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The 30 best Academic Preparatory and Primary Schools in Jamaica

With the help of capable and great teachers along with a positive school environment, your child will be able to learn, flourish and earn a good education that prepares them for life ahead. So we made this list of the 30 best Academic Preparatory and Primary Schools across Jamaica. Can't find the preparatory or primary school you're looking for? Just ask us and we'll find them for you.

Alpha Primary Sch

876-928-4407    ⚐ 26 South Camp Rd (4)

I just want to express thanks to all the ancillary staff,they taught me how to grow up in obedience.I have been exceptionally well from grades 1-6 and I had slacked off sometimes,but there is always a teacher to pick you back up so you can continue in an orderly fashion.Alpha taught me how to be the young lady I am today.I am now at Immaculate Conception High School because of Alpha and the help of of all who was there to tell me and teach me what was required.I love Alpha.Thanks too to the help of God.At Alpha ,the way they teach you really allows you to become and achieve what you want.I always wanted to be a Head of something and with the grace of God and knowledge of Alpha,I was prefect in grades 3 and 6 ,Then Deputy Head Girl in grade 6 as well.SO Alpha Primary is the best place to be.

Avondale Prep School

876-926-0354    ⚐ 9 1/2 Retirement Rd Kgn 5

Avondale is a great school...not perfect...but they have dedicated, hard working teachers...a great principal...good to come across a school that has high morals with strong academic achievements

Cornwall Kinder & Prep Sch

876-601-3567    ⚐ Lot 171-172 Pitfour Dr Grn1

Cornwall Kindergarten and Preparatory School was founded in 1996 by its present principal. We cater to the needs of all children. We are situated in Pitfour, St. James but hope to relocate in the future. Our motto is Hard Work Brings Success. We offer Day School and After Care, Extra Lessons, Lunch and snacks are available. Students between the ages of 3 and 12 years are welcome. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as Tennis, Football, Swimming, Spanish, and Spelling Bee among others. Our teachers focus on having the students attains the highest level of academic achievement. We have maintained a consistent performance over the years and were rated as one of the high achieving Preparatory Schools in Jamaica and St. James. We allow anyone from any social background or religion to attend our school where we promote a wide variety of life learning experiences outside the classroom. Cornwall Kindergarten and Preparatory School is a platform for students to acquire important life tools such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Dunrobin Primary School

876-968-5158    ⚐ 37 1/2 Dunrobin Av (10)

I love this my daughter go to this school the teacher are nice and love to push the student hard they help them but the problem is the student they are like a tooth acha that would not come out the principle he is a excellent man GOOD JOB Mr wott

El Instituto De Mandevilla

876-625-0259    ⚐ 25 Decarteret Rd Mdvl

El Instituto De Mandevilla is an independent preparatory school that is registered with the Ministry of Education and is a recognized member of the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association, JISA. El Instituto De Mandevilla provides a Christ-centered curriculum, which caters to the mental, spiritual, physical and social, needs of the students. El Instituto De Mandevilla has sought to enhance the MOE’s curriculum by introducing the teaching of Spanish and French as major components.

Hagley Park Preparatory School

876-923-9507    ⚐ 171 Hagley Park Road Kingston 10 Jamaica

A 65year-old institution, Hagley Park Preparatory School, has a very rich Seventh Day Adventist Heritage.

We live by our motto: 'Educate for now and Eternity.' Academically, we continue to excel as an institution. For 2016-2017, one of our students received a government scholarship for outstanding performance on the GSAT Examination, and several others gained admittance into top traditional high schools.

Hagley Park Preparatory School remains competitive among other educational institutions. Our dedicated staff and workers give of their best in moulding and instilling Christian values and principles in our students.

Half Way Tree Primary Sch

876-906-2313    ⚐ 34 Burlington Ave (10)

Based on passed students and the results from the school , its absolutely remarkable , and an excellent choice to send your children here.

Holy Childhood Preparatory School

876-926-2674    ⚐ 77 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10, Kingston

The Holy Childhood Preparatory School has been in existence for over 83 years.

It was founded and based on strong Christian principles. The school is one of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church schools.

Recent achievements include:

Hydel Group Of Schools

876-798-8123    ⚐

Hydel Group of Schools started operating on September 9, 1992 with an educational model with an emphasis on academic excellence. Students are educated to develop the total child i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually.

