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132 Trustworthy Jamaican Doctors

You deserve a Doctor who not only takes care of all your needs but also advises you on the correct ways to treat your body for better health. That's why we created this list of 132 Trustworthy Doctors located across Jamaica. Need help finding the most suitable Doctor for you? Ask us, we will find one for you.

A B Vision Eye Care Centre

876-903-3600    ⚐ King Street Linstead St. Catherine

AB Vision Eye Care Centre performs comprehensive eye exams that access your vision and detect threatening eye conditions before they become a serious problem. Exams look at peripheral vision, depth perception, muscle reactions and eye pressure as well. Even if you've always had great vision, it's important to get an annual exam to watch out for eye problems and maintain optimal vision.

Eye exams for contact lenses are a little different because we need to measure for the size of the contact lenses. However, once you get your first pair from AB Vision Eye Care Centre, we will have a record of the size you need and can skip that step for the next exam.

There are conditions and injuries that occur that result in the need for eye surgery. AB Vision Eye Care Centre understands the sensitive and stressful nature of these situations and performs our procedures as soon as possible with expert physicians and technology.

Abel Wendel Dr

876-977-1108    ⚐ 163 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

Dr Wendel Abel is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Therapist, who has over 25 years of experience providing counselling services, cognitive behaviour therapy, drug counselling and marital counselling to clients in a variety of treatment settings.

He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, a Diploma in Psychology and a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI), as well as a Master of Public Health from John Hopkins University.

Dr Abel is currently the Head of the Department of Community Health & Psychiatry at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics

876-665-8838    ⚐ 31 Upper Waterloo Road Kingston 10 Jamaica

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics is a prodigious institution for providing cardiac care in Jamaica. Pioneered by Dr Noel Crooks, he gives cardiac consultancy to patients with heart abnormalities: offering an exclusive service and extraordinary patient care.

ACD aims to provide affordable and reliable healthcare for persons with heart aberrations in a safe and comfortable environment. The trust, time and ease of patient are the top priorities of this institution.

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostics offers:

Advanced Family Medical Servs

876-934-4736    ⚐ 9 Duhaney Drive Kingston 20 St. Andrew

At Advanced Family Medical Servs, we pride ourselves on always offering the best quality service.

We are a multi-specialty health facility that's been in operation since 2009.

Our services include family medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, general surgery, physiotherapy, and ultrasonography.

Allen E Anthony Dr

876-926-1444    ⚐ 22H Old Hope Road, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Dr E. Anthony Allen, MB, BS, M.Div., MRC Psych, DM (Psych) psychiatrist and consultant in whole person wellness in church-based health ministries. DrE. Anthony Allen completed medical training at the University of the West Indies 45 years ago. He also trained in psychiatry at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, and earned a master's degree in divinity at Yale University. He worked for 24 years as a part-time lecturer and hospital consultant at the University of the West Indies. Dr Allen developed the teaching programme in psychotherapy and counselling for residents and medical students. He also established the counselling programmes and psychiatric services for UWI students and staff at the Mona campus health centre.

Now,from the base of his private practice called Whole Person Growth Facility, DrAllen facilitates patient empowerment by integrating a whole person perspective with client care. As a consultant in church-based health ministries, DrAllen has pioneered community-based whole person healingministriesin local congregations. He co-founded the Counselling and Healing Ministry of Bethel Baptist Church and the Jamaica Baptist Union. He has had several international speaking engagements, served on the Christian Medical Commission of the World Council of Churches, and carried out assignments forWorld Vision International. Dr Allen has authored several articles, book chapters and the books: 'Caring for the Whole Person' and 'Simple Steps to Wellness'. He also offers empowerment workshops for the public and patients relating to the renewal of self, overcoming circumstances and achieving wellness. There are also workshops for professionals on integrating health lifestyles and counselling in medical care.

Dr Allen has a dream that "we each can be our brother's and sister's keeper for wellness".

Amza Ali Dr

876-968-2197    ⚐ 27 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Amza Ali, DM., FRCP., FACP, FAAN, Specialty Certification in Neurology (UK), Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology (ABCN) CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN & NEUROLOGIST Dr. Ali trained in Medicine at the University of the West Indies, Mona. He did his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine both at Mona and in the United Kingdom. Dr. Amza Ali is a specialist certified in Neurology by the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom and the Association of British Neurologists. He was Head of the Department of Medicine at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) until November 2006 and continues to serve

as Senior Consultant Neurologist to the KPH and South East Regional Health Authority. He is Senior Associate Lecturer in Neurology at the University Hospital of the West Indies,

Mona. Dr. Amza Ali currently practices from Andrews Memorial Hospital where he offers services including Electroencephalogram (EEG). Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), Electromyography (EMG) and consultations in a clean well-appointed facility at affordable costs. Dr. Amza Ali works with a team of well qualified and friendly staff who will make your experience a memorable one. Join us and get affordable, quality care.

Apex Radiology

876-926-7607    ⚐ 2A Molynes Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Apex Radiology is a private Medical Imaging Company established in February 1996, owned and operated by Image Plus Consultants. Our services include multiple modalities such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, Fluoroscopy and Nuclear Medicine and we are easily accessible being in close proximity to other health care providers and medical services.

Our personnel are professionally trained and provide optimum service to our referring doctors and patients. Our centers are interconnected and allow for Tele-Radiology, web based appointment booking and direct access to referring physicians making the Company the leader in patient management and care.

BBC Medical Services

876-630-1553    ⚐ Unit 2 88 Barbican Road Kingston 6 St. Andrew

At BBC Medical Services, we are family doctors dedicated to our patients' wellbeing. Whatever your age, whatever your problem, we're here to assist with all your medical needs.

We are focused on providing integrated medical care and take care of the personal patient-physician relationship. We offer obstetrician and gynaecology services and interventional radiology,' family physician, general surgeon, ENT, head and neck surgeon, Nuerosurgeon' .

BBC Medical Care is trust worthy, whether it is men's or women's health, children's health or sports health, we are your family doctor in Jamaica that takes complete care of your family.

Barnett Clinic & Dermatology Cen

876-952-5590    ⚐ Barnett Street Montego Bay St. James

Barnett Clinic is in existence for over 25 years.Strong tradition in Dermatology,Obstetrics& Gynaecology,Paediatric surgery,Paediatrics,General Surgery,ultrasonography and orthopedic.Overnight facilities available.Procedures offered are treatment of skin,hair and nails,hair removal,chemical peels,micro-needling,wart removal and skin tightening.Circumcision of new born babies and adults,hernia repair,surgical procedures in children and adults.

Baywest Wellness Clinic & Hospital

876-979-1128    ⚐ Shops 8 & 9 Stanley’s Plaza Montego Bay St. James

Baywest Wellness Clinic, (BWC) was started in November 2012 with the need to establish a medical centre that provides premier health care, treatment, and prevention of lifestyle related and critical conditions to all at the most impressive rates in Western Jamaica.

Our newest additional location being Baywest Wellness Hospital, as its name implies, is a health and wellness facility located in the tourism belt of Jamaica serving St James and surrounding environs, seeking to provide the best care and treatment to all. We offer a wide range of medical specialties that is coupled with the provision of high quality care by our caring and knowledgeable staff.

Some of the services include:

Bone & Eye Clinics The

876-946-3621    ⚐ 94 1/2 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 St. Andrew

At The Bone and Eye Clinics, we focus on patient safety and quality care.

We are a boutique orthopaedic, physiotherapy, ophthalmology and rehabilitation centre.

With one of the best medical teams in Jamaica, we offer courteous, friendly, high quality, personal

Brown-Tomlinson Jennifer Dr

876-618-1810    ⚐ 27 Hope Road Kingston 10

Dr Tomlinson Brown deals with disorders of the hair, skin and nails. Which include treatment for hair loss, removal skin lesions or warts

treatment for acne Along with her distinguished experience in dermatology, Dr. Jennifer Tomlinson Brown remains active in the management of HIV and all STIs

Bruce Carl A R Dr

876-979-3730    ⚐ G West Centre Fairview Montego Bay St. James

Dr Carl Bruce utilizes the latest techniques being pursued in spine surgery. Charged by the Medical Association of Jamaica and the Ministry of Health to present the latest techniques being pursued in spine surgery, Bruce and Chin are now making keyhole cuts through patients' sides (flanks) to treat serious spinal damage. It is surgery that results in advanced patient recovery time, less blood loss, less time in hospital and quicker time for patients to return to work. Dr Bruce strives to ensure that these new techniques are comparable or cheaper to the older open surgery.

Buckland Aldyth A Dr

876-968-9368    ⚐ 10A Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

Dr. Aldyth Buckland MB.BS (UWI), MCCFP, MHt, MNLP, MTT is an accomplished General Practitioner and Family Doctor.

She practices integrative medicine and has specialized in Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Success and Life Coaching.

Her practice is holistic and patient - centered.

Burlington Medical Centre The

876-917-8863    ⚐ 2 Church Street, Brown’s Town, St. Ann

The Burlington Medical Centre situated at 2 Church Street, Browns Town, St. Ann, offers a full range of medical consultancy services in St. Ann, eliminating the need for extensive travel.

