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5 Reputable Dialysis centers

Dialysis centers offer services and care to people suffering from kidney disease or injury. Your life should always be in the right hands that's why we created this list of five reputable Dialysis centres located in St Andrew, St James Manchester and St Catherine Jamaica. Can't find the Dialysis center you're looking for? Just ask us and we will find it for you.

Latham Dialysis

876-632-8604    ⚐ 17 Latham Avenue, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

The Latham Dialysis Centre believes in providing access to those who need dialysis.

We recognise this as a pressing community need and have expanded our capacity to benefit scores of local patients who depend on this life sustaining treatment.

We offer in-centre haemodialysis treatment. Our other services include Haemodialysis, onsite fistula placements, doctor consultations, catheter insertion for Haemodialysis (temporary and permanent), and regular check-ups by our Nephrologist.

Liam Dialysis & Renal Services Limited

876-667-2052    ⚐ Phase 3 Portmore Pines Plaza

At Liam Dialysis & Renal Services, the health of your kidney is our priority. We opened our doors in June 2018 to meet the renal needs of the Portmore citizens and adjoining communities.

Everyone is welcome for treatment at our facility. Our range of services includes hemodialysis, nephrology consultation, electrocardiogram client education, and internal medicine consultation.

Our team is knowledgeable, courteous, and experienced. So, if you live in Portmore, a nearby community, or you're visiting the island and need our services, give us a call.

Med Clinix Ltd

876-616-9377    ⚐ 3 ½ Caledonia Mall Horizon Building Mandeville Manchester

M-CX LLC- US Subsidiary of Med Clinix At M-CX, our focus is to get high quality goods that serves the health, wellness, and good-living needs of our clients and their patrons whether they are health facilities, supermarkets, pharmacies, governmental institutions or private institutions.

Our job is to make sure you have the best products for your customers and that these products get to you at the right time matched by valued price.

We offer distribution and procurement solutions. Through our partners you and your customers can have access to our product offerings which includes the following product categories:

Rapha Dialysis Centre

876-971-9560    ⚐ 26 Church St St James

Rapha is the name given to the healing aspect of God. The symbol of the descending dove signifies the power of God working inside of us. We like to believe that at Rapha Dialysis Centre we subscribe to and respect these principles.

At Rapha Dialysis Centre the focus is on excellent dialysis treatment achieved through innovative methods, the latest technology, exemplary customer service, and the power of God. Our method of care, we believe is unmatched in the dialysis industry, and certain elements are exclusively available to patients in our facility.

Sunshine Dialysis Cen Ltd

876-952-4757    ⚐ Bogue City Centre Montego Bay St. James

Sunshine Dialysis Centre has been providing the most efficient and cost-effective dialysis service in a relaxing, state-of-the-art environment for over 26 years.

We utilise the state-of-the-art Fresenius 2008 K and K2, equipment that is found in the most advanced centres around the world, and the ultimate power tool for nephrologists.

We have professionally trained haemodialysis nurses, and our facility is compliant with first-world standards. With our water exceeding AAMI requirements, we can ensure the highest level of infection prevention.