11 Established Water Retailers and Suppliers in Jamaica

Water is very important, it is considered essential for your body and used for several other purposes, therefore, we must ensure that wherever we get our water from is reliable and trustworthy. We created a list of 11 Established Water Retailers and Suppliers located in St Andrew, Kingston and around Jamaica. Looking for Water Retailers and Suppliers you can depend on? Ask us and we'll find one for you.

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11 Established Water Retailers and Suppliers in Jamaica

AllPure Water Store

876-929-7405    ⚐ Shops 3 & 4 6 South Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Allpure Water Store provides service for Home Water Distillers Filters and Travel and Emergency System-Plus Reverse Osmosis. Allpure Water Store offers all purified water.

Barco Caribbean Ltd

876-933-9880    ⚐ 1 Weymouth Close, Kingston 20, Jamaica

Barco Caribbean Limited is a Jamaican-owned and operated company, which began operations in 1975.

We are manufacturers and distributors of our own brands of personal care and household cleaning products.

Our aggressive marketing and sales department have successfully placed our products nationwide in the leading supermarkets, wholesales, pharmacies, shops and convenient stores.

Catherine's Peak

876-906-0577    ⚐ 11 Courtney Walsh Drive Kingston 10 Jamaica

Catherine's Peak Bottling Co Ltd is a privately owned limited liability company engaged in the bottling and distribution of spring water since 1992. The factory is located at Newcastle in Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains, where spring water is bottled at the source and packaged under Catherine's Peak label.

The company's administration and sales office is located at Courtney Walsh Drive (formerly Derrymore Road). From a true rain forest of 5,000 feet elevation flows this pure, crisp natural spring named Lady Catherine De La Harpe, the property owner in 1812. Water is piped to a large storage tank and then into the factory, which is at the source. The water is filtered to remove suspended solids and treated with UV sterilizers and ozone to remove bacteria. Bottling of the water is then done semiautomatically. The product is then capped, cartoned and stored for delivery. Microbiological tests are done daily in the company's laboratory.

The Jamaica Bureau of Standards, the official national standards body, also performs regular verification tests on product quality. We are certified by The Jamaica Bureau of Standards. An annual test is conducted on the finished product by the Broward Testing Laboratory in Florida.

Dynasty Waterworks

876-908-3939    ⚐ 139 Maxfield Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Water Filtration and Purification:

Dynasty Waterworks specializes in water filtration and purification equipment which include drinking water systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems, countertop filters, under counter filters, shower filters, ozone systems, sediment cartridges, ultraviolet systems, filter housings and cartridges, stainless steel pumps. In addition, we design and install water stores.

Water Coolers:

Island Mist Spring Water

876-754-1988    ⚐ 20 Retirement Road Kingston 5 St. Andrew

Make Island Mist Spring Water your first choice for water and you will enjoy a refreshing experience. We provide coolers, cup dispensers, tap and cradle. In addition we service and repair coolers. Call or visit our office today.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Spring Water Co Ltd

876-974-5151    ⚐ Toll Free

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jamaica's FIRST and ONLY AUTHENTIC TOTALLY 100% ALKALINE – CHLORINE FREE Natural Spring Water.

JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN GOURMET SPRING WATER- is our registered name BRAND – the ONLY one that can claim this distinction.

Founded in 1989- we are the PIONEERS that set the standard in the bottling of Premium Natural Spring Water in Jamaica.

Jamaican Teas Ltd

876-656-9491    ⚐ 2 Bell Road, Kingston 11, St. Andrew

Jamaican Teas Limited (formerly Tetley Tea Co. (Ja) Ltd) was founded in Jamaica in 1967. Initially produced only black tea under the Tetley brand as well as providing contract manufacturing arrangements.

The company was acquired by the father and son team of Adeeb and John Mahfood in 1995. Since then, the product range has been considerably expanded and the Caribbean Dreams brand was launched offering consumers unique herbal combinations and infusions.

Today, with over forty different types of teas, the company is the largest producer of teas in the Caribbean with almost one half its products exported to thirteen(13) Caribbean markets and North America.


876-996-1834    ⚐ Kildare Buff Bay Portland

Lifespan is a privately held company located in Portland, Jamaica manufacturing bottled spring water. Lifespan has been in existence since 200 and is registered with the Jamaica Bureau of Standards. Lifespan Spring Water is alkaline with a pH of 7.9 and is considered one of the healthiest bottled water in Jamaica. We continues to utilize advanced quality control methods to ensure a superior product in the market place.

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of quality bottled spring water in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Lifespan is committed suppling a superior, healthy product of the highest quality to all of our customers. We achieve this through quality control in production, by providing excellent customer service, and by providing value to our employees, shareholders, and contractors. Lifespan is the leading, natural, bottled spring water in Jamaica.

Mikiayana Company Limited

876-963-6637    ⚐ (bottlers Of Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water) Lititz St. Elizabeth

Amaazzzing! Best water I've had and I'm not much of a 'water' person. If it's not tropical blue I really don't want it therefore, I buy it by the case. I also encourage friends and family to join the 'Tropical Blue' family

Spike Industries Ltd

876-938-3816    ⚐ 99 Windward Road, Kingston 2, St. Andrew

Spike Industries continues to strengthen its relations with the farming community, which provides the raw material for its diverse range of drinks marketed under the brands Farmer Brown, Soyalushus, Inseason, Ripple Juice Blends and Purewater. Not the cheapest, but simply the best.

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to keep its operations in line with global food-safety standards, as well as human capital resources, with workers drawn from neighbouring communities


876-968-1452    ⚐ 13 Ballater Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Talawah Investments Ltd is the Supplier of Bulk Potable Water, For Residential & Commercial Use.

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