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5 Established Jamaican Nursing Schools

Becoming a Certified Nurse can become much easier with the help of a Nursing school that is prepared to teach and train you for all your future tasks. To help you, we created this list of 5 Established Jamaican Nursing Schools. Can't find the Nursing School you want? We're here to help, ask us and consider it done.

Distinction College

876-795-2742    ⚐ 206 Main Street Ocho Rios St. Ann

Distinction College is an approved City and Guilds center.

City and Guilds is the leading skills development organisation with the ability to issue qualifications that are highly valued by employers across the world. Thus, helping individuals to develop their talents and abilities for career progression.

At Distinction College, we are keen on providing opportunities for all persons desirous of embracing lifelong learning.

Doncaster School Of Practical Nursing

876-928-1078    ⚐ 19 Outlook Avenue, Bournemouth Gardens, Kingston 2 St. Andrew

Doncaster School of Practical Nursing is an approved City and Guilds school and the Ministry of Education. City and Guilds is the leading skills development organization with the ability to issue qualifications that are highly valued by employers across the world.

The certification obtained after doing our one year diploma course is universally acceptable. Students are able to schedule and classes on a shift system. Flexible payment plans are available.

Founded by Matron Amy Hyatt with over 4o years in the business our excellent track record has had a number our students employed in the Health and private sector.

Sigma College Of Nursing & Applied Sciences

876-917-7027    ⚐ 34 Top Road Brown’s Town St. Ann

Sigma College of Nursing & Applied Sciences was founded in an effort to try and alleviate the tremendous International, National and Local shortage of Nurses and other Health care Personnel. Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Sciences is formally affiliated with the International University of the Caribbean, for the offering of the Completion Program of the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing effective August 2007.

University Of the West Indies

876-927-1660    ⚐

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus offers world class, accredited higher education programmes to Jamaica, the region and the globe. We engage in research and development designed to support the social and economic growth of the Caribbean region, the provision of community service, and the enrichment of the academic experience. Mona, Jamaica is the founding campus of the unique, multipart, multi-national University of the West Indies.

The square mile site welcomed its first undergraduates " 33 medical students from across the West Indies or now, more often, the Caribbean " in October 1948. To medicine was added Natural Science in 1949, Arts in 1950 and, gradually, the full range of the modern university. The campus was chosen not just for its salubrious location, a plateau in the arms of the mountains on the outskirts of the city of Kingston, but also because it came with basic but usable accommodation built during World War II (1939 " 1945) when the site was a wartime camp.

Gibraltar Camp as it was known, offered refuge to evacuees from the British island fortress of Gibraltar at the tip of Spain and, eventually, to Jewish refugees marooned in Spain and Portugal. There was even a civilian internment camp on the site in 1943.

WCO Nursing Institute

876-928-5797    ⚐ 115 Windward Rd Kgn 2

WCO Nursing Inst provides services such as Health Care Assistant/Practical Nursing, Maths and English Refresher Course and Refresher Course.