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The 10 Best Colleges in Jamaica

The 10 Best Colleges in Jamaica photo jamaica

When choosing to further your education after high school, it can be quite frustrating to figure out just which college is the best one to choose or what career path to take. Here we have made selection a little easier with our list below. 

University of the West Indies

Located in Mona Kingston, the University of the West Indies is the Caribbean’s top university. This well respected institution is renowned for world class education, accredited degrees that are internationally recognized as well as quality research. The University of the West Indies has earned a place among the top 600 universities in the world; the top 40 in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Visit their website at www.mona.uwi.edu and obtain information about their available programmes. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769271660

Location: Mona Kingston 7

University of Technology Jamaica

The University of Technology Jamaica can be found within the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Region. This acclaimed university is a degree granting institution that also conducts affairs under two statutory bodies; the Governing Council and the Academic Board. The University of Technology Jamaica has over a hundred programmes at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. They also have several other programmes franchised through links with community colleges. Get enrolled today!

Contact Information:

Number: 8769271680-8

Location: 237 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 

Northern Caribbean University

If you want to transform your life with education, join the Northern Caribbean University family. The degrees they offer will create a platform for your push to make a change in the world. The Northern Caribbean University not only focuses on creating a graduate through education but they also encourage students to be honorable leaders. This illustrious university believes in the future so come on over and join their growing success. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8766181652/8769637000

Location: Manchester Road Mandeville, Manchester 

University of the Commonwealth Caribbean 

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean is a tertiary educational institution in Kingston that fosters leadership and innovation. They offer  both undergraduate and graduate programmes for all your education needs. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean is registered with and recognized by the University Council of Jamaica as a university college. The university has earned premier status with Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities for its commendable areas of operation. This allows students and parents to make more informed choices when choosing a college to attend. Make your decision with The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769063000

Location: 17 Worthington Ave Kingston 

International University of the Caribbean

Colleges are not only for educational programmes but also for holistic development as well and that’s what the International University of the Caribbean is enforcing. Located in Kingston, the International University of the Caribbean consists of two educational entities, College for Leadership and Theological Development and the Mel Nathan College. They deliver affordable and accredited tertiary education to all those who have the desire to empower themselves and meet the demands of the competitive global employment environment.

Contact Information:

Number: 8767547869

Location: 47 Old Hope Road Kingston 5

Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

Being the top school of arts in Kingston Jamaica, the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts seek to enrich the attractive sensibilities and promote the cultural diversity of the Caribbean through the highest quality education and training, this glorified college has five major schools and these are the School of Drama, the School of Dance, the School of Music, the School of Visual Arts and the School of Arts Management and Humanities. The Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts gives you the opportunity to express yourself in various ways. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8766193362/8769606171

Location: 5 Arthur Wint Drive Kingston 

Moneague College

Recognized as one of the top community colleges in Jamaica, the Moneague College has a long history of supplying a secure, reliable and healthy learning environment for students across the country. The programmes offered at Moneague College include: Bachelor’s in Education, Bachelor’s in Business Studies, Environmental Studies, Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Social Work and Computer Science. They also offer Associate Degrees, Continuing Education and Certification in short courses such as Cake Baking and Decorating and Information Technology Essentials. Let Moneague College facilitate your growth and development. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769730489

Location: Moneague PO, Moneague St. Ann

GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport

Situated off the main highway leading from Spanish Town to Linstead the GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport operates as a full time residential institution. Being the first of its kind to be established in the English Speaking Caribbean, this school of physical education and sport offers various programmes such as Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport, Bachelor’s of Physical Education, Bachelor’s of Sports and Business, Associate Degree in Coaching, Associate in Sports Massage Therapy and also Associate Degree in Sport Fitness Instruction. Contact them today.

Contact Information: 

Number: 8766191097

Location: Wynter Pen Road Spanish Town

Caribbean Maritime University 

Caribbean Maritime University is a tertiary institution in Kingston that aspires to be the premier educational institution of choice for your higher learning, training, research and consultancy. This institute seeks to redefine maritime excellence through innovation and technology. They have extended their reach on the global scale and is highly recognized as a center of excellence for tertiary maritime and logistics education in the Caribbean. Come and be a part of this home of world class logistics and industry leaders. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769248150/8766182408

Location: Palisadoes Park, Norman Manley Highway Kingston 

Mico University College

Are you looking for a higher educational institution in Kingston? Are you interested in becoming a teacher or educator? The Mico University College is here for you. One of the top teacher’s colleges in Jamaica, The Mico University College offers programmes in Primary Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Physical Education. Unlock your potential today with Mico University College. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769295260

Location: 1A Marescaux Road Kingston 5