going to Negril today. I leave tomorrow and wanted to him something to show my appreciation. What would be a fair amount to give him?

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This should be pinned. A lot of people should know this. Good heart op. $100-$200 is more than generous and will be well appreciated. As others have said .. fill the tank and pay for food too ( within reason of course).


Are you looking to give him something like a week’s wages, enough to cover any expenses, or a token gift? Did he lose income helping you?

Ensuring his expenses are covered is a good start, that might help you decide. If you want to just give a gift I think at least a thousand or two for each day would be adequate.


100 or-200 us??? For a week driving around the island??? When last you pple go home?? $400 or more if you can swing it. Things are hard right now. Show gratitide for his generosity. Things cost the same as it does in America and Jamaicans earn less…


$100 per day fill bud tank on the 1rst day. Saying based around 8 hrs or so per day. But the guy food. I eat the jerk - street vendors food daily. It’s not for everybody but it is for me. If the guy hooks you up w some good bud that’s a plus if that is your thing

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