Students will have a well-balanced experience at Hydel which uses teaching styles that are innovative, creative and dynamic. Hydel has been educating the nation's children for 29 years and has achieved many successes in the academic, cultural and sporting arenas. We are committed to a balanced and individualized approach to learning and maintain low student teacher ratios.

Our range of programs span from nursery right up to Sixth Form, of special note is a Pre First Form for students who are not academically ready for Junior High and also Special Education Unit for students with special needs.

Iris Gelly Primary Sch

876-926-7624    ⚐ Avondale Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Founded in 1977, Iris Gelly Primary School offers holistic child development services.

We pride ourselves in preparing our students to become well-rounded and the future leaders of tomorrow based on our motto 'excellence through discipline'.

Our teachers are professional, enthusiastic, and fully equipped to provide your children with the best care while they are away from home. There is also security on the compound to ensure that our staff and students are safe.

Kiddies Preparatory School

876-955-3630    ⚐ Chantilly Road Savanna-la-mar CA

Kiddies Prep School is a local Christian school located in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. Our school is focused on providing an enriching and engaging learning environment for childrenfrom18 months to 11 years old. Whether you are searching for a local kindergarten, preschool, or child-care centre, we are pleased to provide a stellar education for your child.

Kiddies Preparatory School is registered with the Ministry of Education and Jamaica Independent Schools Association (J.I.S.A.). The school has been in operation for approximately 30years, serving the Savanna-la-Mar community and its environs, and has established itself as an institution that offers quality academic and social training at an affordable cost.

At KiddiesPrep School, your child will be lovingly cared for in a genuinely nurturing and caring environment. We focus on the individual learning styles of each child so they can grow and excel in their own way. Our goal is to give each child a stimulating environment with all the engaging resources needed to engender a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Liguanea Preparatory School

876-927-6066    ⚐ 15A East Kings House Road, Kingston 6

The Nursery at Liguanea Preparatory School was opened in September 2013, to accommodate children 3 months to 3 years. It was built in accordance with the standards of the Early Childhood Commission. The present capacity (20 square feet) of the Centre allows for the comfort of 12 babies and 62 pre-schoolers and toddlers. The nursery is self-contained with its own bathroom and kitchenette. There is adequate crawling and walking space as well as opportunities for ample exploring which foster the healthy development of babies.

Regular activities include stimulation and play throughout the day, daily baths and meals. The staff compliment includes well- trained nurses and experienced care-givers. On the job training is conducted on an ongoing basis. The ratio, based on the Early Childhood Commission standard, is one care giver to every four babies.

Toddlers and pre-school children have their respective areas where they play, dine and sleep. Each child has his / her own mattress and sleeping is done on a flat, comfortable and safe surface. All groups in the centre adhere to the curriculum as instructed by the Early Childhood Commission.

May Pen Primary School

876-786-4491    ⚐ Sevens Rd MyPn

May Pen Primary School is a premier educational institution located in the heart of May Pen town centre. We offer a wide Curriculum and Sporting Activities for our students. The love and passion we have for our staff and students begins with peace and purity of heart.

From Grades One to Six our School community is dedicated and committed to Higher learning and as our motto says we all 'Strive for Excellence " Our four Programs also boast this with our Love - Path Program Purity- Parents Place Peace - Evening Institute Sports May Pen Primary School - The place to learn and have fun !

Mount Zion Learning Centre

876-974-8839    ⚐ Buckfield Ocho Rios St. Ann

With over 60 years of experience in education and a proven track record for excellence Mount Zion Learning Centre offers your child premier education at an affordable price.

Our curriculum is prescribed by the Early Childhood Commission (Kinder Dept.) and the Ministry of Education (Grades 1 - 6). We are fully equipped to roll out the primary exit profile (PEP). Our teachers are experienced in early childhood education. And our students receive our undivided attention and support in the classroom which comprises a maximum of 15 students. We do regular assessments and offer fortnightly progress report especially for students in need of special education.

Our services and extracurricular activities include:

One Way Early Childhood Centre & Preparatory School

876-758-5029    ⚐ 6 Newark Ave, Kingston 11

One Way Group of Schools started on September 2, 1983 by the Rev Dr. Austin Wright BH [M] JP.

The School is privately operated by the One Way Apostolic Faith Mission Church. The School is a non-governmental institution which is run by the church.

The One Way group of schools caters to children ages 10 months old to 12 years of age. The Pre-School 10 months- 2 years of age Kindergarten 2 -5+ years of age Preparatory 6 to 12 years of age.

