Trash in Jamaica

Just visiting Jamaica and I’m moving about the Country. The amount of trash I’ve seen dumped on the beaches or river banking is kinda surprising. Is there anything residents can do to stop the dumping?

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>People’s basic needs AND the rubbish problem can addressed.

In fact, they can only be addressed together. Adequate sanitation and a healthy environment ARE basic needs. It’s not just that trash is ugly - it’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes and it clogs drainage which causes flooding. We’ve all had enough floods, mosquito bites, Chikungunya, dengue, and Zika.


Agreed. The complaint I’ve usually heard is inconsistent/nonexistent trash pick up. Yet that isn’t the case for the gully running through Cassava Piece and along Perkins Blvd. The folks along the gully benefit from the same pick ups as the folks living in the communities outside of the gully banks. The only difference is that they have to walk a minute or less to place the trash in/around the skips (that they’ve burned) along the streets since the pathway between their home and the gully cannot accommodate garbage trucks.

Dirt poor or not, our Clarks cleannnn but we don’t mind sleeping around and walking about bere nastiness.


Citizens need to care more about the environment, too many Jamaicans take it for granted, no amount of law or initiative will help without a change in culture and mindset. If they can keep their homes clean,they can keep the streets clean too.


The juxtaposition of Jamaica being such a beautiful island and having trash laying around is unfortunate but it’s the same thing everywhere it seems. Most humans just don’t appreciate what they have. We’ll get to it later I guess…


Human beings have a a tendency to do the opposite as required.

Still! there are laws in place to prevent the country getting overtaken by garbage but sadly some individuals lack basic cooperative skills.


You have regular trash pick up where you are? Why is the govt allowing importers to bring in plastics and products that easily become trash that doesn’t break down?

What is corporate sector doing to help the issue?



“Why is the govt allowing importers to bring in plastics and products that easily become trash that doesn’t break down?” - that doesn’t make any sense because we have a lot of local large and small businesses that use plastics

“What is corporate sector doing to help the issue?” - I don’t know much about the corporate sector but this issue largely resides with the attitude of the people that throw their trash anywhere they feel like.


Why di hostilities my g? We can’t deny that many Jamaicans have a bad habit of littering or not cleaning up or disposing of waste properly. Not to mention NSWMA doesn’t always get to it. We have a problem

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