3 Great Jamaican Libraries you need to know.

Libraries are quiet spaces many go to for several reasons like finding books, researching, completing their work or just expanding their knowledge. Here's a list of 3 Great Libraries in St Andrew and Kingston that you need to know. Can't find the library you want? Just ask us and we'll find it for you.

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3 Great Jamaican Libraries you need to know.

Jamaica Library Service

876-926-3310    ⚐ 2 Tom Redcam Dr Kgn 5

The Jamaica Library Service provides under the Ministry of Education and Youth, a Public Library Network and a School Library Network. The Jamaica library service has responsibility for 124 libraries and 926 school libraries throughout the island.

National Library Of Jamaica

876-967-2496    ⚐ 12 East Street, Kingston

National Library Of Jamaica was established in 1979 under the Institute of Jamaica Act of 1978. It was established for the encouragement of history, science and art. We collect, preserve, document and facilitate access to the nation's cultural heritage, through the promotion, coordination and development of a network of technologically enhanced libraries and services.

Scientific Research Council

876-927-1771    ⚐ Hope Gardens Kingston 6 St. Andrew

Scientific Research Council (SRC): Established in 1960, by the scientific Research Council Act of June 16, 1960, the SRC is mandated to foster the development of scientific research, be a repository of scientific information, and facilitate the development, application and transfer and or the improvement of technology of such research for the benefit of all of Jamaica. It also plays a role as an enabler in the creation of new industries and the encouragement of technical processes on a cooperative basis with all stakeholders involved.

The promotion of scientific and technological endeavors are also critical by facilitating training, the implementation of projects, especially in the agro-industrial sector and the conversion of waste to energy.

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