We provide a one-stop facility for company and pre-employment medicals along with General Practitioner services every day.

We specialise in the full suite of tests involved in routine medicals to meet the executive profile level.

Byfield Roland GX Dr

876-979-8646    ⚐ Union Street Brandon Hill Montego Bay St. James

We all want our children to enjoy good health.

It helps to have a doctor who understands the health needs of children and how to sustain their overall health and well-being.

Dr. Roland G. Byfield has 33 years of experience in paediatric care. He is affectionately and respectfully known as The Caring Children Doctor.

CPR Medical Services

876-831-7939    ⚐ Jamaica

Patient care is our number one priority. Our EMS professionals are stationed throughout central Jamaica to optimise timely emergency and non-emergency medical responses. The CPR team also is trained and equipped to provide highly specialised critical care patient transports.

To meet the needs of our hospital and health care facility customers, we offer prescheduled non-emergency transportation services to and from hospitals and health care facilities, assisted living facilities and doctor appointments, depending on the patient's needs.

CPR Medical Services Limited has had the pleasure of serving more than 200, 000 persons since our inception. Our vast experience in serving our clients from diverse backgrounds and in many different medical disciplines have allowed us the opportunity to distinguish our service as one of Jamaica's premier medical providers.

Caribbean Hearing Center

876-755-3848    ⚐ 18 Lindsay Crescent, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

At the Caribbean Hearing Center, we want to help you hear better. We diagnose and treat hearing issues. Dr Georgia M Beavers, CCC-A, our clinical audiologist, has over 37 years of experience in diagnostic audiology and hearing aid fitting. Some of the diagnostic tests that we offer include:

• Newborn hearing screening

• Pure tone and speech audiogram


876-633-0108    ⚐ 27 Hope Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Otolaryngologist (ENT, Head and Neck),

Otology, Neurotology and Skull Base Surgeon Neuro-Vestibular Management (AIB Cert)

Dr. Channer developed a keen interest for Otolaryngology (ENT) during his medical degree pursuit at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica. He also completed his ENT residency at UWI as well as several institutions in the United Kingdom, where he excelled as top performer across all surgical disciplines.

Children's Heart & Paediatric Centre The

876-978-7217    ⚐ 1 Stanton Terrace, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

At The Children's Heart & Paediatric Centre we provide accurate diagnosis for heart conditions affecting children and adolescents and facilitate timely referrals for corrective procedures both locally as well as overseas. We interact with an international team of highly acclaimed paediatric cardiologists on a case by case basis.

Our electrocardiograms (ECG) and echocardiograms (ECHO) reports are generated immediately much to the satisfaction of our parents.

Our Services include:

Christie Loxley Dr

876-978-4596    ⚐ Seymour Park Kingston 6 St. Andrew

Dr Loxley R. Christie is a consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. For over 15 years, Dr Christie has been offering quality gynaecological services. He has a keen interest in treating infertility issues and is committed to serving his patients with safe and effective treatment options.

Dr Christie's services include:

• Obstetric Care

Chung Rachel Dr (Psychiatrist)

876 665-4617 Ext 806    ⚐ 67 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 St. Andrew

Dr. Rachel Chung is a Consultant Psychiatrist, who is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional disorders.

She is qualified to order diagnostic laboratory tests and prescribe medication, as well as, to evaluate and treat psychological and interpersonal problems.

Dr. Chung presently offers services in the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, behavioural issues, substance abuse, dementia and other mental disorders.

Community Medical Complex

876-989-3459    ⚐ Lot 371 2W Greater Portmore Bra4

Community Medical Complex is one of the leading medical center and doctor's office in Portmore, St Catherine and its environs.

The medical center is also home to a pharmacy and a dental office, as well as a laboratory, making it a full service medical facility.

Some of the services offered include Pap smear, vaccination, antenatal and post-natal care, minor surgery, ECG testing and medicals (school, insurance, driver's license).

Contemporary Medical Affiliates

876-616-8133    ⚐ 37 Windsor Avenue Unit 4 Kingston 5 St. Andrew

Contemporary Medical Affiliates (CMA) offers comprehensive care in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Dermatology.

Our hope is to provide our patients with a healthier and fulfilling life, because we understand that real beauty lies in confidence!

Our services include Ante-natal care, pap smears, gynaecological surgery, cosmetic dermatology, chemical peels, acne treatment, wart removal, eczema treatment and other dermatological conditions.

Cross Country Imaging

876-725-8063    ⚐ 135 Boundbrook Road, Port Antonio

Cross Country Imaging is an upcoming diagnostic facility in downtown Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica.

We take pride in providing our community with high-quality, patient-centric care, and health education. Our team is highly skilled and is comprised of medical professionals who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We are equipped to provide you with proactive and preventative measures to help you sustain good health.

At Cross Country Imaging, we have the wellness services you'd like when you're feeling fine, and the resources to provide diagnostic care when you need it.

Danhope Radiology Servs

876-978-9543    ⚐ 15 Ardenne Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

At DanHope Radiology Services, we use the latest radiology technology to diagnose and treat our patients.

We are a premier provider of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive procedures in Jamaica. Our philosophy is to treat the person as a whole, whether the needs are simple or complex.

Some of our imaging services include x-ray and fluoroscopy, multidetector computerized tomography (MDCT), general and vascular ultrasound, obstetric 3D/4D ultrasound, mammography, and mobile ultrasound. We are confident you will find the services at DanHope Radiology to be convenient and effective and our staff to be welcoming, professional, and helpful.

Dawson Delroy D Dr

876-906-4546    ⚐ 3A Winchester Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr Delroy Dawson is a registered consultant / Anaesthetist at SERHA Jamaica Hospital & Health Care with over 20 years' experience

Our services includes treatments for :Back & Neck, Arm & Leg pain, Fibromyalgia, whiplash & shingles, scar pain, Sports & Work Injuries, Headache, Arthritis Herniated Disc, Sciatica, complex regional.

Give us a call to book your next consultation

Dr Kemel Gajraj

876-926-2177    ⚐ 10 Ripon Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Ripon Surgical Centre specialises in body re-sculpting, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatments and various general medical services.

With resident gynaecologists, obstetricians and surgeons on staff, we are well equipped to meet the needs of our clients, proficiently.

In addition to a range of medical and cosmetic surgical procedures, our specialised services include:

Dr. Browne-Brown ENT Place

876-615-5422    ⚐ 1 Brumalia Road Mandeville Manchester

Dr G.P. Malaika Browne-Brown is a well-trained, patient, competent, experienced and wellrespected Otolaryngologist/Consultant ENT- Head and Neck Surgeon.

In a modern, sophisticated and spacious facility, we provide our patients with expert medical care. Whether, children, adults or the elderly, our patient and caring staff is well-equipped to address all your concerns.

We diagnose and treat conditions affecting:

Dr. Christopher Mais

876-960-7923    ⚐ 2a Molynes Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Dr. Christopher Mais is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, who was born in Savanna-la-Mar. He was educated at Knox College in Spaldings, Clarendon.

Dr. Mais continued his education in London (UK) and Aarhus in Denmark. He studied medicine at Aarhus University in Denmark and graduated in 1980.

He is an Orthopaedic specialist with Consultant Grade accreditation from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Dundas Byles Simone Dr

876-920-0271    ⚐ 4 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr. Simone Dundas Byles is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at the University Hospital of the West Indies and an Associate Lecturer in Surgery at the University of the West Indies. She is a Fellow of the Caribbean College of Surgeons and of the American College of Surgeons. She is an active member of the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA).

She treats children with surgical conditions, by appointment, at the Ruthven Medical Centre in Kingston and at the Villa Medical Centre in Mandeville. Children, from the newly born to age 18 years, and their families, are welcome.

Dr. Dundas Byles offers surgical services for children:

Dundas Byles Simone Dr

876-625-9395    ⚐ 29 Main Street Mandeville Manchester

Dr. Simone Dundas Byles is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at the University Hospital of the West Indies and an Associate Lecturer in Surgery at the University of the West Indies. She is a Fellow of the Caribbean College of Surgeons and of the American College of Surgeons. She is an active member of the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA).

She treats children with surgical conditions, by appointment, at the Ruthven Medical Centre in Kingston and at the Villa Medical Centre in Mandeville. Children, from the newly born to age 18 years, and their families, are welcome.

Dr. Dundas Byles offers surgical services for children:

Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic

876-926-0568    ⚐ 5 Tangerine Place Kingston 5 Jamaica

Established in the 1940s, The Otolaryngology Centre (Limited ENT Clinic) is the oldest surviving private ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery facility in Jamaica and most of the Caribbean Islands.

Our founder is the late Hon. Kenneth McNeil FRCS, (ENG) who returned to Jamaica from the UK as a trained ENT, head, neck, and plastic surgeon. After his retirement in 1979, Dr Charles Lyn and Dr Halda Shaw assumed management and expanded our services to include maxillofacial surgery.

These two surgeons, along with the late Dr Lyle Harper, were in charge of the postgraduate Doctor of Medicine (OM), Otorhinolaryngology, Head, Neck, and Maxillofacial Training programme at the University of the West Indies, as well as the ENT Departments at the University, Kingston Public and Bustamante Hospital for Children.