Pembroke Hall Primary School

876-765-5854    ⚐ Potosi Avenue, Kingston 20, St. Andrew

In 1967, founding principal, Mrs D. Campbell, established Pembroke Hall Primary School. Today, we are under the leadership of Mr Ricardo Valentine.

At Pembroke Hall Primary School, our teachers, staff and students are guided by our motto: "Only the best is good enough." And, adherence to our tenet is exemplified in our teachers, staff and parents association's growth, diligence and perseverance.

We provide our students with access to extracurricular activities and clubs which help them garner lifelong skills, values and attitudes. All of which cannot be fostered in regular classroom settings alone.

Portsmouth Primary School

876-988-1185    ⚐ Angerstein Rd Portsmouth Waterford P.O

In September 1986 the Portsmouth community welcomed the opening of the Portsmouth Primary School.

Since then, we have striven to cultivate a culture of excellence for our staff and student body. Technologically driven we aim to create a safe and secure environment that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our goal is to ensure our students leave us skilled, capable and well-balanced

Queen's Prep Sch The

876-924-2046    ⚐ 121 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, St. Andrew

The Queen's Preparatory School is one of several Independent Church Schools operated under the auspices of the Anglican Church in Jamaica. The aim of the school, as set out in the Scheme of Management for Preparatory Schools of the Church in Jamaica, is as follows:

To provide a liberal and thorough education.

In pursuance of this aim, the policy of the school shall be controlled by the Diocesan Education Board on behalf of the Synod of the Jamaica Church.

Quest Preparatory School

876-905-1062    ⚐ 31 Mannings Hill Road Kingston 8 St. Andrew

In Quest Preparatory School there is a strong balance between the academics and good performance in areas such as Dance in which 2 Gold medals were won. Some activities offered are: Spanish, Spelling, Drama, Speech, Music, Dancing, Football, Swimming, Taekwondo, Athletics, Cricket, etc.). The teachers are very dedicated to what they do and the school tries to create that spiritual balance through devotions which are held every morning.

Excellent academic performances. Most students pass for traditional High Schools. Saturday Classes Offered for GSAT Students after Care Facilities Small Teacher to Student Ratio Teachers are certified & trained.

Richmond Park Prep School

876-926-8972    ⚐ 28 Queens Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Established around 1956, The Richmond Park Preparatory School has an enviable record of academic achievement, as proved by the consistently excellent results in the national exams.

The school was ranked among the top 15 Preparatory schools in a survey conducted by Educate Jamaica in 2013. The curriculum followed is set by the Early Childhood Commission (Kinder Dept) and the Ministry of Education (Grades 1 to 6).

In addition, we offer some enhancement programmes including critical thinking skills (taught through the game of chess), literature (to develop an appreciation for and love of reading), an introduction to a foreign language (French or Spanish).

Shebian Prep School

876-993-9406    ⚐ 14 Red Hassell Heights Portland

Shebian Preparatory School is among the top prep schools in Jamaica. We employ a highly-qualified and dedicated team of teachers who give each child individual attention to ensure that they graduate as a well-rounded individual.

Our prep school specialises in using phonics to teach students to read correctly with full tutorials in comprehension skills. We also provide Spanish and French tuition from well-educated and learned tutors who teach to a high standard.

Our pupils are taught math concepts through tutorials and individual tuition which encourages the child to use mathematical concepts to solve everyday problems.

St Hugh's Preparatory School

876-754-2519    ⚐ 1 Tom Redcam Drive, Kingston 5, Kingston

St Hugh's Preparatory School is a privately run coeducational school that has been operated by the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for more than a century.

We educate students starting at kindergarten through to GSAT, led by a highly trained team of teachers and supported by our dedicated parenting body.

Together, we are helping to shape a future generation of nation builders in a family environment that emphasises academic excellence and sound character.

St John The Baptist Prep School

876-933-8112    ⚐ 2 Harrad Cres (20)

It was the dream of Monsignor A. Bygrave to open a school that would cater to the needs of the people in the community.

His dream became a reality when St. John the Baptist Kinder/Prep School came into being in September 1982.

The School opened its doors within the Church Annex. From these humble beginnings the school grew and acquired its own campus on lands opposite the Church.

St John's College & Preparatory

876-704-1661    ⚐ Lot 4-5 Augusta Dr Independence City Ptmr

St John's College & Preparatory is a secondary institution that offers first class education to students of Portmore and its environs. The vision of St John's College & Preparatory school is to prepare students to be educationally grounded, disciplined and to ensure that they continually strive towards excellence as individuals.

