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The 10 Best Hair Salons in Kingston

The 10 Best Hair Salons in Kingston photo jamaica

When getting your hair styled in Kingston, you want to make sure its getting done by a professional hair stylist who works with natural hair, and can provide you a large variety of options. We've prepared a list of the best hair salons in Kingston, Jamaica that are ready to take your hair style dreams into reality. Whether this ranges from dreadlocks, braiding, dyeing your hair blonde to black, or hair straightening. Lets get into our top 10!

Asherlee Naturals

Asherlee Natural's not only provides amazing hair care service, but has their own brand of hair products perfect for natural hair. They specialize in enhancing your coils, leaving you with beautiful curls for days! The salon stylists work with any type of curly hair ranging from 3A all the way to 4C. So don't worry about a hairstylist not being able to work with kinkier hair. 

Maximize your curly afro when working with the professional staff at their Kingston Hair Salon. They only book by appointment at the moment, so check out the full page to get their link, or reach out to their contact number:

Contact Info

Number: +18764717582

Location: 29 Kings House Avenue, Kingston, St. Andrew Parish


Day and Night Beauty

"Jamaica's 1st night beauty salon"

Customers rave about fantastic customer service when working with this Kingston based Hair Salon. You can be assured astounding quailty when working with this business. They not only work with your hair, but provide nail design and facial mask services so you can fully relax. Their salon is a mix between a beautiful spa, and fantastic hair parlor. They can cut and style your hair, whether you are looking for a light trim or a full blown pixie cut. They as well do amazing hair straightening in Jamaica. Best of all, they are still working at night! So if you are busy during the day, you can be assured you'll still get an appointment at this hair salon. 

Contact Info

Number: +1 876-342-3327

Location: 71 Lady Musgrave Road, Shop #6, Kingston, St.Andrew Parish


Xtensions Ja

This Kingston hair salon specializes in temporary hair locs and crochet styles!

They as well have a list of different loc styles available:

  • Natural loc extensions

  • Marley locs aka faux locs

  • Yarn wraps

  • Yarn braids

  • Loc tightening

  • Crochet braids (w/ or w/ locs)

  • Box braids

  • Box twists

  • Marley twists

  • Havana twists

  • Faux Locs

  • Goddess Locs

They DO NOT do regular braids.

To reach out to them, head over to their instagram or other socials, which we have linked in the full page, for you to check out! You also are given contact information below, but at the moment, they are responding to only Direct Messages (DM's).

Contact Info

Number: +1 754-226-0309

Location: Calabar Mews, Red Hills Road, 21 East Path, Kingston (Calabar Mews), St. Andrew Parish


A-1 Beauty Salon

This salon in Kingston 10, Jamaica specializes in many areas of hair such as hair relaxing, hair treatments, and Natural Creations such as the "Interlock/Sister Lock." When in Jamaica and you want to look your best A1 Beauty Salon is one of the hair salons to visit. They are a Mizani certified hair salon.

Contact Info

Number: +1 876-561-1770

Location: Shop 10 18 Molynes Rd Kingston, Jamaica


Island Curlz

"Natural Hair Salon for women, men and children. We are committed to providing styling, hair care managment and treatment for all natural hair types."

If you are looking for a wonderful Unisex Kingston Hair Salon, then Natural Hair Salon is the place for you! They specialize in hair braiding and platting, leaving you with a stylish pattern for school or work. Most guests admire the environment of their hair salon, and a bonus, a place for you to take a photoshoot! Get beautifully done silk presses or hair coloring by well trained hair stylists that care about you and your hair!

Contact Info

Number: +1 876-561-1770

Location: Suite 18, 39 Lady Musgrave Rd. 10 Kingston, Jamaica


Marshymac Hair Deluxe

If you are interested in getting sew ins or crochet braids by pros, come on down to Marshymac Hair Deluxe! They also work professionally with kids, so you can send your children off to school looking clean cut and gorgeous!

Number: +1 876-456-2605

Location: Kingston Jamaica 13 Kingston, Jamaica





A full service beauty salon located in the heart of kingston, Jamaica. This top notch salon offers services like hair styling, nail services, waxing, and much more spa typical services! If you are looking for a fantastic cut and dye, SALON BRAIDZ is there for you! Many times, in Jamaica you are looking for places that will provide you good customer service. The hair stylists and nail technicians here are professionals, and will treat you and your hair with the upmost respect! 

Number: +1 876-459-7496

Location: Shop 21 Mall Plaza Kingston, Jamaica


Hair Skin Love Jamaica


Hair Skin Love Jamaica seeks to bridge a gap in the beauty industry by educating individuals about healthy hair and skin care. Only house calls currently.

Hair Skin Love Jamaica seeks to provide services and education to people who are on a healthy hair journey. We provide hair and skin consultations that look deeper than just obvious (dryness or breakage). We look at life style, product use, diet and regimen to identify the best strategies for your unique hair and skin situations. Our services are results driven and based on best practices for long, strong hair and soft, glowing skin.

Number: +1 876-349-6969

Location: Suite 13, Shortwood Professional Center, 40 Shortwood Road.


Hawanya's Beauty Salon

This salon provides fabulous hair designs and nail styles in Kingston, Jamaica. They work professionally with hair styling like hair coloring, whether you're looking for a more natural look, or something bright and stands out. They will make your hair look healthy and give it a beautiful glow. Whether you are going to graduation, a date, an event, or just wanting to look good, it can be done at this Kingston hair shop!

Number: +1 876-856-7518

Location: Shop 12 Half Way Tree Mall 000000 Kingston, Jamaica


Giovanni's Salon

Looking for a hair salon with deluxe quality stations in Kingston? Then its time to go over to Giovanni's Hair Salon. The trained professionals have mastered the short hair styles from pixie cuts, undercuts, bobs, and blow outs. They will take your hair to its highest potential, and keep it there. They as well boast affordable prices for luxury quality.

Number: +1 876-469-5222

Location: 7th Avenue Plaza at 28th Constant Spring Road 12 Kingston, Jamaica