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Navy Island is a small island off the coast of Port Antonio in Portland Parish, Jamaica, formerly owned by actor Errol Flynn. It is Opposite the Titchfield Peninsula and West Harbour. Navy Island gets its name from the British Naval base which was set up there in the 18th century to protect the Port Antonio and to service ships.

In 1950 Errol Flynn the pass owner of Navy island entertained his jet-setting friends. Until the Island has been maintained as a tourist resort and attraction, with a club bar, beaches, watersports facilities, marina, wedding chapel and African style cottages.

Navy Island is immediately visible lying just offshore as you enter along the coastal road from either direction into Port Antonio. You can take a ferry across to the island, which gained its name from its role as a naval station during much earlier colonial times. Passing into private hands. It’s said that Errol Flynn won it during a poker game; whatever the case, he adored Jamaica and Navy Island and came here frequently during the 1940’s in his yacht, the “Zaca”.

Near the bar area is a wall with posters and mementos of the adventurous Mr. Flynn and his swashbuckling movie career. Get yourself a window table at the restaurant for an excellent panorama of Port Antonio harbor and surrounding coastline.

Spend a day on the island once owned by actor Errol Flynn. It’s just a seven-minute boat ride from the mainland to this hideaway, which is home to several small cottages, a bar, and a watersports operator. The ferry operates around the clock from West Street Harbor. Navy Island is a quiet place for a picnic.

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