#transportation · 1 year ago

Renting a car in June - Suggestions for rental companies?

I know that the standard recommendation is don't. I understand driving can be hectic and the roads are not well maintained. That said, assuming I'm getting a car, can you recommend what rental companies to go with or stay away from? Flying into Sangster / Montego Bay. Staying in Negril. I have an international card that is supposed to cover rental insurance, even in Jamaica, though I hear some rental companies may still try to push their own coverage. Thanks for any help and suggestions! One that looked decent was Timeless Mobay Car Rental, but I also see plenty of scary stories in their reviews through Google. Seems like every company is at least a bit risky.


I’ve used Avis a few times now without issue. Pro tip from “thejerkgrill” below, bring a copy of the letter from your credit card company. I’d say bring two since Avis wanted to keep a copy. It’s nice to have that letter in case something does happen.


Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to go with Avis. I have seen horror stories with literally every rental company on the island, but it seemed like the smaller ones like Timeless, Island, Classique, were the riskiest.

My card does show that it has that benefit (and from searches, appears to be one of the few that includes Jamaica), and I see it online, but what would I do for proof or a “letter”? I suppose I could print the “Guide to Benefits” but it is a 44 page document, lol. That doc doesn’t specifically mention Jamaica, either.

Or did you get something drafted by customer service at your card company or something?