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The 10 Highest Paying Careers in Kingston, Jamaica

The 10 Highest Paying Careers in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

When deciding on a particular career path, there are a lot of variables to consider such as the qualifications needed and how much the job pays. Here is a list of the best and highest paying careers to join in Jamaica. Hope you enjoy it. 

Appliance Repair 

To extend the life of their appliances, Jamaicans believe it is especially good to have an appliance repair personnel take a look when it starts acting up. This career involves the responsibility of installing, removing and repairing different types of appliances. Appliance repairer personnel often work in residential settings but sometimes commercial or industrial environments may require their services. As an appliance repair personnel you can work on televisions, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines. This is a great career path because many Jamaicans choose to have their appliances professionally installed. 


A paralegal provides administrative support to attorneys. Paralegal service is growing in Jamaica, across the Caribbean region and in other parts of the world. They work under the supervision of attorneys carrying out many legal functions that were once performed by lawyers. Many lawyers or firms in Jamaica find that hiring paralegal assistants result in cost savings, henceforth the rise in demand for trained or qualified paralegal professionals. 

Computer Science Technicians 

Otherwise known as a computer repair technician, computer science technicians focus on assembling, repairing and maintaining computers and servers. To be successful in Jamaica as a computer technician, you will need formal training with hands-on experience. The minimum qualification is a post secondary technical vocational certification or associate of science degree in information technology. If your desire is to land jobs in large corporations then a bachelors degree in information technology will provide a strong platform to do just that. 


Electricians are in high demand in Jamaica, whether it is for a specific company or independent contractor, electricians are needed. Electricians fit, service and repair electrical machinery, equipment, circuits and wiring. They check electrical systems to make sure they are working safely, build and install control panels that operate electrical systems in buildings, repair electrical motor and transformers in industrial machinery as well as install street lighting and traffic management systems. The electrical field is a good career because people’s lives and jobs are made easier and more comfortable with electricians around. 

Multimedia Artists

A multimedia artist is someone who is skilled in graphics technology programs and creates designs as well as effects for digital media. This career is important in Jamaica as companies are always making various graphical ads as a marketing strategy to promote their businesses. Multimedia artists in Jamaica specialize in designing billboards, fliers, brochures or magazines and websites for major institutions such as banks, insurance companies, restaurants, factories and a host of other businesses. 

Web Developers

If the websites and the internet world attracts you, then check out this career option as a web developer. They are professionals who are responsible for website development of a company or its clienteles. In Jamaica, web developers use intricate software to make your web surfing experience a wonderful one. To be a successful web developer, the following characteristics has to be present; the ability to concentrate, creativity, ability to work in a team and communication skills. In addition, a bachelor's degree in computer sciences, engineering or computer engineering or information sciences is required. Web developers are satisfied with their jobs due to exceptional salary, work life balances and flexibility. 

Registered Nurses

Being a registered nurse is extremely important in Jamaica. It is more needed than ever with Covid-19 upon us. Registered nurses usually work for hospitals or medical clinics. On the other hand, they may also work for other organizations such as outpatient facilities, rehabilitation centers or senior centers. As a registered nurse, your main role is to promote wellness and health. However, registered nurses are responsible for assessing, observing and speaking to patients, recording details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health, and also administering medication or treatments. 


Careers in construction offer career stability, higher salaries and an opportunity to work with new technologies . This is a necessary and diverse career path in Jamaica. A degree isn’t a requirement for every role in construction, thus a trade school such as Heart Trust NTA or apprenticeship may help you get started in the field. Construction demand is on the rise in Jamaica and around the world to meet housing needs and to future proof our cities and infrastructure today and in the future. 

Criminal Investigators and Detectives

With constant crime in Jamaica, there is a constant need for criminal investigators and detectives. That is why the Jamaica Constabulary Force is always hosting recruitment drives to garner more officers. The qualifications for the force include a minimum of four passes in CSEC ranging from grades 1-3 and they must be inclusive of English Language and Mathematics. Detectives and criminal investigators typically do the following: investigate crimes, collect and secure evidence from crime scene se and conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses. 

Sales Representatives 

Sales representatives are hired by almost every company or organization within Jamaica. A sales representative showcases and sells a product or products to or for businesses, organizations and government agencies. They are critical to the manufacturers and wholesalers as they are the ones that promote and market the merchandise for them. In Jamaica, sales representatives are the principal point of contact between a business and its customers.