Endocrinology Diabetes & Associates

876-925-5044    ⚐ 31 Upper Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

At Endocrinology, Diabetes & Associates, we are here to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

We provide endocrine consultation and diabetes education, as well as dietitian/nutritionist counselling.

Other services include EKG testing, hormone therapy and immunizations.

Erudite Medical Centre The

876-926-2024    ⚐ Holborn Road, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

The Erudite Medical Centre is a modern medical centre in Cross Roads, Kingston.

We offer a full range of general practice and emergency services. We also offer a wide range of services to businesses and families, all at affordable rates.

We are equipped with a day surgery unit, medical laboratory, ECG, and ultrasound services. As part of the health management and recovery care we provide, we educate our patients. We make it our goal to inform our patients as much as possible about their diseases, lifestyle issues, medication compliance, etc.

Essential Medical Services

876-924-7339    ⚐ 105 Red Hills Road, Kingston 19, St. Andrew

Essential Medical Services is an all-in-one medical complex that offers total medical care. We have a complement of general, investigative, clinical supportive and specialist care services for treatment, education, and prevention of most medical ailments.

We employ highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who serve in a pleasant, patient friendly atmosphere with the best equipment. The Medical Centre is dedicated to providing the best medical treatments combined with a personal and professional approach. We proactively assist you to maintain and improve your health.

The Medical Centre envisions and strives toward excellence on all levels. We are proactive in providing the highest quality care and services for our clients.

Fairco Medical & Dermatology Centre

876-978-0920    ⚐ 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

At Fairco Medical and Dermatology Centre Ltd, we are committed to caring for our patients' medical needs.

Our services include dermatology, standard medical treatments, general surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology. We also facilitate keloid removals and carryout out nutrition coaching. Also, we accept all major local health insurance and charge cards.

Additionally, our services are provided in a professional and caring atmosphere. Moreover, our medical centre is modern and fully equipped. Located opposite TGIF at 80 Lady Musgrave Road, we are easily accessible by private and public transportation.

Gafoor Reaud Dr

876-906-1284    ⚐ 34 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

The key function of Advanced Urology is to better the lives of those we touch, through the provision of high-quality surgical services. Our foundation is based on exceptional service, personalised care, and cutting-edge treatments.

We offer surgical and medical options that are both the least invasive and the safest, most effective treatment options available today. To achieve this, we maintain the highest standards of professional competence through continued medical and surgical education and training.

We are dedicated to our founding values of excellence in surgical care when it comes to expertise, compassion and ethical practice. We promote collaboration with other speciality groups and primary care physicians in considering our patients' overall health.

Goldson Lloyd Dr

876-920-4885    ⚐ 3A Winchester Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr Lloyd Goldson MBBS, DGO, DM (UWI), FACOG (USA) is an experienced medical professional who served at the Victoria Jubilee for over 30 years.

Dr Goldson offers obstetrical and gynaecological care at Andrews Memorial Hospital and Nuttal Memorial Hospital. And, myomectomies (fibroids removal), hysterectomies (uterus removal), colposcopy and vaginoplasty treatment at Winchester Surgical & Medical Institute.

At the most important stage of your life, it is essential to seek an expert advice and assistance. We are here to support you. Throughout the process of conceiving, having a healthy pregnancy, and a safe birth, we are here for you. We will answer your questions.

Great House Pharmacy Ltd

876-974-2352    ⚐ DaCosta Drive Ocho Rios Jamaica

The Great House Pharmacy opened its doors in 1966 and was the first pharmacy in Ocho Rios.

We are a family-run, community pharmacy that has been providing our customers with exceptional service for over 50 years.

The Great House Pharmacy has been ranked among the top five best pharmacies in Jamaica. We offer personalised service, affordable products and excellent care.

Gynae Centre The

876-929-4565    ⚐ 7 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr. Rudolph Stevens is a specialist physician, who provides medical and surgical care to women. His area of expertise includes treating pregnancy, childbirth and disorders of the reproductive system. The Gynae Centre services include preventative care, prenatal care, detection of sexually transmitted diseases, Pap test screening and family planning. We offer a comprehensive health care service to women. The Gynae Centre is where technological innovations meet the medical art.



Gynae Practice

876-754-5778    ⚐ Shop 14 Winchester Business Center, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Dr Judith Dallas is a gynaecologist/obstetrician who caters to the total woman.

With over 30 years in her field, she is one of the leading specialists, and offers a range of services from pre-conception to post delivery.

Her services include pap-smears, vaginal treatments and monitoring, fertility treatments, monitoring conception, HPV, childbirth, and obstetric surgery.


876-786-1303    ⚐ 37 Main Street Bargain Village Plaza May Pen Clarendon

At GYNOBS, our motto is 'Where Science meets the Art of Taking Care of Women.'

Our dedication is to provide the highest quality service, using available technologies, to address women's healthcare issues in an environment of comfort, compassion and confidentiality.

Dr Trevor Potter is our consultant specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. We feature state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment in the care offered to our patients.

Hall John A S Dr

876-925-8889    ⚐ Res 22 Russell Heights Kingston 8 St. Andrew

Dr. John Hall, an experienced consultant neurologist, has over 30 years'experience in providing comprehensive neurological care.

He is a consultant neurologist trained at the Institute of Neurology in London. Dr. Hall honed his training by serving as a fellow in clinical neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. Later, he founded the neurology clinic at Kingston Public Hospital in 1963 and served as the chairman of the department of medicine for many years.

In 1972, he served as a visiting assistant professor of Clinical Neurology at Columbia PresbyterianMedical School in New York.

Hall John A S Dr

876-929-6543    ⚐ 18 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr. John Hall, an experienced consultant neurologist, has over 30 years'experience in providing comprehensive neurological care.

He is a consultant neurologist trained at the Institute of Neurology in London. Dr. Hall honed his training by serving as a fellow in clinical neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. Later, he founded the neurology clinic at Kingston Public Hospital in 1963 and served as the chairman of the department of medicine for many years.

In 1972, he served as a visiting assistant professor of Clinical Neurology at Columbia PresbyterianMedical School in New York.

Heart & Vascular Centre The

876-908-1095    ⚐ 70 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

The Heart & Vascular Centre was founded by Dr. Lorren Scott, who has over 19 years' medical experience including over 15 years' experience as a consultant physician and cardiologist.

The Heart & Vascular Centre has seven offices island wide and has plans to expand to provide affordable and world class health care to Jamaicans. The Centres mission is to prevent cardiac disease, save lives and promote health and recovery in Jamaica.

Our vision is to be the most caring, innovative and preferred cardiovascular centre in the region. Personalised patient care is what sets the Heart & Vascular Centre apart. When you visit us, you can expect to receive world class care from clinical staff who provide an exceptional health care experience. We strive to make this level of care affordable to everyone. Cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, and stroke, remain a leading cause of death in the Caribbean.

Heart Institute Of The Caribbean Ltd

876-906-2105    ⚐ 23 Balmoral Avenue Kingston 10 St. Andrew

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean Limited was established in 2005. We are an innovative, dynamic healthcare center that serves as the center of excellence for cardiovascular diseases (CVD), occupational health, diabetes care and general internal medicine in the West Indies.

Heart Institute of the Caribbean is in Kingston, Jamaica, and is the regional center for comprehensive and sophisticated diagnosis and management of all forms of heart diseases.

We provide expert diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and general medical conditions and consultative opinion locally, and remotely via a network of specialists linked by a global telemetrically network.

Holt Michelle D Dr

876-920-4879    ⚐ 6 Caledonia Avenue Kingston 5 Jamaica

Dr Michelle Holt is a sports management specialist, who works well with patients. She is experienced in pain management, sport management and rehabilitation.

Upon diagnosis, she takes a personalised approach, which includes communicating with patients regularly and offering support until the patient is satisfied.

Her services include event coverage, sports medicine, pain medicine, exercise medicine, pain management and injury rehabilitation.

Howell's Medical Complex

876-962-2597    ⚐ Lot 17 Caledonia Mall Complex Mandeville Manchester

Howell's Medical Complex provides services which includes but not limited to Physiotherapy, General Surgery, General Practice, Dental Service, Total Wellness, Symmetry, Medical Laboratory, Counselling Psychology, Antenatal, Postnatal, Vaccinations, Body Scans and Foot Detox.

Pharmacy on same compound

Hunter Roger Dr

876-962-2040    ⚐ Mandeville Manchester

Dr Hunter is an internationally accomplished consultant neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon who was awarded the Braakmann Prize for the top performance in the European Final Board Examination of Neurosurgery in Luxembourg (2006).

Dr Hunter has lectured and taught at the University of the West Indies, Leeds University, The University of Liverpool and The University of London (Queen Mary).

He received training in microsurgical anatomy with the late internationally renowned and highly esteemed American neurosurgeon Professor Albert Rhoton at the McKnight Brain Institute in Gainesville, University of Florida, FL USA.

Hunter Roger Dr

876-952-1991    ⚐ Montego Bay St. James

Dr Hunter is an internationally accomplished consultant neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon who was awarded the Braakmann Prize for the top performance in the European Final Board Examination of Neurosurgery in Luxembourg (2006).

