#travel · 6 months ago

Life’s a beach, is it free??

Me (f23) and my cousins (f28 and m26) have come from England to see our family out in the country of St Catherine’s parish. We haven’t been able to visit beaches yet but I saw there are a few in St Ann’s just north of here. Do you man know of any free(cheap up to J$600/person) beaches up in St Ann’s? Like nice water, chill, big, doesn’t have to be in an urban area/town, doesn’t have to be touristy. Can be in Ochi, but preferably want a quite area tho.


If quiteness is what you seek, go to “Strawberry fields together” resort in Saint Mary. It has a Jmd 1000 dollars entry and is a really nice spot to spend the entire day. You can take your own food or they have a restaurant on site.


Since LDR is closed you can try Flavas in Runaway Bay. Free access and reasonably priced food is available on site. It’s not a particularly expansive beach but it can gwaan.

In KSAC I like Bob Marley Beach. Nominal fee to enter and sometimes there’s food there. It’s a rocky beach though…which I enjoy. I’m that pickney who collects rocks, lol


There’s a beach across the road from Dunns river’s entrance when you going into ochi. I got in free couple months ago. Ochi bay beach (what used to be turtle towers) is either free or very inexpensive.

I would recommend leaving you’re accents behind if you want any beach you go to actually be free


If you mean Ochi Bay then… somewhat. You could ask the security if they could open the gate once you’ve paid and got your wristbands so there’s step free access to the beach. If not there’s a few steps down to the beach. There’s a fairly steep ramp up to the bathrooms though.

It’s affordable at $200 per person. It does get busy but it’s still fairly chill and you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. I would steer clear of free beaches as they tend to be rowdier and dirtier.


If you wanted to stay in St Catherine, Fort Clarence Beach is around the corner from Hellshire. It is fairly cheap and not as many people visit it.

If you go to St. Ann, people have made some rather good suggestions.


Better to avoid free beaches - ones with an entrance fee will have security, parking, restrooms, etc. and be less likely to be overrun with hustlers.

The cove is a nice little beach near Drax’s Hall in St Ann https://www.instagram.com/thecoveatdraxhall/?hl=en