6 of the Top Academic Schools both Primary and Preparatory in Jamaica.

Providing children with the best education that teaches and prepares them with the skills and lessons they will need to contribute to society later in their life is a parent's biggest responsibility. That's why we created this list of the 6 Top Academic Schools both Primary and Preparatory in Jamaica to help parents select the best School for their children. Looking for a Top-performing academic School in Jamaica for your child? Ask us and consider it done.

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6 of the Top Academic Schools both Primary and Preparatory in Jamaica.

2GN Academy and Training Institute

876-620-0202    ⚐ 18 Humber Ave Montego Bay St. James

2GN Academy and Training Institute is a multi-level education institution that incorporates the use of technology in all aspects of the teaching learning experience. Our success is contingent on our ability to assess individual learning styles and use technology to facilitate advance learning. We guarantee a unique and effective learning experience.

Book Merchant Ltd The

876-946-0926    ⚐ 9 Easton Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

At The Book Merchant we provide learning solutions and educational books for both the classroom and also for pleasure reading.

We serve students, parents, booksellers, educators, schools and all other stakeholders in the educational community. Check out our wonderful teaching resources and a plethora of interesting books now.

A Dynamic Organisation Serving The Caribbean The Book Merchant Ltd. provides a comprehensive range educational solutions, learning resources and professional development for institutions at all levels. As the Caribbean agent for Scholastic the largest children's book publisher in the world we are experts at sourcing and supplying appropriate educational resources for just about any course of study from Pre-School to

Education Youth & Information Min Of

876-922-1400    ⚐ 2- 4 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, St. Andrew

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is the government entity responsible for the management and administration of public education in Jamaica. The Ministry of Education was first established in 1953, as the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare. Currently, the MoE carries out the Government of Jamaica's mandate of ensuring a system which secures quality education and training of all citizens of Jamaica in order to optimise individual and national development.

The MoE provides the avenue for enrichment and upward mobility of our people though education. The organisation is one of Jamaica's largest public entities and is comprised presently of 11 agencies, six Regional Offices, and a central office with approximately 40 units which fall under 5 divisions. These unite to provide the framework for the efficient functioning of over 1,000 public educational institutions that serves over 100,000 students and over 20,000 teachers. The Ministry of Education is also responsible for two public universities and several community, multidisciplinary and teachers' colleges.

Core Roles and Functions: The Ministry's role of effectively managing the education system is accomplished through the execution of functions carried out by its divisions and agencies. Among these functions are: Planning, developing, and implementing educational policies and programmes. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of locally and internationally funded projects and programmes. Maintaining an efficient system of collecting, collating, analyzing and presenting current and accurate data on quantifiable educational indicators to meet local demand and international standards. Developing and supporting programmes, services and activities geared towards personal and national development. Providing guidance in financial management for all educational institutions and affiliated agencies.

Junior World Learning & Activity Cen Ltd

876-978-0786    ⚐ 8 Windsor Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica

High standards maintained by teachers,students and administration / congratulation on achieving your 15 years mile stone

May Pen Primary School

876-786-4491    ⚐ Sevens Rd MyPn

May Pen Primary School is a premier educational institution located in the heart of May Pen town centre. We offer a wide Curriculum and Sporting Activities for our students. The love and passion we have for our staff and students begins with peace and purity of heart.

From Grades One to Six our School community is dedicated and committed to Higher learning and as our motto says we all 'Strive for Excellence " Our four Programs also boast this with our Love - Path Program Purity- Parents Place Peace - Evening Institute Sports May Pen Primary School - The place to learn and have fun !

Pembroke Hall Primary School

876-765-5854    ⚐ Potosi Avenue, Kingston 20, St. Andrew

In 1967, founding principal, Mrs D. Campbell, established Pembroke Hall Primary School. Today, we are under the leadership of Mr Ricardo Valentine.

At Pembroke Hall Primary School, our teachers, staff and students are guided by our motto: "Only the best is good enough." And, adherence to our tenet is exemplified in our teachers, staff and parents association's growth, diligence and perseverance.

We provide our students with access to extracurricular activities and clubs which help them garner lifelong skills, values and attitudes. All of which cannot be fostered in regular classroom settings alone.

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