Dr Hunter has lectured and taught at the University of the West Indies, Leeds University, The University of Liverpool and The University of London (Queen Mary).

He received training in microsurgical anatomy with the late internationally renowned and highly esteemed American neurosurgeon Professor Albert Rhoton at the McKnight Brain Institute in Gainesville, University of Florida, FL USA.

Hunter Roger Dr

876-988-2258    ⚐ Portmore St. Catherine

Dr Hunter is an internationally accomplished consultant neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon who was awarded the Braakmann Prize for the top performance in the European Final Board Examination of Neurosurgery in Luxembourg (2006).

Dr Hunter has lectured and taught at the University of the West Indies, Leeds University, The University of Liverpool and The University of London (Queen Mary).

He received training in microsurgical anatomy with the late internationally renowned and highly esteemed American neurosurgeon Professor Albert Rhoton at the McKnight Brain Institute in Gainesville, University of Florida, FL USA.

Independent Living Ltd

876-953-9142    ⚐ 1091 Morgan Road, Montego Bay, St. James

Independent Living Ltd is Jamaica's leading distributor of home medical products and rehabilitation equipment.

The premier choice for wheelchairs, lift chairs, mobility scooter rentals, ABENA products, oxygen supplies, CPAP machines and more. Your independence and wellbeing are our priority. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of the lives of the physically challenged and their caregivers.

Over 15 Years & Counting

Island Medical Specialists Ltd

876-927-3049    ⚐ 2A Beverley Vale Close, Kingston 6, Jamaica

Island Medical Specialists (IMS) is a multidisciplinary specialist medical group of 14 doctors allowing each patient access to a variety of specialist. IMS was built on the premise of providing exceptional medical care with personal attention to detail in an outstanding medical facility. The group opened its doors to the community in October 2009 The spa like property serves as a medical oasis at the foot of the Beverley Hills area, with shady trees and ample parking, welcoming visitors to this state-of-the art facility. Patients who choose IMS as their medical centre are able to see specialists for consultation in many fields of medicine including gastroenterology, internal medicine, pulmonology, anaesthesiology, haematology, medical oncology, dermatology, general and vascular surgery, urology, and neurology. IMS prides itself in providing outpatient medical procedures for the community.

The Endo-Surgical Unit offers a full range of procedures, with the privacy and attention to detail that members of our IMS family have become accustomed to. Procedures available include gastrointestinal and pulmonary endoscopic testing, and a wide variety of surgical and urological, and neurological. IMS also boasts a serene Transfusion Unit where chemotherapeutical and other agents may be administered. Visit Island Medical Specialists today, and discover the medical oasis in your neighbourhood.

Island Medical Specialists offer specialised services for all your medical needs. Referrals are preferred but we would be happy to assist you even if you do not have one. Our expert staff performs pain free procedures with excellent results. For us, customer satisfaction is the top priority, whether for a small need or big need. The medical specialists at our center are qualified, trained and certified to perform any required procedures.

J Care Medical

876-946-0393    ⚐ 1 Stanton Terrace, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

At J Care Medical, we provide medical care to children from birth to 18 years old.

Our medical care facility consists of a paediatrician, a paediatric surgeon, and an anaesthetist.

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality medical care consultations, immunisation, and nebulisation in a comfortable office environment.

J Care Medical

876-734-2670    ⚐ 14 Miramar Drive Morant Bay St. Thomas

At J Care Medical, we provide medical care to children from birth to 18 years old.

Our medical care facility consists of a paediatrician, a paediatric surgeon, and an anaesthetist.

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality medical care consultations, immunisation, and nebulisation in a comfortable office environment.

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services

876-978-4747    ⚐ 7-9 Ardenne Road, Kingston 10

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services (JCDS) is a family and cosmetic dental office providing patients with the most advanced technology within a relaxing environment.

At JCDS, you are family. We are the leaders in WOW customer service in Jamaica.

We focus on one patient at a time and will ensure that all your questions are answered. You'll rarely have to wait past your appointment time and will benefit from our dentists' and teams' vast amount of knowledge and skills.


876-967-2823    ⚐ 8-10 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Jamaica

JAXIN offers optical, medical, surgical, and laboratory services.

Founded by doctors Jon-Anthony Pryce and Xinyu Addae Lee, JAXIN is a combination of letters from their names and an expression of the call placed on their lives to serve the community around them.

We intend to create a sense of family and belonging among our patients and to maintain strong relationships with them as we support them throughout their life and various health related events.

KRIS Radiology Services Ltd

876-906-8796    ⚐ 2 Balmoral Avenue Kingston 10 Kingston

At KRIS Radiology Services Limited, we are a premier diagnostic imaging facility.

We fully understand that the critical success factors pursued in this saturated health care market must include carving out a safe niche, competitive prices, first-class customer service and patient care.

Our overarching objective is to increase business and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the long term, where KRIS is established as Jamaica and the Caribbean's preferred health service provider. Our unique and impressive selling points include:

Kiddie Care Paediatricians

876-978-6681    ⚐ 11 Latham Avenue Kingston 6 St. Andrew

At Kiddie Care Paediatricians, we are Jamaica's largest specialist paediatric group practice offering a wide range of paediatric services including Adolescent Specialty Care- Eating Disorders, Gender Identity, Substance Abuse and much more.

We offer comprehensive vaccination options including assessment for ADHD, Autism, Intellectual and Social difficulties, General Paediatric Care and Anticipatory Guidance. We can assist with Nephrology including all kidney related illnesses and urinary disorders, and Neurology with special interest in children with Cerebral Palsy, and Seizure Disorders.

We feature services for Newborn Care and Assessments, General Paediatric, Surgical Services and Specialty Surgical interventions in Gastrointestinal Disorders, Tumour Management, Gynaecology for children and teens and Urology, including in-house Neonatal Circumcisions. Our staff include: Mrs. Diana Wright-Hall who is our Front Desk Manager and appointment guru. Aunty Diana knows that keeping in touch is essential for keeping up to date.

Kidz Klinik

876-978-5439    ⚐ 94 1/4 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 St. Andrew

The Kidz Klinik is a private pediatric facility located at the El Shaddai Medical Centre. The practice has been in existence since 1982.

Here at Kidz Klinik, our competent and caring pediatricians are ready and willing to cater to the needs of your children, from new-borns to older teenagers. Our clinic handles general consultations, immunizations, ear piercings, school medicals, and minor surgical procedures. We are equipped to deal with medical emergencies as well as non-urgent walk-in cases. Our files are fully computerized so that any doctor attending to your child, at any time of day, will have access to your child's entire medical history.

While you do not need an appointment to be seen here, having one makes the process a little smoother.

King's Medical Cen

876-998-4509    ⚐ 166 Cecille Avenue Portmore St. Catherine

King's Medical Centre, located at 166 Cecille Avenue in Portmore, is a one-stop centre for women's health issues.

Dr Courtney Palmer and Dr Frederick Smith are the practicing physicians at our location.

Our state of the art facility offers services in obstetrics gynaecology and pediatrics with all vaccines available, as well as the best ultra sound services which provide quick and accurate results.

King-Barclay Rosemary Dr

876-971-8201    ⚐ 9-11 St James Street Montego Bay St. James

At ELOHIM Medical, Dr. Rosemary King-Barclay is a cut above the rest. Our highly competent doctor tends to patients in need of medical care which includes general practitioner services, nebulisation, antenatal visits, suture for minor cuts, vaccination for children, laboratory testing and consultation. Home visits are accommodated and offered by appointments.

Dr. King-Barclay also prepares medical reports for students, offices and applicants who are in need of Canadian Medicals to aid in the migrating process to Canada. Our office is open from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 2:00pm. All major health, debit and credit cards are accepted.

Kingston Heart Centre

876-648-9780    ⚐ 1 Stanton Terrace Kingston

At Kingston Heart Centre (KHC), we specialise in caring for your heart.

Our cardiac services include cardiology consultations, electrocardiograms (ECGs), echocardiograms, stress ECGs, stress echocardiograms, 24-72 hr Holter monitoring and 24-72 hr ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

We also offer counselling sessions for anxiety, loss and grief, ineffective parenting, relationship difficulties, depression, addiction, behavioural issues, family life challenges and workplace stress. Our medical facility provides non-invasive cardiac care and psychological support by the team of cardiologist Dr. Camille Christian and licensed psychologist Mrs. Celia McGregor.

Kingston Urology

876-978-4272    ⚐ 72b Hope Road, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

At Kingston Urology, your health is of utmost importance to us.

We provide expert diagnosis and novel treatment options for conditions like male infertility, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and kidney stones.

Whether you are experiencing a symptom or facing a new diagnosis, our experienced and compassionate team is here to help you make the best decision for your health. Patients can be seen by one of four doctors.

Labour & Social Security Min of

876-922-8000    ⚐ 14 National Heroes Circle Kingston 4 St. Andrew

See website for details https://www.mlss.gov.jm/

Less Institute of Jamaica Limited

855-411-5377    ⚐ 7-9 Ardenne Road #17 Kingston 10

Less Exposure Surgery (LES) is based on a new philosophy of performing surgery. LES is less invasive than MIS. By developing improved technologies and techniques tailored for pinpointing a problem and fixing it without collateral damage, LES minimizes tissue disruption.