St John's Prep Sch

876-974-2581    ⚐ Shaw Park Road Ocho Rios St. Ann

St. John's Prep Sch is one of the top choices for primary education in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. We are a member of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and affiliated with the St. John's Anglican Church. We have a highly trained staff and specialise in education at the primary/preparatory and kindergarten level. Year over year we boast excellent passes in the GSAT examinations. We believe in a rounded education and as such our students have access to a comprehensive curriculum and extracurricular activities such as the school band, swimming, Spanish, Computing, Environment & Wellness Club, Red Cross, Music and Karate.

We cater for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Follow us on Facebook or visit our website to get a better insight on what it means to be a part of our family.

St Peter & Paul Prep Sch

876-927-9900    ⚐ 120 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

Saints Peter & Paul Preparatory School started on February 23, 1963. His Lordship, the Rt. Reverend John J. McEleney, S.J., D.D., Archbishop of Kingston, blessed and officially opened the School, which consisted of 12 classrooms, built by Reema Jamaica Limited.

The school started with168 children in its Kindergarten and Preparatory classes at 120 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. It was built entirely by funds raised through a pledge campaign among the parishioners of Sts. Peter and Paul Church. In June 1963, 32 children received their first Holy Communion, followed by a special breakfast in the hall, a practice which is still maintained.

The Kindergarten classes were accommodated in the building at the entrance of the school grounds and Grades 1 to 6 classes in the original building. In 1977 the Kindergarten (known as the Lower School) was extended to include the Nursery section. This section was again expanded in 1983 as a result of increased applications. This led inevitably to the formation of a third class for each Grade, and in February 1985, ground was broken behind the original Servite building, for a new 6- classroom block.

Vaz Preschool & Preparatory

876-928-2645    ⚐ 11 1/2 Dunoon Road, Kingston 2

Vaz Preschool and Preparatory has a rich history of producing outstanding performances by our students and is considered among the best in Jamaica to provide early childhood education. With Christian principles, sound discipline and building happy working relationships, each child is enabled to thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

ith over 70 years of experience, our success comes from an emphasis on mutual respect, friendliness and creating an atmosphere conducive for both teaching and learning. We have achieved this by extremely dedicated staff members who have demonstrated their commitment to the children of Vaz Prep. Another key factor to the success of Vaz Prep is the emphasis on maintaining a low student teacher ratio.

We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, where pupils are encouraged to express themselves through sports and hobbies. Students are involved in team sports as well as individual sporting activities where they learn disciplined habits for high achievements, plus they develop an appetite for success. With other hobbies such as chess and music, a child at Vaz will never be bored. Our children range in age 18 months to 12 years old.

Windward Rd Primary & Junior High Sch

876-930-4088    ⚐ Cellular

I love windward road because its my original school and I go to windward road primary and junior high school and I am in fourth grade.

Wolmer's Prep School

876-922-5316    ⚐ 10 Connolley Avenue, Kingston 4

Wolmer's Preparatory strives to fulfil its motto 'Age Quod Agis' by insisting on excellence in all its undertakings.

Children are provided with a well-rounded education that will equip them for life. Equal emphasis is placed on the development of the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of the child. Individuality is recognised, accepted and encouraged to ensure the children develop a positive and active understanding of themselves and their social responsibilities.

Our mission is to educate pre-primary and primary students through the dynamic involvement of parents, staff, governors, and other stakeholders excellent human resources and material the use of ground-breaking and dynamic curricula catering to the needs of the students the provision of an aesthetically pleasing environment and the promotion of positive values and attitudes.

e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited

876-968-7289    ⚐ 36 Trafalgar Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited (e-Learning Jamaica) is a limited liability company, established in 2005, as an agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology (MSET) to implement e-learning projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Youth (MoEY) and the Universal Service Fund (USF). The Company is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) appointed by the portfolio Minister.

e-LJam brings a new dynamic to teaching through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Students in Jamaica benefit from a mix of traditional methodologies with new entertaining approaches to learning which will stimulate the teaching and learning process, excite, and encourage a quest for knowledge and learning of new skills. Our core competencies and services include programme management, technology integration, support services, technology consulting, and public education.

Some of the major projects completed by e-LJam to date include the: High School Project (2005 – 2013) – impacted203 educational institutions island wide. It resulted in the: