These are 43 Top Performing Junior and Technical Highschools in Jamaica

Junior High schools and Technical Highschools are vital periods during a teenager's life, during this period they develop new skills and talents they will need to utilize later in life. So ensure they are going to a well-founded school by taking a look at our list of 43 Top Performing Junior and Technical Highschools across Jamaica. Can't find the Junior or Technical Highschool you're looking for? Just ask us and we'll find it for you

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These are 43 Top Performing Junior and Technical Highschools in Jamaica

American International School Of Kingston

876-702-2070    ⚐ 2 College Green Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica

We acknowledge that each student is different and one size does not fit all. These differences are celebrated while providing the tools for success in college and beyond. Each student is the steward of their journey, they are inquisitive, bold, creators and thinkers empowered to explore who they are in the community and find their niche in the world.

We are home to Jamaica's first 1 to 1 Laptop program, and the only high-performing school in Kingston to open a residence hall (for both international and Jamaican students). We hire only the most accomplished local and international teachers (about 50% for each) to teach a curriculum guided by American and international standards.

Our Elementary Program is also on the move, with LCD projectors, computer labs, and other technologies readily available to enliven instruction. Our curriculum is academic, but embraces full-person development supported by differentiated instruction. Also, our full-day Preschool program, Elementary School Government, and K-Kids (A Kiwanis Club Affiliation) offer students more opportunities than ever in the early grades.

Ardenne High School

876-927-8138    ⚐ 10 Ardenne Road, Kingston 10

Ardenne High School is committed to providing quality education in a Christian environment and to inculcate the principles of Christian tolerance and self-discipline as the foundation for self worth. Ardenne High School offers a wide variety of activities, which serves to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of society.

Book Merchant Ltd The

876-946-0926    ⚐ 9 Easton Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

At The Book Merchant we provide learning solutions and educational books for both the classroom and also for pleasure reading.

We serve students, parents, booksellers, educators, schools and all other stakeholders in the educational community. Check out our wonderful teaching resources and a plethora of interesting books now.

A Dynamic Organisation Serving The Caribbean The Book Merchant Ltd. provides a comprehensive range educational solutions, learning resources and professional development for institutions at all levels. As the Caribbean agent for Scholastic the largest children's book publisher in the world we are experts at sourcing and supplying appropriate educational resources for just about any course of study from Pre-School to

Brown's Town High Sch

876-975-2403    ⚐ York Castle Dr BrTn

Brown's Town High School is a school of choice that I hold at high regards.

Calabar High Sch

876-931-9736    ⚐ 61 Red Hills Road, Kingston 20

Excellent working environment, good people to work with, excellent student population potential.

Camperdown High School

876-928-1027    ⚐ 6b Camperdown Rd Kgn 16

The mission of Camperdown High School is to provide students with the requisite skills and attributes so that they raise their performance and realise their full curriculum, promotes learning, discipline and school-community relationships by staff, thereby facilitating the total development of each individual and contributing to the school community and to nation-building.

Campion College

876-927-9458    ⚐ 105 Hope Road, Kingston 6

Campion College is a Roman Catholic, Ignatian, co-educational high school located in Kingston, Jamaica. The school is known for its outstanding academic and sporting record.

On 5 January 1960, with 101 first form students and a faculty of four Jesuit Fathers, the new school opened its doors the first lessons were given that day in a pavilion and in classrooms borrowed from Campion Hall Preparatory School. The school is named after Saint Edmund Campion, a brilliant and celebrated Oxford scholar, priest, and Jesuit martyr.

Campion College has ranked as the top school in Jamaica based on the CSEC and CAPE examinations more times than any other institution. Since its inception, over 100 Campion students have been awarded Jamaican government scholarships, the highest national honour for academic achievement at the secondary level.

Cedar Grove Academy The

876-612-6272    ⚐ Cedar Grove Estate Portmore St. Catherine

Cedar Grove Academy is a Christian centered high school located in Portmore, St Catherine. We have developed a curriculum that places great emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

And, we have a team of trained educators on hand to equip our students. Our aim is to foster the holistic development of each student through our curriculum, and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders.

We are a secondary educational institution that is committed to preparing our students to operate effectively and responsibly as global citizens.

City College

876-908-3505    ⚐ 18 Holborn Rd (10)

City College offers ‘empowerment through education’ by providing full time day and evening school with CXC and GSAT classes

and personalized tutoring services. In addition, we offer certificate training and development courses in supervisory management and customer service.

Clan Carthy High Sch

876-759-9727    ⚐ Gen Ofc

I love CCHS the teachers are magnificent and always do their best to encourage you so that you do well. I attended here from 7th grade until the 9th grade but everything there is exceptionally well and I miss it there but I always visit every time I visit Jamaica

Distinction College

876-749-5224    ⚐ 6 Nugent Sreet Spanish Town St. Catherine

Distinction College is an approved City and Guilds center.

City and Guilds is the leading skills development organisation with the ability to issue qualifications that are highly valued by employers across the world. Thus, helping individuals to develop their talents and abilities for career progression.

At Distinction College, we are keen on providing opportunities for all persons desirous of embracing lifelong learning.

Education Youth & Information Min Of

876-922-1400    ⚐ 2- 4 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, St. Andrew

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is the government entity responsible for the management and administration of public education in Jamaica. The Ministry of Education was first established in 1953, as the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare. Currently, the MoE carries out the Government of Jamaica's mandate of ensuring a system which secures quality education and training of all citizens of Jamaica in order to optimise individual and national development.

The MoE provides the avenue for enrichment and upward mobility of our people though education. The organisation is one of Jamaica's largest public entities and is comprised presently of 11 agencies, six Regional Offices, and a central office with approximately 40 units which fall under 5 divisions. These unite to provide the framework for the efficient functioning of over 1,000 public educational institutions that serves over 100,000 students and over 20,000 teachers. The Ministry of Education is also responsible for two public universities and several community, multidisciplinary and teachers' colleges.

Core Roles and Functions: The Ministry's role of effectively managing the education system is accomplished through the execution of functions carried out by its divisions and agencies. Among these functions are: Planning, developing, and implementing educational policies and programmes. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of locally and internationally funded projects and programmes. Maintaining an efficient system of collecting, collating, analyzing and presenting current and accurate data on quantifiable educational indicators to meet local demand and international standards. Developing and supporting programmes, services and activities geared towards personal and national development. Providing guidance in financial management for all educational institutions and affiliated agencies.

Eltham High Sch

876-749-2927    ⚐ Eltham Pk SpTn

This school improve alot for the last few months there's not much complaint and has usaul they have very good teaching skills and determine tearchers that can motivate a mind that is lack of confidence .They could be example for most school .

Ewarton High School

876-985-0192    ⚐ Coghiel Rd Ewtn

I am a pass student and without the guildance and teaching i have had i wouldn't be here today... Thank you to all the teacher's and fellow students

Gaynstead High Sch

876-754-9320    ⚐ 1-3 Central Avenue, Kingston 5

I love Gaynstead it's a very good school and the teachers are great the teachers are like my best friends they are so understanding and they co-operates very well. Gaynstead is the best .Love you Gaynstead Family

Glenmuir High Sch

876-986-2372    ⚐ 10 Glenmuir Road May Pen Clarendon

At Glenmuir High School, our vision is to create a system which enables students to become globally aware, environmentally sensitive, academically, morally, socially and spiritually sound.

While our mission is to create a caring and positive environment in which all students will be provided with the best opportunity to realize their full potential enabling them to be prepared academically, spiritually, physically and socially, thereby empowering them to become positive and productive citizens.

We offer several extra-curricular activities in the form of clubs and societies to help our students to develop life-long skills, values and attitudes which cannot be fostered in the regular classroom setting only.

Godfrey Stewart High Sch

876-955-2574    ⚐ Evening Institute

godfrey is a ver y great school to be at and alot of cooperative teachers and determine students.

Grange Hill High Sch

876-918-7268    ⚐ Grange Hill

i love mathematics.and the teacher MR.Hylton,he is good teacher.and i love him keep up were good work.

Grange Hill High Sch

876-918-8851    ⚐ Belle Isle Rd Grhl

i love mathematics.and the teacher MR.Hylton,he is good teacher.and i love him keep up were good work.

Greater Portmore High School

876-740-4150    ⚐ 2 West Lwr Henderson Blvd Ptmr


Greenpond High Sch

876-680-8914    ⚐

Miss eccleston is one of the best p.e teacher you can find,she interacts with all her students and she wants you to learn

Guy's Hill High Sch

876-994-3103    ⚐ Main Street Guy’s Hill St. Catherine

Guy's Hill High School was established in 1971.

Located in the town of Guy's Hill, Saint Catherine, the coeducational school serves students ages twelve to twenty.

After its inception, the school operated as a Junior Secondary School with an enrolment of 670 students in grades 7 through 9.

Happy Grove High Sch

876-993-0900    ⚐ Bursar

happy grove high school is 1 of the best high schools in jamaica r.i.p to mr lindsay who was the greatest principal to have ever lived

Hillel Academy

876-925-1980    ⚐ Cellular

Hillel Academy was founded in 1969. Hillel Academy provides I.T. Labs, Three Science Labs, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Libraries, Art Studios, Music Rooms and a Multipurpose Hall. Hillel Academy offers Football Field, Swimming Pool, 3 Tennis Courts and a Multipurpose Court for Basketball, Netball and Volley Ball.

Holy Childhood High School

876-926-2171    ⚐ 9 Skibo Avenue, Kingston 10

Holy Childhood High School was founded in 1929 and named after the Child Jesus. Holy Childhood High School was founded and owned by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of the Lady of Perpetual Help (FMS) in Jamaica and is fully accredited by the government of Jamaica. Holy Childhood has been able to maintain a steady balance between academics and athletics.

IceBreakers World Language Program

876-822-5634    ⚐ Kingston Jamaica

This is a CSEC Spanish class is based in Kingston. This Spanish class is ideal for 4th and 5th formers. The entire CSEC syllabus is taught. Reading Listening, Speaking and Writing are also taught and practised throughout the course. All materials and past paper are provided. Classed are held on Saturdays only. Classes begin this fall September-December 2019.

Iris Gelly Primary Sch

876-926-7624    ⚐ Avondale Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Founded in 1977, Iris Gelly Primary School offers holistic child development services.

We pride ourselves in preparing our students to become well-rounded and the future leaders of tomorrow based on our motto 'excellence through discipline'.

Our teachers are professional, enthusiastic, and fully equipped to provide your children with the best care while they are away from home. There is also security on the compound to ensure that our staff and students are safe.


876-975-9490    ⚐ Main Street Browns Town St. Ann

We prepare the world's best tasting chicken at KFC, the "finger licking good" way.

With more than 35 locations across the island, we have been serving customers in Jamaica the most delicious KFC meals for more than 40 years.

For a list of our locations, menu options or promotions, visit Our Restaurant Support Centre is at 2D Valentine Drive Kingston 19, call 876- 941-6912 or email [email protected]

Kemps Hill High School

876-987-5442    ⚐ Guidance & Counselling Dept

I heard its a very good school.... i have a sibling that goes there

Linton's Academy

876-906-7477    ⚐ 25 Derrymore Rd (10)

We offer Day, After School, Evening, Saturday and Sunday Classes for the following:

Cape- Unit 1 & 2

Bio, Chem, Phys, Geo

Maths Unlimited Supercourses

876-960-8701    ⚐ 6-8 Parkington Plaza, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Maths Unlimited SuperCourses is a private training institution that offers a range of examination preparation programmes. In air-conditioned and clean classrooms our highly-trained teachers work with students to ensure they are confident in any subject area. We have affordable prices and discounts are available. We prepare students for pre-GSAT, GSAT, CSEC, and CAPE. Our customers are at the heart of our business and we ensure that we take care of each and every customer that comes through our doors.

Maths Unlimited SuperCourses prepares students for their examinations by using EXAMPASS, the proven three step system to examination success. The steps are:

Assessment: Students are assessed early to ensure that they have the foundation to succeed in the course they have registered for. Regular assessments with activities, assignments and checkpoint tests provide important feedback.

National Children's Registry

876-908-1690    ⚐ 12 Carlton Crescent Kingston 10 St. Andrew

The National Children's Registry (formerly the Office of the Children's Registry) was merged with the Child Development Agency on November 1, 2017 to form the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA).

The National Children's Registry is a central system to receive, record, assess and refer for investigation reports of known or suspected child abuse cases or other threats to children. The first of its kind in the Caribbean, the organisation acts as a catalyst for establishing other Children's Registries in the region.

The NCR also manages an effective national alert and response system for the fast and safe return of missing or abducted children. We place great emphasis on promoting measures to prevent, reduce and or eliminate the phenomena of child abuse and missing children. We are also committed to utilising innovative, strategic and impactful approaches to stimulate awareness and action about protecting children's rights.

Quality Academics Ltd

876-906-0003    ⚐ 77 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Since its inception, Quality Academics has blazed a trail of academic excellence.

We are committed to producing academics of high quality.

Our main objective is to develop students intellectually, however, we also emphasize the

Scientific Research Council

876-927-1771    ⚐ Hope Gardens Kingston 6 St. Andrew

Scientific Research Council (SRC): Established in 1960, by the scientific Research Council Act of June 16, 1960, the SRC is mandated to foster the development of scientific research, be a repository of scientific information, and facilitate the development, application and transfer and or the improvement of technology of such research for the benefit of all of Jamaica. It also plays a role as an enabler in the creation of new industries and the encouragement of technical processes on a cooperative basis with all stakeholders involved.

The promotion of scientific and technological endeavors are also critical by facilitating training, the implementation of projects, especially in the agro-industrial sector and the conversion of waste to energy.

View our Youtube videos below:

Seaforth High Sch

876-982-4138    ⚐ Principal’s Ofc

A great teaching /learning institutions.

St Ann's Bay High & Prep Sch

876-972-0811    ⚐ 25 Edge Hill Road St Ann’s Bay St. Ann

St. Ann's Bay High & Prep School is a Seventh Day Adventist Institution established over 50 years ago. We welcome children 3 to 12 years of age. Our small class sizes allow our students to excel as they benefit for individualised attention from our trained teachers.

We believe in producing rounded individuals as such students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities which includes sports, arts, clubs and languages.

We offer one of the best rates in St. Ann and also extend a discount where you have two or more children registered. We also offer parents the flexibility to make payments via direct debit.

St Anne's Career Advancement programme

876-922-6964    ⚐ 12 Percy Street Kingston CSO Jamaica

St. Anne's Career Advancement Programme (CAP) was introduced by the Ministry of Education to assist in reducing the number of students leaving high school starved of a sense of purpose, especially as it relates to their career path.

The school is one of 11 institutions launched during the pilot phase of the CAP in January 2010.

St. Anne's CAP is currently a one-year programme targeting youths aged 16-21 for skills training and certification.

St John's College & Preparatory

876-704-1661    ⚐ Lot 4-5 Augusta Dr Independence City Ptmr

St John's College & Preparatory is a secondary institution that offers first class education to students of Portmore and its environs. The vision of St John's College & Preparatory school is to prepare students to be educationally grounded, disciplined and to ensure that they continually strive towards excellence as individuals.

TIP Friendly Society

876-920-8399    ⚐ 80 Half Way Tree Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

You never know where life will take you.

Do you want coverage at an affordable price? You can count on TIP's health plans to provide the support you need to live a healthier life.

TIP Family Protector is a Group Life insurance product that provides insurance coverage to the member and five eligible family members in the event of death. TIP Kids Benefit is designed for our members' dependents up to 18 years and 23 years if they are full-time students at the tertiary level. This provides affordable insurance coverage and gives our members the peace of mind that their children are covered in the event of sickness or accidents.

Western Education Centre

876-952-9620    ⚐ 22 Hart St MoBy

The Western Educational Centre is a registered independent school with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica, located at 22 Hart Street, Montego Bay in Western Jamaica.

We offer kindergarten lessons, as well as morning and evening classes to adults and high school students, who may need additional assistance.

Our aim is to provide our students with the best possible learning experiences which is why our motto is 'we take you from where you are, to where you want to be".

Westmoreland Business College

876-955-2232    ⚐ 6 Barclay Street Savannna-La-Mar Westmoreland

Westmoreland Business College aims to train and develop students to achieve academic excellence through social and physical interaction.

This institution has maintained a continuous regiment of advancement since its inception in September 1994. Students are trained in business and other skilled areas to prepare them for the working environment.

This type of training enables an individual to improve their chances of promotion, increase earning power and enhance their social life.

Windward Rd Primary & Junior High Sch

876-930-4088    ⚐ Cellular

I love windward road because its my original school and I go to windward road primary and junior high school and I am in fourth grade.

York Castle High School

876-975-2217    ⚐ Browns Town Browns Town St. Ann

The York Castle High School is one of Jamaica's premier co-educational secondary schools.

Our mission is to create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, where students will be inspired and challenged holistically to learn and grow and attain intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual, moral and physical goals.

Our graduates are highly regarded both locally and internationally for their distinguished qualities and attributes honed by our student centered and empowering learning environment.

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