The LESS Institute prides itself in meeting patients, individual needs through comprehensive evaluation and treatment designed to help them achieve an active, pain-free lifestyle. We combine leading-edge techniques and technologies with proven treatment fundamentals to provide our patients with the best spine care available.

We plan to expand the city by city starting with the first 90,000 square foot facility at 1801 Sample Road in FortLauderdale Florida.

Manor Medical Centre Ltd

876-649-1434    ⚐ Unit 7 Lower Manor Park Plaza Kingston 8 CA

Manor Medical Centre Ltd.was established by Dr. Michele J. Prendergast in 2018.

We area general and family medical practice that strives to serve the residents of Kingston with the highest level of attention and care.

We provide quality in-house treatment for acute and chronic non-life-threatening illnesses.

Matilda's Corner Pharmacy

876-946-9933    ⚐ 115 Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica

Matilda's Corner Pharmacy is one of the foundation pharmacies in Liguanea, St Andrew, Jamaica. We strive to deliver an unsurpassed level of care, attention, and service to the community we serve and beyond, to the extent where we are the recipient of Multiple Awards for the Most Outstanding Community Pharmacist.

Some of the services offered include Blood Sugar Test, Blood Pressure Checks, Blood Cholesterol Test, Patient Counselling. We also accommodate faxed in or emailed prescription services, and if there is the need to use Multiple Health Cards to complete your purchase we also gladly assist in this regard.

Discounts are offered to senior citizens on prescriptions. On the other hand some of the products we stock include OTC Drugs, Cosmestics and High End Fragrances, Health Supplements, Unique Household and Gift Items and Customized First Aid Kits and much more. We also carry Generic Drug Alternatives as well.

McDonald Douglas G Dr

876-926-2142    ⚐ 8B Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

McDonald Douglas G Dr is a gifted Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who offers specialized services such as treatment of Fibroids, Antenatal, Post Natal care, Contraceptive counselling, prenatal delivery and Gynaecological surgery that addresses women's healthcare concerns in an environment of ease, care and confidentiality. His office boasts a friendly staff and adequate parking in a quiet environment.

McFarlane Michael Dr

876-926-8587    ⚐ 6 Caledonia Ave Kgn 5

The goal of Surgical Specialists in Jamaica is to provide the highest level of service to our patients in a comfortable, caring environment. Under the direction of Dr. Michael McFarlane, DM (SURG), F.R.C.S, F.A.C.S, a board-certified surgeon, Surgical Specialists of Jamaica believes that its patients should be well informed. Having surgery is a stressful event and we believe that by taking the time to educate our patients about their condition and surgical options, we can lessen some of this stress.

Our practice specializes in general surgery with an emphasis in basic and advanced laparoscopic surgery. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, cancer, abdominal illness, and endocrine disorders. Laparoscopic procedures include abdominal disorders and inguinal hernia repair. Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgery, is a surgical technique that uses a long, thin telescope-like instrument (the laparoscope) attached to a video camera that projects images onto a video monitor. This allows surgeons to view a patient's organs and internal structures and perform entire surgeries through tiny incisions.


Med Clinix Ltd

876-616-9377    ⚐ 3 ½ Caledonia Mall Horizon Building Mandeville Manchester

M-CX LLC- US Subsidiary of Med Clinix At M-CX, our focus is to get high quality goods that serves the health, wellness, and good-living needs of our clients and their patrons whether they are health facilities, supermarkets, pharmacies, governmental institutions or private institutions.

Our job is to make sure you have the best products for your customers and that these products get to you at the right time matched by valued price.

We offer distribution and procurement solutions. Through our partners you and your customers can have access to our product offerings which includes the following product categories:

Medical Associates Hospital & Med Cen

876-926-1400    ⚐ 18 Tangerine Place Kingston 10 Jamaica

Medical Associates Hospital is a 50-bed private hospital strategically located in the heart of the Corporate Area, at 18 Tangerine Place in Kingston. The hospital has three entrances one on Ruthven Road, one on Chelsea Avenue and its main entrance, on Half Way Tree Road. It is easily accessible to and from the main airport in Kingston, The Norman Manley International Airport. Medical Associates Hospital and Medical Center was established in 1959 by Dr. J.T Burrowes whose vision was to create the finest private health care facility in Jamaica, offering a wide range of medical services of the highest quality to our patients, with care, compassion and kindness. Throughout the years Medical Associates Hospital has gained a reputation for excellent nursing care, experienced and highly-trained consultants, physicians and surgeons, and forging new pathways in medicine.

Medical Associates Hospital is a First-Class healthcare facility that is proud to have forged long-standing relationships and alliances with over 60companies and corporations in Jamaica, including embassies and consulates, international shipping lines, Security companies, manufacturing plants, and telecommunications

companies, to name a few.

Medical Technologies (Meditech) Ltd

876-702-4585    ⚐ 22 Northside Plaza, Northside Drive, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

Medical Technologies Ltd (Meditech) is the premier company in Jamaica for supplying orthopaedics, neurosurgery, ENT, facial surgery implants, and equipment, etc. Our partnerships and exclusive relationships with some of the world's leading manufacturers of medical technologies have afforded us the ability to introduce new products, techniques, and educational opportunities for all our clients: staff, walk-in customers, referrals, health care professionals and administrators.

Our portfolio of products offered is unrivalled in Jamaica. Our goal is to continue to be at the forefront of the delivery of cutting-edge medical products and services which improve health care.

Our Support

Medicine Chest Health Centre Ltd The

876-967-3249    ⚐ 3 Beckford Street, Downtown, Kingston

The Medicine Chest Ltd is a friendly family pharmacy serving the community of Downtown Kingston for many years.

Our clinical services include blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol tests, detox, weight and wellness counselling. We invite our clients to make an appointment to see the nutritionist or participate in any of the testing services offered. Here we also provide a wide range of pharmaceuticals, over the counter and herbal drugs, medical supplies and equipment at affordable prices.

Whether it's a prescription to be filled, vitamins to be purchased, or a medicine cabinet to be stocked, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to serve.

Molz Medical Centre

876-333-6999    ⚐ 1 Ardenne Road Kingston Jamaica

Dr Lori Ann Fisher is an internist and nephrologist. She has expertise in the management of chronic kidney disease, end-stage kidney disease, dialysis, hypertension, lupus, diabetes mellitus, sickle cell disease, congestive heart failure and other chronic medical conditions.

She is an American board-certified doctor in nephrology and hypertension, and internal medicine, having completed training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in nephrology.

Molz Medical Centre

876-978-3188    ⚐ 34 Lady Musgrave Road Kingston 6 Jamaica

Dr Lori Ann Fisher is an internist and nephrologist. She has expertise in the management of chronic kidney disease, end-stage kidney disease, dialysis, hypertension, lupus, diabetes mellitus, sickle cell disease, congestive heart failure and other chronic medical conditions.

She is an American board-certified doctor in nephrology and hypertension, and internal medicine, having completed training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in nephrology.

Molz Medical Centre

876-631-2337    ⚐ Portmore Pines Plaza Portmore St. Catherine

Dr Fisher, with many years of paediatric experience, started Molz Medical in 2016. She handles the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions affecting infants, children, and adolescents, from birth to age 18.

Our nurses are paediatric trained, and our staff is quite friendly and courteous. We have a child-friendly environment and when you visit you become a part of our Molz family. We are centrally located with easy access to laboratories, X-ray, ultrasound, and scan facilities.

As one of our patient's moms said, "Come and visit, we guarantee you will never leave."

Mona Institute Of Medical Sciences Ltd (MIMS)

876-977-1512    ⚐ Kingston 7 St. Andrew

The Mona Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) was established primarily as a result of the expressed desire of members of teh Medical Fraternity to provide professional expert care to Jamaica and Caribbean Nationals. The Institute serves to:

* provide a one-stop centre to relieve the stress placed on doctors and patients who seek specialised consultancy services

* reduce the need for locals to travel overseas to obtain specialised care and services

Montego Bay Hospital & Urology Cen

876-952-4511    ⚐ 1 Mount Salem Main Road Montego Bay St. James

Montego Bay Hospital & Urology Centre is one of the leading providers of specialist care in the field of Urology and General Hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Some of the services we offer include:

• In Patient

Mowatt Lizette Dr

876-977-6883    ⚐ UHWI Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica

I start work very early but I just want to say thanks for the great service you offer. You haven't treated me but my friends and they speak highly of you. So much so that when my daughter's doctor said she needed an eye exam I didn't even blink I just know I'm going to make an appointment with you. She's a special girl and a sickler

New Kingston Medical Diagnostics

876-622-6152    ⚐ New Kingston Business Centre, Kingston 5, St. Andrew

At the New Kingston Medical Diagnostics, our Fast Recovery Treatment Centre offers care for arthritis, neck and back pain, Parkinsonism, Multiple sclerosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Asthma, Stroke, pain management and other recovery treatments.

If you have any questions about these or other services, please call our office, and we are happy to answer your questions.

New Kingston Pharmacy

876-908-3628    ⚐ 30 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5

New Kingston Pharmacy Jamaica's first Pharmatique showcases an array of products from several cultures, geared towards enhancing your shopping experience, in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere. We have a dedicated team of buyers, searching for unique products at the best prices, to satisfy the affordability range of our clients.

