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The 10 Best Girl Schools in Kingston, Jamaica in 2023

The 10 Best Girl Schools in Kingston, Jamaica in 2023 photo jamaica

The commonality between all-girl schools in Jamaica is that they aim to produce well-rounded ladies: ladies who are elegant, educated, resourceful, skilled, and independent. To enter one of these schools, a child needs to be successful in the national PEP examinations. They cater to grades 7-13 students. They are often based on Christian principles and encourage high moral values and principles in conduct. They usually excel academically and are top-ranking high schools. The following are the 10 best girl schools in Jamaica.

St. Hilda's Diocesan High

Started by the Anglicans in 1906, it is also one of the few boarding institutions in Jamaica. The school is known for its high academic achievements and is also one of the top-ranking high schools in Jamaica. Their color is a lavender tunic with a lavender plaid blouse, and they are guided by their motto, “Hard work brings true joy.”

Address:    St. Hilda's Drive Brown's Town

Phone number: 1 876-975-2218; 1 876-975-2279

Westwood High

They are best known for their Panama,  jippa-jappa hat. Along with the hat are a full navy blue tunic and white blouse, black loafers, and blue socks

They are one of the best high schools in Jamaica because they are known for producing ladies who are disciplined, bright, and elegant. Academically, they excel in the regional CSEC examinations and are often featured in the top 10  for high school rankings. In addition, they have a robust extra-curricular and co-curricular program and have entered notable national competitions such as TVJ’s School Challenge Quiz and All Together Sing. today, the school has a sixth form program and has continued on its path of excellence.

It is one of the few boarding institutions in Jamaica that was founded in 1882 by Reverend William Menzie. 

Address:    B11, Stewart Town, Trelawny, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-612-0307; (876) 954-8440

Immaculate Conception High

In 1858, the Scottish Franciscan Sisters established the Immaculate Conception High. It is one of the top-ranking high schools in Jamaica excelling in both academics and extra/co-curricular activities. As a Roman Catholic high school, their established motto is, “Through Difficulty to Excellence.” They wear full white, white short-sleeved button-down blouse, white pleated skirt, and royal blue tie. Accompanying this are low brown shoes and brown socks. 

Address: 152c Constant Spring Road, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-924-1719

Website: https://immaculatehigh.edu.jm/

Montego Bay High School for Girls

They are the first high school for girls that was established in Jamaica in 1935 by the government. As an Anglican institution, they believe in the motto, “To be, not to seem.” they boast some of the best CSEC/CAPE results and are well-known for 4H club activities and debating competitions. Currently, they wear a grey tunic with a white blouse

Address: 51 Union Street, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica

Phone number: 1876-952-2809; 1876-952-2574 

Website:  http://www.mbhsaany.org/

St. Andrew High School for Girls

Founded September 21, 1925, their motto is “Life Abundant.” They are distinguished in academics, and extra/co-curricular activities in the form of sports, music, arts, and culture. Their alumni have made significant contributions to the world. They don a burgundy tunic.  

Address:     10 Cecelia Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-926-5925-6

Website: https://sahs.edu.jm/

Wolmers Trust High for Girls

As exemplary ladies, they believe that “whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.” It is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the English-speaking Caribbean that was established in 1729 by John Wolmer. Their colors are aqua blue and white

Address: 2a Marescaux Rd, Kingston 5

Phone number: 1 876-922-4084

Website: https://www.wolmers.org/trust/

Holy Childhood High School

This is a Roman Catholic all-girls school with the guiding motto, “after the battle, the reward.” After being established in 1937, it has become one of the most selected and top-ranking high schools in Jamaica. They are well known for their academic intelligence, athletic abilities, and dominant school spirit. Their colors are blue and gold.

Address: 9 Skibo Avenue Kingston 10, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-926-2171

Website: https://www.holychildhoodhighschool.org/


This all-girl school was established in 1953. As an Anglican school, they are well known for producing quality students both in academics and extracurricular activities. They are one of the best high schools in Jamaica. Donning their grey v-neck tunic with a white quarter-sleeve blouse and red tie, the ladies, (May she) flourish in virtue and wisdom. 

Address:     4 – 10 Central Avenue, Kingston 8

Phone number: 1 (876) 924 – 2997 or  1 (876) 924 – 6887

Website: https://thequeensschool.org.jm/html/

St. Hugh’s High School for Girls

This is an Anglican all-girls school founded in 1889 as an experiment in the education of young women. They wear royal blue and gold and their motto is loyalty and faithfulness. The swan on their logo is the symbol of kindness and compassion portrayed by their patron saint.

Address:      1, Leinster Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-403-3412

Website:  https://www.sthughshigh.org/

Marymount High

The Franciscan Sisters founded this school in 1935. Their core values are integrity, excellence, partnerships, love, joy, humanity, and partnerships which are encapsulated in the motto, “in Virtue.” Their colors are white, blue and brown.

Address: Highgate, Jamaica, St Mary, Jamaica

Phone number: 1 876-992-2274

Website: https://www.marymounthigh.com/