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Sandals South Coast

Hubby (teacher) and I (self employed) have booked a trip to Sandals South Coast in early April of 2023 (his spring break). We are spending a pretty good chunk of change because we haven't ever been on a "luxury" vacation and haven't traveled at all during COVID so we're ready for a splurge. We are staying in a beachfront walk-out one bedroom butler suite in the Italian Village. Because hubs is a history teacher he would love to visit at least one, possibly more, historical sites or museums that aren't a 3-hour drive from Whitehouse/Sandals South Coast. I'm also not super thrilled with the number of tours/offsite activities that are being promoted on the Sandals website, so I'm now wondering if there's good suggestions for any private tours/drivers that we might be able to contract on our own. It's our first time in Jamaica and I love nature, he loves history, and we're both in love with food. I mean, I kind of daydream about eating "real" jerk from a small stand, we've never had ackee, I'd love to taste some real pepper pot. I have it in my brain that the "jerk shack" at the Sandals resort is going to be softened for tourists. Is there such a thing as a Jamaican food tour? Are there any historic sites within an hour of Whitehouse/Sandals SC that are worth seeing? Are there any private tour guides/providers that also do the standard trips that are marketed through Sandals like visits to (any) falls, etc.? Anything that's a must-see or must-do in that area? I'm a person who has traveled a lot in Mexico, I speak Spanish, and so when we do visit Mexico we end up spending a lot of our time eating with/hanging out with locals, but I understand that my expectations should probably be a little different in this case. Thank you very much in advance for any ideas/thoughts/experiences with Sandals SC, recommendations of favorite things at that Sandals, or favorite staff, any particular butler we should request, anything like that. We have already booked our flights and our MoBay as I've been told that will shave time and stress off of arrival and departure.


Even the luxury all inclusives are terrible. I’ve stayed at Sandals, Couples, Beaches…. best they have on the island. Your room and beach will be nice, but everything else is pitiful. You’ll have a hard time enjoying the food there. There are some cool places close by that are cool - namely Treasure Beach, Black River, and Belmont/Bluefields. No real museums I can think of, but tons of remnants of colonialism dot the South Coast. You’ll have to leave the resort to have any kind of authentic experience. If I were you, I’d hire a private driver for a day or two and explore with them. Sandals will do everything in their power to dissuade and scare you from leaving the resort. Don’t listen to them. If you’d like some recommendations, DM me and I’d be happy to help. Don’t get me wrong, I fell in love with Jamaica while staying at all inclusive resorts. But I realized I had a much more rewarding experience when I left the confines of the resort.


Sandals SC is beautiful and in a great area. There are some nice day trips nearby. YS Falls (closed Mondays), Appleton Estate, Black River, Belmont Beach might be of interest. Belmont is the home and resting place of Peter Tosh. Bluefields is a very historical area with a beach. Also the home of THE BEST jerk chicken ever, at Omar’s on the main road at the old police station. It’s a little bamboo stand with a JA flag. Don’t miss it! Kingston is awesome for historical sites, like Port Royal and several museums and musical offerings. Just make sure if you head to Kingston, go with a trusted driver that actually KNOWS the place. Some will say they do, but actually do not. Have a great trip. 😎

ETA: Rastaman Gideon is on Belmont Beach and will get you ackee and other ital foods, and pepper pot soup and pepper shrimp are at Border near YS Falls. Also Luna Sea Inn is a lovely spot in Belmont for a nice dinner and vibes. Catch a sunset there if possible.


Consider Zimbali retreat for the foodie aspect, or Jake’s in Treasure Beach sometimes hosts farm to table dinner.

And yes, definitely recommend getting off resort for proper Jamaican cuisine.

If you have a private driver from MBJ, ask that they stop at Border Jerk on your way down. So good!

Last tip, consider posting at TripAdvisor forum rather than Reddit, a bit more tourist focused and many Sandals “experts” too.


I recommend trying Island Transfer, Byron Tours or Native Tours either of them is rlly good and they have good prices and if you call or email you can try to work in a package so I think that would work best for you


Sandals South Coast is gorgeous you’ll have a lovely time. For food though, you are correct in your assumptions. Please check out Jamaica Food Boss / Jamaica Food Tours I think that’s exactly what youre describing. I can personally vouch that you’ll have an amazing time and taste some wicked good food booking a tour with Matt. Have an awesome trip!


As a history teacher, there are a couple of sites in Westmoreland, the parish that Sandals SC is in (granted none of these are particularly developed):

Ackendown Castle Ruin - a castle ruin that was built in the 1800’s

Chebuctoo Great House - an example of the Great Houses that existed during the Georgian era

Savanna-la-mar Fort - constructed in the middle of the 18th century but never finished

Seaford Town Museum - a town settled by German labourers


The Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay is a historic site with an intriguing story. It’s less than 3 hours from your resort. It is believed that Annie Palmer, the white witch of Rose Hall, still haunts that place. So if you are easily spooked, it might not be for you. Lol.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour and YS fall are a good combination tour. You will learn about the rum-making process of Appleton Estate and a little history, although it’s a bit sanitized. They are about an hour’s drive or less from your location. Sandals is likely to offer this tour package through its partners. If not, check out Chukka. They have serval adventure and nature tour packages.

Lovers Leap in Saint Elizabeth is about an hour from your location. It is a historic site with an interesting story about two enslaved lovers who jump from a cliff instead of being separated by their master. It has a lighthouse, a breathtaking view, and a restaurant that serves authentic Jamaican food, music, and a chill vibe.

For local authentic jerk pork and chicken, try Border Jerk which is about 30mins drive from your resort. Jamaicans like descriptive names, so Border Jerk is at the border of two parishes, Westmorland and Hanover.

The next location that gives an authentic taste of Jamaican food is Border; it’s at the border of Saint Elizabeth and Westmoreland. They have serval shops at the side of the road that offers various Jamaican seafood. Dont confuse it with Border Jerk.


For nature and adventure tours, I think Chukka offers some of the best options; you have the option to choose a package that includes several attractions and adventures for the day. Check out their website or give them a call.

I hope my suggestions were helpful.

Enjoy your stay in Jamaica.