NKRx has extensive jewellery and cosmetic counters with products selected to meet the requirements of all demographics. Our selection of greeting and all occasion cards are unmatched in the greater metropolitan area and also available on display are works of art by some of Jamaican artists.

NKRx offers senior citizen discounts and special Discount Days so everyone can benefit. Come in for and have your blood pressure and blood sugar checked, and browse through our diverse range of dental and oral hygiene products.

Newport Medical Group

876-923-7412    ⚐ 80 First Street Newport West Kingston 13 St. Andrew

Forty years ago, Newport Medical Group was founded by an association of doctors seeking to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.

The goal was to offer the services of physicians, lab and X-ray facilities, and a pharmacy all under one roof.

Today, Newport Medical Group is a premier facility for private healthcare. Newport Medical Group is the leading provider of occupational health services and a household name for reliable medical care across Jamaica.

Nicholson Clive Dr

876-969-5604    ⚐ 116 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, St. Andrew

Dr Nicholson is a general family physician. He will screen you, help monitor your health, diagnose whatever may be wrong, and provide the appropriate treatment.

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. And while you try to do your utmost best to remain healthy and strong, you may become ill. At our office, we treat patients with care and utmost respect. If you have a chronic illness, don't panic.

We can help you create a health and wellness plan to manage your illness.

Oasis Healthcare Ltd

876-749-0420    ⚐ Oasis Shopping Plaza Spanish Town St. Catherine

Oasis Health Care provides health care for persons of any age newborn to the elderly. Oasis Health Care Ltd, was established in 2008. Oasis Health Care is a family and multi-Specialty centre which caters to meet the needs of our clientele. Our doctors are professional, well experienced, caring and competent.

The team of our doctors uses the most up-to-date information to help you attain prognosis and improve your health by implementing necessary treatments only. Our centre offers the following in-office tests: Pregnancy test, Urine analysis, Blood sugar, Pap smear, Rapid HIV test. The office is staffed with multiple clinicians to minimise the waiting time for our patients. For your convenience, we accept walk-in basis NO appointment is necessary, where you will be attended by our courteous and professional staffs. For us customer satisfaction is the top priority, whether for a small need or a big need, we strive to deliver the best healthcare.

We accept all major health, debit and credit cards as part of our payment options. Our staff will be happy to assist our in all such matters.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre The

876-909-4487    ⚐ 7 1/2 Caledonia Road Mandeville

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology (TOG) Centre provides obstetric and gynaecological services for female residents of central Jamaica. Our professional and highly trained team is equipped to provide excellent care for our clients. Centrally located in the towns of Mandeville, Spaldings and Santa Cruz, we offer easy access and convenient parking. At TOG Centre Limited we consistently endeavour to make our clients health our priority.

On Call Express Medical Centre

876-913-4902    ⚐ Main Street Grange Hill, Westmoreland

At On Call Express Medical Centre, we believe in catering to your overall health needs.

We offer a wide range of medical services that include ultrasound, family care, minor surgical procedures, cancer screening, ECG, and Rapid tests for HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, dengue, COVID-19.

As a first-class health care centre, we are committed to providing personalised service, including in-home medical care for the elderly.

Oneness Medical Clinic

876-979-7165    ⚐ 38 Barnett Street Montego Bay St. James

Dr Miller Granville and his Team here at Oneness Medical Clinic are competent Consultants, General Practitioners within the health/medical field. Our aim is to maximize the potential of all by addressing their physical well-being.

We offer HIV testing, pap smears, ultrasounds, general and emergency medical care. We accept all major health, debit and credit cards as payment option.

We offer confidential and professional services in a warm and inviting environment. Our appointments are varied and aim to meet the needs of all with/without appointments available. Your consultation is conducted in a relaxed and interactive yet professional manner.

Paediatric Place

876-616-6816    ⚐ 43 Burlington Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica

At Burlington Health, Home of the Paediatric Place, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of health care our patients receive once they come through our doors. We are a team of over 10 practitioners who are dedicated to providing the best patient experience and treatments in a variety of areas. Our services include: Family and Internal Medicine

General surgery consultation and same day surgery

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Palmer-Cole Kaye Dr

876-906-8322    ⚐ 1A Union Square, Cross Roads, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Dr Palmer-Cole is an obstetrician, gynaecologist and sonographer with over 10 years of experience. Services offered include management of high risk pregnancies, infertility issues, pelvic pain, major and minor obstetric and gynaecology surgeries and ultrasound.

Dr Palmer-Cole makes your health her foremost priority and respects your need for confidentiality. Her office is now located at 1A Union Square at the Cross Roads Medical Centre.

Call to make an appointment.

Parkington Paediatrics

876-619-1591    ⚐ 26 Parkington Plaza Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Parkington Paediatrics provides expert baby and child health care at a central location. Here at Parkington every child is special, we treat your children as an important part of your family and ours.

Our medical services include immunisation, pre-school, school and university medicals, complete medical care from birth to adulthood, nebulisation and care for minor emergencies. Need privacy to feed your newborn? We welcome breastfeeding moms to relax in privacy and comfort in our breastfeeding room. We have a large play area for children, so bring the family for medical care in fine style.

We offer the best in patient care, including up to date international recommendations for medical care. Our Doctors are knowledgeable, experienced, and readily accessible by phone, email, and text.

Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica

876-613-0166    ⚐ 18 Tangerine Place Kingston 5 St. Andrew

Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica Limited is the brainchild of interventional cardiologist Dr. Victor Elliott and consultant cardiologist Dr. Conville Brown. Their vision: the first heart hospital in the Jamaica. This facility would feature best in class technology and provide 24 hour specialized services for diagnostic and interventional procedures for the treatment of coronary artery or peripheral vascular diseases. The vision of the facility is to be a Centre of Excellence for the operation of Cardiovascular and Interventional Procedures, and to improve the cardiovascular health of patients through the provision of support and care, in a friendly and professional environment.

Today, PICJ is a full cardiac centre located on the second floor of the Medical Associates Hospital, 18 Tangerine Place in Kingston, Jamaica. The services offered include: Consultations Angiogram and Angioplasty Echocardiograms Stress Tests Electrocardiograms (ECG) With support from the Medical Associates Hospital, PICJ is able to offer 24 hour emergency services, medical laboratory and pharmaceutical services, in hospital management and other specialized services.

Our goal at Partners Interventional Centre is to be your Partners for Life as we work with you to ensure you are Heart Healthy. Cardiovascular disease is the most common non-communicable diseases that affect Jamaicans. We have some of the best and most experienced cardiologists on our team ready to help you achieve your goals for management of hypertension and high cholesterol, and provide preventative treatment to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Physical Therapy Solutions

876-927-6015    ⚐ 11 Braemar Avenue, Kingston 10

"It is our guarantee that your quality of life will improve"

As highly skilled professionals with over 40 years in the business of physical therapy, our ultimate purpose is to optimize the quality of life of our clients: eliminating pain, regaining movement and restoring the best possible function, in a highly professional, yet warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We possess a wealth of experience in the management of pain originating in the neck, back, joints and muscles. We rehabilitate stroke and other chronic debilitating conditions that produce weakness and movement challenges.

Pines Imaging Centre Ltd

876-560-5168    ⚐ 14 Miramar Drive Morant Bay St. Thomas

Pines Imaging Centre Ltd continues to be an indispensable radiology solutions partner adding value every step of the way.

We deliver expertise in radiology service and outpatient centre management and supplemental mobile radiology solutions such as mobile MRI and PET/CT services. We are focused on quality care and meeting the needs of our patients. To ensure this, we employ top-class equipment and excellent service in our patient care.

We offer the following services at our Portmore Pines location:

Precious Smiles Family Dental Centre

876-960-5070    ⚐ 28 Old Hope Road Kingston 5 St. Andrew

At Precious Smiles Dental Centre, we understand what it means to have the smile of a lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Taylor, has been serving Jamaica's dental industry for almost three decades.

Precious Smiles Dental Centre specialises in cleanings, fillings, tooth whitening, crowns and bridges, root canal and gum treatments.

Our services also include extractions, sealants, and the treatment of Bruxism (teeth grinding). Added to this, we design mouthguards, and we design and repair dentures. If patients are unable to visit the office, we will come to you (conditions apply).

Prosurgicare Services Ltd

876-630-4042    ⚐ 185 Mountain View Avenue Kingston 6

We at Prosurgicare Services Ltd believe in listening . Listening is not only a way to learn of the concerns our patients have, but it is a core quality that ensures that all who walk through our doors feel appreciated and understood. Whether it may be breast enhancement, an injury to the hand, scar correction, or the desire to feel more complete and self-confident, your wishes are important to us.

Listening is the key to creating a strong bond between the patient and doctor.

Radiology West Ltd

876-952-9626    ⚐ Lot 6 Crane Boulevard Montego Bay St. James

Radiology West Ltd was established in 1999 as the leading digital diagnostic imaging facility in Montego Bay and even Western Jamaica. Our Mission is to provide compassionate care to our patients, while demonstrating excellence, integrity and teamwork, in an effort to fulfill our VISION to be the premier radiology facility in Jamaica, by providing efficient, and innovative diagnostic imaging of the highest quality.

To ensure patient satisfaction we deliver comprehensive high quality services such as Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scans, Fluoroscopy, Radiography, Digital Mammogram, Digital X-Ray, Biopsy and Ultrasound, just to name a few.

There is always a Radiologist on site which suggests that your report is normally ready for collection 2-3 hours after exams are completed before 3:00 p.m. If completed after 3:00 p.m. your report will be ready after 9:00 a.m. on the next business day.

Revamp Comprehensive Rehabilitation Cen

876-946-1172    ⚐ 17 Latham Avenue Kingston 6 St. Andrew

Revamp Comprehensive Rehabilitation Cen offers professional treatment of chronic and traumatic injuries and afflictions. We are a fully functional orthopaedic and rehabilitation centre. Our licensed therapeutic specialists and physicians are expertly trained in medicine and excellent bedside manner.

We offer the best in physiotherapy, occupational, and speech therapy. Our services include acupuncture, aromatherapy, massages, therapeutic yoga, Pilates, spinal injury care, Inpatient care for stroke patients, home care, and more.

We understand the importance of care in the healing process and aim to provide the same to our best abilities. We help you regain your strength and heal after a traumatic injury or surgery. Our staffs are caring, professional, polite, and understanding.

Rhema Medical Centre

876-998-4666    ⚐ Dermason Plaza Portmore St. Catherine

Welcome to Rhema Medical Centre, where we provide affordable, quality health care.

Our team of doctors include Emergency Physician Dr Andrea Johnson, General Surgeon Dr Patricia McLean and Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Leslie Meade.

We accept all major health cards. Moreover, we have flexible opening hours to best serve our community. We can take care of your whole family.

Roberts Patrick Dr

876-978-8602    ⚐ 11 Cunningham Avenue Kingston 6 CA

Dr. Roberts completed his training in general surgery at the University of the West Indies and a fellowship in surgical oncology and Hepatobiliary surgery at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Roberts is currently the only Hepatobiliary specialist in Jamaica. He has dedicated his practice to providing specialist services to the Jamaican population. He has established his practice with his personal mantra being affable, able and available . He has the highest level of professionalism and incorporates proper ethical principles to the practice of his surgical discipline.

Dr. Roberts places the well being of his clients at the center of each consultation as he seeks to ensure that their needs are addressed appropriately in the most caring and empathetic manner possible. Each consultation is geared towards arriving at the most appropriate solution for the patient's surgical problem.

Robinson Dian Dr

876-927-5743    ⚐ 15 Ardenne Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr. Dian Robinson is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of the West Indies.

She pursued her post graduate studies in Dermatology at the prestigious St. Johns Institute of Dermatology, University of London.

Since then, she has completed several courses and preceptorships in cosmetic dermatology in the USA, Europe and South America.

Ruthven Medical Centre

876-920-0267    ⚐ 4 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10

At Ruthven Medical Centre, our goal is to provide you with quality healthcare.

The Centre has a full complement of doctors covering most disciplines to attend to your medical needs. Some of our areas of expertise include psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, haematology/oncology, and physical therapy.

Ruthven Medical Centre is within walking distance of many businesses, as well as being a "medical corridor" between several major hospitals.

Salmon-Grandison Barbara Dr

876-952-1332    ⚐ Mount Salem Main Road Montego Bay St. James

A general ENT consultation is an appointment with an otolaryngologist for conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. Although the three organs appear distinct from one another, all of them are part of the upper respiratory system.

They also have similarities, including the mucous lining. For example, in the ear, one can find the Eustachian tube, which is the canal responsible for regulating the pressure inside the ears and allows the correct movement of sound waves. This canal is connected to the nose through the back. Mucous can also run from the nose to the throat.

For this reason, if any of these three organs is problematic, there is a good chance that the others are also affected. If a person has a common cold, for example, the nose becomes runny, the throat irritated, and the ears experience a diminished capacity to hear clearly.

Samaritan Cardiovascular Services

876-634-6622    ⚐ Unit 4 ,31 Upper Waterloo Road Kingston

Samaritan has a team of highly trained cardiovascular surgeon, general surgeon, gynaecologist and podiatrist.

SAMARITAN VEIN CENTER delivers comprehensive care to patients with disorders of the venous and lymphatic system. Evaluation and treatment of circulation disorders of the legs including venous stasis, stasis ulcers and varicose veins are done in our office. We offer noninvasive treatment of varicose veins and venous incompetence with radio frequency ablation.

SAMARITAN AMPUTATION PREVENTION PROGRAM focuses on the preservation of patient's independence by maintaining their ability to walk. We offer a team-based approach to amputation prevention, particularly in the diabetic. We offer a multimodality approach to amputation prevention in the diabetic, including wound care, treatment of infection, revascularization and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Eighty percent of amputations are performed on diabetic patients and most of these patients initially develop a diabetic foot ulcer. The prevention program focuses on the early evaluation and aggressive treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers. The biggest risk factor for amputation in diabetics is the presence of peripheral arterial disease. Samaritan provides comprehensive noninvasive vascular testing, digital subtraction angiography, endovascular and conventional revascularization options. The most common procedure for amputation prevention is bypass surgery on the leg to provide adequate blood flow to the foot. Samaritan also offers the full range of vascular and cardiothoracic procedures.

Sight Savers Optical

876-754-8250    ⚐ 9 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

For all your protective eyewear, sports lenses, sports glasses, and transition lenses come to Sight Savers Optical. We also specialise in the contacts that you need, including cosmetic lens, low vision aids and specialty lens. We stock the latest designer frames and have a fully computerised state of the art laboratory to handle your needs.

We have an optometrist and ophthalmologist available to serve you.


Skinnz Dermatology & Wellness Centre

876-962-9346    ⚐ 3A Caledonia Road Mandeville Manchester

Skinnz Dermatology & Wellness Centre is a skin care facility that provides a wide range of services including treatments for all conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.

Our dermatologist, Dr. Carol Burrell is passionate about caring for the skin. She treats adults, teenagers, and the paediatric age group. Her paediatric skin care provides treatment of all conditions affecting children from birth to 10 years.

Dr. Burrell has over thirty years' experience as a medical doctor and has been a dermatologist for the past 25 years.

Sunshine Dialysis Cen Ltd

876-968-3663    ⚐ 8 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Sunshine Dialysis Centre has been providing the most efficient and cost-effective dialysis service in a relaxing, state-of-the-art environment for over 26 years.

We utilise the state-of-the-art Fresenius 2008 K and K2, equipment that is found in the most advanced centres around the world, and the ultimate power tool for nephrologists.

We have professionally trained haemodialysis nurses, and our facility is compliant with first-world standards. With our water exceeding AAMI requirements, we can ensure the highest level of infection prevention.

Superhealth Ltd

876-929-7610    ⚐ 5 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

At Superhealth Ltd we show you how to understand and address your health conditions by revealing their underlying causes. We provide you access to what you need to enhance your bodys ability to heal safely and effectively.

Dr. Steve Smith has over 30 years experience using alternative medical protocols and is internationally respected for his work in computerized bioenergetic medicine. He is a graduate of the Southern Graduate Insitute of Natural and Medical Science, and the St. Luke School of Medicine.

Dr. Smith uses his unique bio diagnostic database to investigate the underlying causes of pathology in his patients. This approach eliminates trial and error and has earned him the reputation for being thorough and successful in aiding even the seriously ill to improve their health.

Superior Cardiac & Diagnostic Center

876-903-0859    ⚐ 6 Fletcher’s Ave St Catherine

Superior Imaging Center is a medical imagining company that hold as a top priority the trust, time and ease of our patients.

Our well-trained and proficient staff carries out various tests and screenings. Electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, cardiac stress testing, Holter monitoring, coronary artery disease screening, coronary angiograms and angioplasties are some of the procedures we offer.

Under the management of Dr Crooks, a medical graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, and a post-graduate in Internal Medicine, we continue to serve our patients with care and efficiency.

Sylvan Family Care

876-754-3453    ⚐ 4 Sylvan Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Sylvan Family Care takes a team approach to meeting the medical needs of our patients' with compassion, respect and professionalism.

We improve the cost-effective coordination of long-term care services by creating a single flexible benefit that includes health services. We group and make available a large number of health and long term care services that otherwise would be provided through separate programs.

At Sylvan Family Care, our proficient medical practitioners offer care in general medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology as well as minor surgery.

Tangerine Orthopaedic Services Ltd

876-906-5141    ⚐ 17 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

At Tangerine Orthopaedic Services, we offer a comprehensive range of orthopaedic care, including assessment, evaluation, surgery, and after-surgery care.

Orthopaedic management may be necessary at any age, from paediatric conditions such as club foot through to conditions associated with advancing age, such as knee and hip arthritis.

We are located at 17 Tangerine Place in Kingston, and we provide both inpatient and outpatient quality orthopaedic services at an affordable cost.

Thomas Clive A Dr

876-978-9659    ⚐ 2 Seymour Avenue, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Dr. Thomas and his team provide each patient with quality health care and surgical expertise at the highest level of medical competence. Patient care, confidentiality, and compassion are extended to all patients through personalized service and professionalism.

The team is highly trained and is constantly updated on the latest in medical research and technological development. Continuing education is vital for all team members.

Your health is most important to us. You will leave Dr. Thomas' office confident that you came to the right place for a healthier and happier you. Make an appointment today.

Ultravision Eye Care Service Ltd

876-754-0834    ⚐ 10 Tangerine Place Kingston10 St. Andrew

Ultravision Eye Care Service Ltd is centrally located in Kingston and provides affordable eye care solutions in a clean, warm and friendly environment.

Our staff is knowledgeable and we provide you with accurate results.

Dr. Zoe Wynter, our in-house Ophthalmologist, provides you with a comprehensive eye examination. Personalized service is guaranteed.

Union Chiropractic & Medical Center

876-627-2155    ⚐ 30 Union Street Montego Bay Jamaica

Are you in need of chiropractic care?

Union Chiropractic and Medical Centre offers total health care that emphasises patient education, preventive health advice and patient involvement in health care.

Our chiropractor has the requisite experience and skills to assist you in getting back to good health.

University Hospital Of The West Indies

876-927-1620    ⚐ Mona Kingston 7 St. Andrew

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), formerly University College Hospital of the West Indies accepted its first patient in September 1952. Since then, we have been committed to providing quality patient care, training, and research for Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

We offer a wide range of medical services. We deliver outpatient care through over 30 specialised outpatient clinics. Also, we cater to the patients by providing support services such as radiology, cardiology, physiotherapy, addiction treatment, among others and our international patients' office (IPO).

At the University Hospital of the West Indies, we strive for excellence. We work diligently to maintain an environment that is conducive to an efficient, cost-effective, and responsive health care promotion and delivery system.

Vein Centers Of Jamaica

876-402-3409    ⚐ 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

Varicose veins and spider veins can be painful and unsightly, and can lead to embarrassment to patients when they expose their legs.

Vein Centers of Jamaica is opening with extensive experience in treating varicose veins and venous disease.

Procedures are performed at our Vein Centers under local anesthesia with minimal downtime. Most patients are back to work and enjoying life the very next day.

Walters-Smith A M Dr

876-966-2685    ⚐ Supreme Plaza Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth

Dr. Ann Marie Walters-Smith is a qualified paediatrician, who is committed to offering the highest level of medical care.

Her team of highly trained professionals provide efficient, accurate, competent service and counselling.

Our services include general paediatric, surgical services, neurology, nephrology and new-born care and assessments.

Walters-Smith A M Dr

876-962-8839    ⚐ Unit 12 Hargreaves Medical Complex Mandeville Manchester

Dr. Ann Marie Walters-Smith is a qualified paediatrician, who is committed to offering the highest level of medical care.

Her team of highly trained professionals provide efficient, accurate, competent service and counselling.

Our services include general paediatric, surgical services, neurology, nephrology and new-born care and assessments.

Walton Neville Dr

876-960-8060    ⚐ 2A Molynes Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

As a board-certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Neville Walton offers comprehensive health care for women in Jamaica.

Dr Walton, an attending physician at Winchester Hospital, brings a personal touch to the clinical environment with a particular emphasis on quality patient care.

He strives to have a personal connection with each maternity patient and proudly delivers his patients' babies safely. By combining years of clinical experience with deep compassion for women,

Wan Ryan Dr

876-756-2728    ⚐ Lot 7 Main Street Stony Hill, Kingston 9, St. Andrew

Stony Hill Medical Centre is a family medicine practice committed to offering the highest level of medical care for all ages at an affordable rate.

Our director Dr. Ryan Wan and staff not only perform routine office visits but also provide a comprehensive host of services to facilitate all.

Waterfront Medical Servs Ltd

876-630-8051    ⚐ 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston

Waterfront Pharmacy opened its door in March 2014.We conveniently located on the Waterfront, Downtown, Kingston and offer convenience to nearby businesses and communities.

Convenient, professional, and helpful, Waterfront Pharmacy offers medicines and health products as well as expert advice from our experienced pharmacists on a wide range of issues. Your prescription can be dispensed for collection from the pharmacy either through WhatsApp or faxing in your prescription. Our pharmacist will be happy to discuss and answer any questions you have about the medicines you take. Together with the help of our doctors we will assist you with advice on healthy lifestyle, ailments and remedies.

All major health cards are accepted.

WeeCare Paediatrics

876-631-6853    ⚐ 7 1/2 Caledonia Road Mandeville

WeeCare Paediatrics is committed to providing comprehensive quality healthcare to neonates, children and adolescents. We continuously strive to exceed our patients’ expectations as well as to maintain the highest standards of excellence in paediatric medicine. Our services include paediatric medical care, inhospital consultation, baby check-ups, immunizations for adults and children as well as school and travel medicals. We also offer convenient hours, helpful patient resources, and an outstanding level of support and expertise. Schedule your child's appointment today and you will receive quality and compassionate service. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is available to support and assist you with any questions or concerns about the health of your child.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Call or visit us today.

Wellington Dental

876-749-3515    ⚐ 57 Wellington Street Spanish Town St. Catherine

Wellington Dental is located at 57 Wellington Street, Spanish Town.

Dr Janice Palmer-Tomlinson was formerly located above Jamaica National Building Society at 26 - 28 Wellington.

This is a large spacious five chair dental practice located on the ground floor. It has a children's play area and is wheelchair accessible. Dr Palmer-Tomlinson is a member of the Jamaica Dental Association and an Honorary Member of the Lions Club of Spanish Town. She has done many voluntary clinics in her years of service.

West Trade Medical Centre

876-988-5022    ⚐ Shops 5 & 6 Big Buy Plaza Ptmr

West Trade Medical Centre has been operating in the sunshine city of Portmore

since 2011.

We consider the health of every one of our patients as our top priority. At West

Western Medical Centre

876-955-2188    ⚐ Barracks Road Savanna-la-mar Westmoreland

Western Medical Centre is a family medicine practice committed to offering the highest level of medical care for all ages at an affordable rate. A team of highly trained experts providing efficient, accurate, competent and up-to-date services and counselling to our beloved patients. Our director Dr Samuel Longmore (General Practitioner) and his staff provide a complete host of services to facilitate all. Professional Complete Medical Care . Give us a call today!

Westminster Medical Centre

876-926-6067    ⚐ 1 Westminster Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

The Westminster Medical Centre is operated by a team of qualified individuals who enjoy providing the best medical care and treatment. Our resident, Dr. Professor Horace Fletcher, specialises in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and offers the full range of care and services in this field. Dr Gillian Wharfe is our qualified pathologist and she provides consultations regarding Haematology and Oncology. We are conveniently located on Westminster Road, Kingston and accept all medical cards. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcomed.

Willowdene Family Medical Cen

876-981-8005    ⚐ Irie Plaza, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

Willowdene Family Medical Centre has been offering family health care services to the surrounding communities of Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica, for over 10 years.

Some of the services we provide include:

• Family Practitioner

Winchester MRI Limited

876-906-1592    ⚐ 12 1/2 Hope Road, Kingston 10, St. Andrew

Winchester MRI Limited (WMRI) is a private medical imaging centre established in September 2011 that provides Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services.

WMRI is a valuable part of the medical community, strategically located at Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. Our professional personnel provide caring, accurate and timely services to our referring practitioners and clients, using advanced state of the art imaging technology.

We aim to be at the forefront of the radiology community locally and regionally and assist physicians in providing high-quality care to patients while adhering to international standards. Our patients' wellbeing and satisfaction are our primary concerns, underpinned by consistently providing them with the best service.

Winchester Medical Services

876-929-9555    ⚐ 3A Winchester Road Kingston 10 St. Andrew

Winchester Medical Services

The Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute (W.S.M.I.) is strategically located close to the most traversed roads of Kingston, Half-Way Tree, Hope Road and Trafalgar/Waterloo at 3A Winchester Road between New Kingston and Half - Way Tree.

This location is convenient to the motoring public and pedestrians. Medical Associates and Andrews Memorial Hospital are also near to the complex.

Winchester Surgical & Med Inst

876-929-8512    ⚐ 3A Winchester Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

At the Winchester Surgical and Medical Institute, we strive for excellence in meeting the needs of our patients in a quality, caring and healing environment in which the essential contribution of each member of staff is valued.

Our vision is to be the first choice for high quality healthcare in Jamaica. You'll find our staff very easy to work with and our doctors extremely professional.

We will listen to your needs and evaluate the treatment based on our years of medical experience. We are a one stop hospital and health care complex, we are proud to be the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Windward Medical Centre

876-928-5075    ⚐ 50 Windward Road, Kingston 2, St. Andrew

Windward Medical Centre and Pharmacy has been serving Eastern Kingston and beyond since 1988. Your one-stop medical shop, we provide family care as well as specialist services in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology and General Surgery. Outpatient surgical procedures are performed in our state of the art operating theatre.

Our Pharmacy is open every-day including Sundays and we provide secure parking and extended opening hours for your convenience. Laboratory and dental services are available daily through Biomedical Laboratory and Windent dental services.

Our first-class medical team and courteous staff guarantee you the finest service in a comfortable, modern environment. At Windward Medical, your health is our mission!